Consumer Reports Talks All Things Tesla Model X – Video

JUN 8 2016 BY JAY COLE 28

CR discusses its first impressions on the Model X

CR discusses its first impressions on the Model X

Last week saw Consumer Reports get its hands on a new Tesla Model X and take it for a first drive (the outfit also filed this video report on first impressions…which were mixed).

As a follow-up, as part of its “Talking Cars with Consumers Reports” (Episode 95), CR’s staffers sit down to discuss the highs and lows of Tesla’s all-electric SUV.

Hat tip to sven!

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A $100-$150k SUV is not for middle class joe. It’s not for upper middle class joe. It’s not for wealthy joe. It is for the very rich joe.

Very rich joe buys to impress and he doesn’t keep the car for more than a few years, usually after massive depreciation.

Even with it’s complicated doors, the model X, with its simple EV drivetrain, will likely hold value much better than what rich Joe has been used to buying, so (as long as the Tesla service people can keep his doors operating at an acceptable level, .. I bet he’s still thrilled with the X when it’s time to trade it for the next “impress your very rich neighbors” vehicle.

“A $100-$150k SUV is not for middle class joe. Itโ€™s not for upper middle class joe. Itโ€™s not for wealthy joe. It is for the very rich joe.”

BS excuses.

Tesla is known to have “reach up” buyers who buy the expensive cars even though they wouldn’t otherwise buy them normally.

Those “reach out” stupid buyers who save every penny they got and eating packaged dry noodles are looking at the entry level Model X which are still filled with those fluff features they can’t uncheck on the option list.

Giant windshield? Check
Slow Falcon doors? Check
Slow Automatic Front doors? Check
Second row that can’t fold down? Check

That is the problem. Even those $80K entry buyers won’t be able to avoid those problems at all.

So, it isn’t just a problem to the $140K version.

” …. eating packaged dry noodles are looking at the entry level Model X….”


The X comparison to the Fisker (gimmicks to show off vs daily use) is accurate.

Same as TVs coming with 3D glasses a few years ago: Show the feature with one movie (Avatar), then they were forgotten in a drawer.

The Model X is the car equivalant of 3D glasses in home TVs.

At least 3D TVs didn’t cost $100-150k.

Model S has more space, LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

“Model S has more space, LOL…”

See around minute 6:00 for a good video demo.

More utility than the SUV version, that says it all.

The Model X is an over-engineered albatross.

Cool. Comparing it to long distance flying bird that expends very little energy to get where it’s going.
Perhaps we should hang a Model X emblem around your neck for repeatedly trying to kill it.

Both are ugly birds…

Not in flight.

tftf continued his ant-Tesla FUD campaign:

“The Model X is an over-engineered albatross.

As always, serial Tesla bashers just can’t resist lying even when the truth would serve them better. Compulsive liars, one and all.

Over-engineered? Yes. But an “albatross”?

According to InsideEVs’ monthly sales chart, this “albatross” sold ~1600 units last month in the U.S./Canada market, as compared to ~1200 units for the Model S. Every other auto maker in the world would love to have a luxury “albatross” that sold that well!

๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Go Tesla!

PushmiPullyu said:
“Over-engineered? Yes. But an ‘albatross’?”

Maybe tftf was referring to the Model X’s albatross wing doors.

๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

LOL, Tesla-shorting tfwtf once again bashing Tesla for his own personal gain.

Consumer reports often gets it wrong in their opinions. For instance they consider the Volt a mediocre car when in fact it is the best small EV car made.

“Consumer reports often gets it wrong in their opinions.”

Don’t contradict Master Musk.

He used to praise CR when they praised the Model S:

Guess he won’t retweet their Model X review.

Oh the trunk on the Model S closes so slowly, who has time for that? What a bogus complaint to apply to Model X for the FWD, or the doors, why not say that about the trunk of the Model S? Ridiculous.
Well you guys have plenty of time to muse about the short-comings of the Model X, but you can’t wait a few seconds for the doors to open.

