Contestant Wins Tesla Model S On “The Price Is Right” – Video


The last time a Tesla was offered as a prize on “The Price Is Right” it was a Roadster back in 2010, which the contestant didn’t win.

This time, as part of “Dream Car Week” on “The Price Is Right,” a 60 kWh Tesla Model S was offered during the game “One Away.”

Contestant Vanessa Ansoorian can’t contain her excitement when she wins the Model S.

Check out the video to how it all went down on “The Price Is Right.”  And nope, we’re not spoiling the final price.  See if you can guess it before Ansoorian does.

60 kWh Tesla Model S In Red Won On "The Price Is Right"

60 kWh Tesla Model S In Red Won On “The Price Is Right”

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Man, I got to go visit the Price is Right!

They made this 60kwh S look like a P-85D by not lowering the suspension after they rolled it onstage!

Fantastic exposure for the brand – unbeatable excitement and comments. Just don’t know if the audience of PIR is the target market for the car…

Albeit, there’s no match for buzz. And this surely creates buzz.

Here we go! The ads have begun; so trouble is forming. Demand must be down quite a bit to throw away 70 grand for this ad, seen only by a handful of housewives.

The show purchased the car at full price.

By your pathetic sense of logic, we would also conclude BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and others are in trouble. TPIR even had an Audi R8 Spyder and Ferrari 458 Italia on there.

There have been at least three Teslas offered as prizes for various contests in my city alone. It’s almost as if it’s a desirable car (just not one everyone can afford), or maybe this is how Tesla is doing its advertising – donate cars to charities with the stipulation that they be prizes. That way Tesla gets a fat tax refund and the charity gets a highly sought after prize to raise money with.

Of course, it hasn’t been just charities that have been doing the giveaways.

Did a person ask “Are we talking the MSRP or the price after the tax-credit is taken into consideration?” 😉

I’m wondering if she even took ownership of the car. If she can’t afford the taxes….

Often they will sell it right away. I have seen few listings like that on Ebay. People who won a car in some lottery but can’t afford to keep it, sell it to recoup whatever they can get. Then, pay taxes from the proceeds.

Beautifully posed with fake Windmills spinning behind it.

When she said she wan’t gonna give it to her brother– you knew she’d heard of Tesla and the Model S.

Really nice PR… Excellent. 🙂

Damn, that’s a tough game to win. Even if you know the car’s price to within 2%, and get the first two digits right, you still only have two chances to guess which of the remaining 8 permutations is correct, and only a couple of them can be eliminated.

60 Kwh version… but I’d still take it..

Yeah at first I was like, oh, TPIR is cheapening out by not getting the 85kWh version. And based on that MSRP, I don’t even think it was supercharger enabled (that would have put it into the 80s).

This is the coolest commercial they could ever ask for 🙂

And it worked! They sold, err.., got rid of one more Model S.

Ansoorian…cool name!

I doubt TPIR “bought” the car, almost all of the prizes are given by the mfr for the “commercial” mention. very very inexpensive, well placed “first ad”. Just look at how much most auto companies spend on “commercials”, well done Tesla, well done.