Consumer Reports On Tesla Autopilot 8.0 – “Better But Needs Improvement” – Video


Of all the mainstream press out there, Consumer Reports has been one of the most critical of Tesla’s Autopilot system. Consumer Reports even boldly declared that Tesla should disable the system until some rather severe flaws were fixed.

Autopilot Tested By Consumer Reports

Autopilot Tested By Consumer Reports

Well, with the release of software 8.0 and the myriad of updates it brought to the Autopilot system, Consumer Reports set out to once again test out Autopilot to see if Tesla corrected the issues that CR previously report.

Video description:

“Consumer Reports evaluation finds that the update addresses some, but not all, potential safety risks.”

Consumer Reports has a love/hate relationship with Tesla’s vehicles. CR found the the Model S is the world’s most satisfying commuter car and the highest ranking car ever tested, but issues with reliability and quality forced Consumer Reports to no longer recommend the Model S starting last year and continuing on until the problems are solved.

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What love/hate relationship? They tell it as it is (as they see it). It’s not their job to suck up to Tesla, if they see flaws it’s their job to report about them. That doesn’t mean they hate Tesla.

If it is going to take adding $8K worth of gadgetry to get people into EVs, we’ve already lost. If these systems ever work, they will work just as well in an ICE, for $10K less.

im not too sure about that

I think too that it will work in any car regardless of drivetrain, but can you explain your calculation?

According to your words it costs 8k$ in a tesla and 10k$ less in any other car? I think that is not realistic since hardware costs money. But i can promise you, no one will get 2.000$ back for choosing an option “autonomous drive enabled” regardless of carmaker.

The $10K difference is the typical difference in price between an ICE and a comparable EV. Yeah, I know there is no comparison, blah, blah. I say that all the time too. But that is when most folks tune out, and go back to watching the game.

Tesla Autopilot is awesome and a solid foundation toward self driving cars. Unlike other companies, that lacks support and fact’s.

And yet after all these fatalities, accidents, and Tesla effectively withdrawing MobilEye based “Autopilot”, and starting from scratch with new Nvidia platform that despite more raw computing power has lower level software than MobilEye, fanboys know no better than hallucinate how adoptive cruise control with lane keep assist will lead to “self driving”. It is as likely as monkey training to jump each day will jump up to the Moon in few years.

Musk brainwashing is strong in you!

“after all these fatalities” wow, you’re not a troll at all are you?

There have been two. The per mile fatality rate is nine times that of non-AP driven Teslas.

Yep, two trolls.

The Chinese one is uncertain about A-P’s fault or not, and the first died by the magic wand of Lord Voldemor, as everyone knows.

The Force is weak in this one. 🙄

All that diesel this diesel-sniffer has breathed has has rotted his brain!

You are learning too much from Trump Mr troll

I think that half an autonomous system is worse than none.

And as for full autonomy, I am going by what one seemingly well informed Tesla supporter claims the autonomous system costs.

Not having to drive your car to work can’t be worth $8K to the average worker. This makes sense in a taxi to reduce fair pricing, but for an average worker’s car this makes no sense.

I meant fare pricing, but taxi drivers might agree the way I wrote it. 🙂

Hmmm? You were right the first time. Prices can be fair or unfair; taxi customers pay fares, not fairs.

(Grammar Nazi mode off.)

No. The first time I meant the price of a fare. The second time I meant that cab drivers may find robot taxis unfair.

Neither does an 120k car but the point is to make it more affordable over time as a mass product. Like base tesla model 3 where the gigafactory brings down battery cost and production efficiencies in the factory bring down assembly cost. EV is becoming affordable now, fully autonomous driving a little later.

This is the classic point about Musk thinking long term and everyone else just next year. You are right about most owners shelling out $35k – $45k for Model 3 will not opt for AP, but in 4 or 5 years when they go to sell it, the capability to upgrade to AP will be a BIG selling point to the next owner. Resale value will be high, other cars not so much.

Autopilot does not mean self driving. You just don’t understand what the word means. It comes from aviation and in aviation it doesn’t mean self flying.

In an airplane, you don’t have other planes two feet away. Tesla’s autopilot encourages people to fool around, instead of looking where they are going. If you don’t believe that, you just don’t understand people.

you may not have other planes 2 feet away but there may be other factors to consider.

Not pedestrians, and cyclists. Perhaps meteorites? When planes get near airfields, which have a fraction of the vehicles nearby that are found on a typical highway, they are not on autopilot. The plane’s operation is overseen by TWO trained, professional pilots.

