Consumer Reports: Tesla Model S Is “Most Fun To Drive” Luxury Class Car


Consumer Reports lists the Tesla Model S the “Most Fun To Drive” luxury class vehicle.

What did they say about it? Absolutely nothing, it is just a list. Here:

The full list of each category.

The full list of each category.

However, CR did state this:

“Fun to drive is a subjective measure—an elusive quality that can mean different things to different people. From our experience, a car can have a very powerful engine and accelerate quickly, but without handling agility, it’s not much fun.”

The reasons why they feel the Model S is the most fun luxury vehicle to drive should be obvious to Tesla followers.

If extreme performance is what you’re after, then you can buy the P85D version that goes from 0-60 in 3.1 seconds, like Consumer Reports did.

Here is CR’s initial impressions of The P85D.

It is cheap to operate & maintain too! When can you ever say that for a luxury sedan?

Check out the full mini-report here.

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It is funny to think of all awards that EV collected and still some auto industry experts struggle to acknowledge that.

For instance just this week John McElroy said “Electric cars are not a success at all, with maybe the exception of Tesla”.

They’re stuck in the ICE age.. these are older guys who have a hard time accepting anything new.

Compared to other luxury cars, it’s quieter, it handles great, the power response is dramatically better, The maintenance costs are dramatically lower, fueling it is dramatically cheaper.. etc.
These are all important metrics to a luxury car buyer.

But these guys are not fans of electric cars, so they instantly sour on the 270 mile range, and their personal bias starts showing.

As for John Elroy.. he’s kind of a tard, and always has been.

The old guys, not strong in evidence in any subject.
Global Warming ( a hoax in their minds ),
40 years of Repub economic failure( never acknowledged ).

I don’t expect much from the 60+ crowd, they’re not much on learning.

Global Warming: I have managed a Stevenson Screen on my property and either I or someone in the family have provide daily weather data to USG for years. I have used Mathematica (among other tools) to analyze data sets such as those from the TAO project to understand Albedo and Ocean Temperatures. I have analyzed data from dozens of climate papers (when they’re willing to share it) and busted statistical methods several times. But I’ll bet you know how to post snarky comments on blogs from an iPad using tapatalk, which make you big on “learning”. Electrical technology: Have you built your own brushless motor controller? Maybe at least put together a BMS from commercially-available modules? At least wired up your own pack? Well… I’ll bet you can do a Google Search for “why oil is bad” faster than I can, though! What is the most recent language you learned (just very modest basic conversational needs)? What stock options do you regularly trade and how? When is the last time you read through the latest 10Q for your key trading vehicles and did you understand it? When you built YOUR solar water heating system for your shop, what did you… Read more »
Hehe, yeah… unfortunately facts have little bearing here… But, in the comments, some extra truths some how manange to leak out. Picking on older people won’t get a poster very far. Many times, its the younger person who is the far more closed-minded. But if you try to discuss it, you’ll be instantly shut down since sometimes the full answer takes more than one sentence to explain. When I was a teenager, I used to support the senior citizen’s point of view. Now that I’m older, I don’t quite know whom to support. I do blame the generation before me (now in their 80’s) for the fascist “War on Drugs”, and the trashing of the first ten amendments, which would be silly if it weren’t so serious. “Older Programs” such as 60 Minutes, run constant phamaceutical commercials to all the Real drug addicts. I’ve never done any illicit drugs, but friends from high school who were known to greatly abuse them are now “Our nation’s finest” brown shirts whom I’m supposed to respect. Its a shame when you think of all the lives lost in past centuries to finally come up with a “Bill of Rights” (more pointedly, a “Bill… Read more »


John McElroy is wrong, and his age has nothing to do with it.

Sadly, he is not the only auto industry expert that is biased against EVs

I’ll say its subjective. I’ve test driven the S 3 times, and it was ok but nothing that super-impressed me. I AM impressed by how nicely run-of-the-mill cars drive today. Thinking I was going to rent a mid-size-volvo, Enterprise switched me to a compact-Cruze at the last minute. I have to say, for under $25k it is a very nice, completed package. Its not for me permanently since I’m hooked on EV’s, but for what it is it is very nice and quiet, and fairly well appointed, plus the controls are intuitive. Now of the 2 cars I currently own, my VOlt and ELR, I’d have to disagree with other ELR owners here and say the VOlt is the more fun to drive, other than the blind spot on the “A” Pillar. I like the ELR’s extended battery range and Nice seats, but I dislike the controls, the silly noises it makes, the difficult to use radio, the absolutely HORRID navigation screen, and the fact that it is constantly moving the power seats around on me. Driving thousands of miles in the ELR has only served to make me dislike it more. I like that it has a voltec drive… Read more »

I like your view. I have said to many people – in part because my car experiences date to the late 1940’s – that there are no bad cars today. Regulations and competition have raised the bar in a wonderful way. I own a Tesla, and as one who has worked as a supplier to the auto industry – emissions, safety and fuel economy solutions – I must insist that the Tesla is a giant leap for mankind once we agree that we must shake our dependency on fossil fuels…..not just because we will one day run out, but because our increasing overuse of fossil fuels is bad for mankind. So, a “Well Done” to Tesla…and let’s hope others will follow.


I had a Roadster for 4 years, but traded it for the ELR due to expected high-maintenance/low resale value.

My roadster was the most ‘maintenance – intensive’ car I’ve ever owned by a very wide margin:

Please tell me what the current and future maintenance costs are on a Tesla S, assuming you’ve had it for a few years and its out of warranty. Specifically, what are the “routine maintenance” costs, and what are the costs should the typical stuff break down in the future?

I had my Nav go haywire, in the Volt. That box behind the center stack runs media controls for stereo, nav, nav traffic and I think a lot of Volt features i can’t remember. $450, under warranty.

In a Model S, Tesla told me that box would cost $5,000, out of warranty. I had to have one replaced. It’s part of a unit that runs a lot more equipment inside the car (17″ screen, etc.)

Bill’s right, I think. There is the problem of OEMS coming up with “all-in-one” electronics. And then there is the price you could be forced to pay, out of warranty. Even if it was just a gyro that failed.

For Tesla, the CPO program seem to be delaying the reality slap as it extends warranties another 50k miles. That is, no doubt, making it a tougher slog for the small group of people beyond warranty.

Off topic for this site, but I’m surprised the Jeep Compass was “least fun” in the small SUVs. Maybe they tested the base model, but the model my wife has is surprisingly nice to drive.

Still like driving my LEAF more though. 😉

Can’t wait till they install the “Ludicrous” Mode update…

I’d like to hear Mike Tyson walk into a Tesla store and order a new Model S:

“Oh ith this the Tethla store… I want a model eth with loodacrith mode. Yeah.”

There is no other car that feels like a Tesla

it is the most fun car you can drive

I don’t think any other car can get away with both a luxury ride, and stay as flat and stable as a tricked out “M”, etc.

I’m surprised the Audi A6 gets a “fun”, with the way it wants to pitch itself out of a turn, with understeer.