Consumer Reports Tesla Model 3 Quick Drive Video


How does the Model 3 drive? According to Consumer Reports, the answer is “really well.”

Tesla Model 3

Consumer Reports has long had a love/hate view of Tesla. The leading consumer magazine typically loves Tesla vehicles, but is often not impressed with things like reliability, fit & finish and so forth.

Does this trend continue with the Tesla Model 3? Watch this new quick drive video by Consumer Reports to find out.

Video description:

“The Tesla Model 3 makes its debut at the Consumer Reports Test Track. With futuristic styling, a unique take on driver controls and a $35,000 starting price, Tesla aims to widen its appeal to consumers shopping for an all-electric vehicle.”

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29 responses to "Consumer Reports Tesla Model 3 Quick Drive Video"
    1. pjwood1 says:

      Early, though. I agree the driving position is nice, losses nothing on Model S, and don’t even believe the rear seat was as bad as what’s said about knees (@6′). One (small) bummer is, even though M3 comes with seat-belt height adjustment, its lowest setting still crosses my neck (like MS).

      They’re reserving comment on the screen, and using instruments, for later.

  1. Texas FFE says:

    Any bets on how many Model 3s sold in February? Do you think more than 5,000 were sold? Do you think Tesla got anywhere close to 5,000 per week Tesla promised for December?

    1. bro1999 says:

      I’ll go with 2,969. Will probably lead the EV sales chart again, but much lower than Tesla had projected even 6 months ago.

    2. jelloslug says:

      My guess would be 3000.

    3. WadeTyhon says:

      “Do you think Tesla got anywhere close to 5,000 per week Tesla promised for December?”

      Well, hitting 5,000 per week isn’t currently a goal for february. They hope to hit 5000/week by the end of june.

      For february I’m thinking between 2750 and 3000.

      1. Rightofthepeople says:

        I think you’re about right. I’m guessing between 3k and 3500, but we’ll know soon enough.

        On another note I saw my first Model 3 in the wild today…in Lexington, KY! Couldn’t believe I saw one in KY before seeing one in Atlanta, but there it was.

        1. WadeTyhon says:

          Nice! Good looking car, huh?

          I first saw one here in Dallas late last year. And I got to spend 20 minutes or so with the vehicle a few weeks ago at the Tesla gallery. Other than some minor quibbles I have with the UI and the lack of a keyfob… I came away very impressed. Wonderful car!

          1. SparkEV says:

            I saw one the other day. It was really ugly, and I couldn’t figure out why until I got home later. Turns out, it’s because I wasn’t the one driving it.

    4. Seven Electrics says:

      1,700 delivered.

      1. AnonyMouse says:

        Hmmm. . . If Tesla didn’t increase its rate of production (60.5 cars per day) from January than all other things being equal (ie cars in transit), it would have delivered approximately 1,700 Model 3 in February since there are 3 less days than in January.

        January sales of 1,875 / 31 days x 28 days = 1,694

        1. WadeTyhon says:

          A significant portion of the January deliveries were actually produced in December.

          Most Model 3s built in January probably did not sell until February.

          Even though they’re still behind in production, January production was up from December. So February sales will for sure be above January sales.

        2. Seven Electrics says:

          You have me all figured out!

  2. CarGuy says:

    3k for Feb. Maybe 3.5k. They can’t make too many of them until they go over 200k total sales. Then you will see a huge production ramp.

    1. ffbj says:

      Not really, since making them is not the criteria that is used to determine whether they hit the 200k delivered in the U.S. Of course you do have to make them first.

      So the Model 3 is a great, but not perfect car.
      A rather vanilla review, and almost pointless at this point, as it’s clear that the Model 3 is the best car available for the money in it’s category.

      1. EVShopper says:

        Only if you want a $60k sedan.

    2. Mikael says:

      Of course not. They are producing as many as they possible can.

      If they wanted to hit the 200k at a specific date they would just reroute deliveries to outside the US.

      I don’t understand where people get the idiotic idea from that Tesla would not do everything they can to produce as many Model 3’s as possible. A low number of production is only because they can’t produce more.

    3. mx says:

      No, they start to export at 199,999, and ship overseas, or Canada.

      1. R.S says:

        Yea, Tesla pretty much has full control over it’s sales. And probably even a pretty good idea of how many they can sell over the next 2-3 months.

        I guess that’s the main reason why new S and X sales were postponed to June and Canada reservations were pushed forward.

        My prediction is, that the 200k will be miraculously hit very early in July.

  3. dinhh68 says:

    Wind noise? Does he realize that the Model 3 has no ICE?

    1. Prsnep says:

      He probably does.

  4. ffbj says:

    If you don’t know Jack, then here is your chance to:

    1. ffbj says:

      after the Model 3 review is a lot of technical stuff about the CAN, and deciphering it.

  5. Seven Electrics says:

    Just picked up my 3. Build quality is good: only one slight misalignment of the trunk. Initial impressions are very positive. Full review to follow.

    1. Mikael says:

      You lucky bastard.

      1. EVShopper says:

        People are selling their reservations on Craigslist.

        1. dinhh68 says:

          Sure uh huh. You can’t transfer (or sell) your spot in line. I tried. Give Tesla a call and ask

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