Yes, they are overseen… obviously airline pilots are professionals, and even private pilots have a high degree of professionalism.

But — actually — modern jetliners DO have the capability to take-off and land themselves without pilot intervention.

Yeah, and I am sure people will line up to fly when they think pilots are watching a Harry Potter movie during landings.

“Autopilot… comes from aviation and in aviation it doesn’t mean self flying.”

But most people think it does mean the plane can fly itself, with nobody in the cockpit. Trained pilots and flight crew know better, but to the average person, “Autopilot” means exactly what you can see all too many Tesla drivers doing on videos posted to YouTube: just “set it and forget it”. Turn it on and then don’t even bother to watch the road.

The German government is right. Tesla does need to rename Autopilot, because the term is very misleading to a layman.

Maybe “Co-pilot”.

+1 for good naming 🙂

I suggest “advanced semi-autonomous driver assistance cruise and lane controller” or ASADACLC for short! Hehe 😀 😉

what Tesla is doing is leading the way to force the movement forward of the technology that will be needed some day I believe that without tesla the EV movement would be nowhere where it is today . without tesla does anyone think the major Auto makers would be developing all electric cars now

I totally agree that Tesla has been instrumental in forcing governments and car companies to acknowledge the viability of EVs. That is not the same as saying Tesla will be making EVs in ten years. Whether Elon is a Tucker or a Ford only time will tell.

Speaking as a frequent Tesla AutoPilot user, I generally agree with CR that “AutoPilot” should be re-worded to “Steering Assist” if for no other reason than to take off the table the conterversy of calling it “AutoPilot” (which many construe rightfully or wrongly the term AutoPilot to imply not requiring driver assist).

I also think Tesla deserves big credit for having the courage of taking the bold position of “not to let the perfect be the enemy of the better”:

Quote Source (article worth reading) :

And what about mercedes “drive pilot”? Is this name appropiate? And nissan’s “ProPilot”?

Oh wait!

How about “Autopilot with Learner’s Permit” with a big “L” on the back on the car?


Well said! Tesla does deserve plenty of kudos for being bold and actually deploying their semi-autonomous driving system, instead of just relegating it to the test range like other auto makers.

On the other hand, Tesla is getting pretty far out over their skis in claiming that the only sensors they need for a fully autonomous car is a bunch of cameras and a single front-facing radar mounded only slightly above the bumper.

Fully autonomous cars will require active scanning in 360°, just like Google and Lyft self-driving cars are already doing.

The question isn’t whether or not Tesla will move to active 360° scanning, either with lidar or radar. The question is how soon.

Google and Lyft cars only drive at 25 mph. My dog can do that.

Somebody has seen Cosumer reports criticizing Mercedes Tesla copy drive assistant for S Class? I wonder why they don’t judge Mercedes with a way inferior driver assist system that on only works on speed below 30 mph

Personally, i don’t like semiautonomous system. Either I drive myself, or, on the level that I can sleep behind the wheel. Intermediates like this is not my cup of tea. Note, I don’t take anything away from it, I realise the achievement, and I applaud it. But for me personally it is not suitable.


Me too, I am afraid that assist just makes you lazy and inattentive, thus increasing risk of accident when a situation arises that the assist cannot handle.

What is the point of an “autopilot” that requires me to keep my hands on the wheel at all times? If I have to be mentally driving the car, I might as well also perform tiny effort it takes to physically rotate the steering wheel. Why would anyone pay $8,000 for this?

Tesla is like the Willy Wonka chocolate factory of automakers. Robot snake arms to plug the car in. Gull wing rear doors on an SUV. Seats on a post that don’t fold flat. Battery swap stations. What people really want is faster recharging and nicer interiors.

Well zim, if you could understand economics and markets you would realize that Tesla’s approach to Level 5 is the correct one because it is based on deep learning that will continue to improve as more and more miles accrue.

It might start off as Level 3 but it will continue up the ladder rapidly and get there first as a commercially viable system.

Once it does then it will have a MASSIVE market for taxis and other light duty fleet operators because combined with the much lower TCO of a BEV it will quickly start replacing all those vehicles that operate at a high number of miles per year.

When the Tesla Semi Truck comes online it will likewise have the same effect there as it will on the light duty fleet.

In the show “The Last Man on Earth,” the BMW i8 is a self-driving car. There are funny scenes with it, but i won’t spoil it for others.