Looking for things to complain about.
While not all of their musings are unreasonable they seem bound and determined to find faults where few exist.

The added complexity has little to do with the performance of the engine while CR imply it does. Just how do FWD affect engine performance.

The rear hatch for the FORD Escape closes very slowly as well. Was never an issue till Tesla did it.

rear hatch is a far less used thing than DOORS.

It is called freaking doors for a reason!!!

Stop making excuses for something that sucks.

Model S is awesome because it doesn’t have those crappy gimmicks that didn’t work!

Yeah, I really don’t get the complaints about it taking 5-6 seconds for the doors to open and close. I timed the opening and closing of the rear sliding power doors on our Town & Country minivan; it takes about 1/2 a second longer than what people are complaining about with the Model X.

I never thought the fact that it’s slower to wait for the power doors was a disadvantage, or worthy of complaint. In fact, it’s pretty neat that the doors open and close themselves with just the push of a button.

I guess those who buy the Model X have unreasonable expectations. 5-6 seconds is too long for their expectations of instant gratification, I guess! >:-(

They kept talking about the Model X being used as a test bed for the Model Y to see what sticks, but even if a feature does not work well today, through software updates those current features can be improved over time. That is something that the S Class and 7 series could never do.
They also talk about the interior as stark like an Apple product instead of a S Class or 7 series. What really makes an interior luxurious? lots of tiny plastic buttons? Thats all the big German cars have over the Tesla.

To be fair, not all the problems with the doors can be fixed by software updates… over-the-air or not.

Some hardware fixes have been required, and it looks to me like more are needed. Apparently those sensors that work thru the sheet metal of the door don’t work very reliably.

The ride, handling, etc of the X got almost ZERO discussion- almost an afterthought. Isn’t that what car guys NORMALLY talk about?? Their obsession with the doors was overwhelming. Yes, I think the doors are fluff and I could do without them. (I pick up my X next week). They had some valid points (a broken clock will be right twice a day, too). However, they are bound and determined to denigrate this vehicle. You gotta laugh at the constant comparison with the S, without ONCE discussing any improvement over the S- like places to actually rest a cup or stow some of your stuff. Maybe even how the frunk got bigger. Really, they come off as having definite predispositions or biases. I am glad they like the windshield, I really like it, too.
…oh yeah, and I actually have to take the front wheel off my bike to put it in my TAHOE, for crying out loud.
I wasn’t swayed much when the S ‘broke the scale’…and I am not swayed now by CR.

“Maybe even how the frunk got bigger.” If you happen to be trading in a RWD Model S, you might want to compare. My bet is Model X frunk, with both AWD and Heppa filter, may be larger than revised AWD Model S frunk, with same. That is probably the comparison Tesla is making. If you have a Model S without either the front drive unit, or the new bio-weapon goodness, you may be disappointment with the space.

Since I don’t have a Model S, the statement I make is based on other, seemingly more objective, reviews- that is how I also know about the internal storage issues of the S- because of comments how people had to buy car caddies to put their stuff in (and now they don’t).

Hmmm, they did talk about the cargo space, and pointed out that the Model S actually has more utility there because you can fold all the seats flat, whereas with the MX the best you can do is move the non-folding 2nd row seats forward against the back of the front seats.

I am frankly shocked that Tesla hasn’t offered an alternative set of 2nd row seats that will fold flat. Definitely a big down-check there.

But yeah, I completely agree with you that they spent far too much time talking about the doors, and never got around to talking about performance; handling and ride quality got barely a passing mention. Somehow I think those are more important qualities most people use to judge a car; far more important than whether they have to wait 5-6 seconds for the door to open!

CR gets it wrong trust me. We bought a kitchenaide dish washer that they said was the best one that they tested. So we bought it. I wish I kept my 10 year old bosch. The clip on the thing falls off and burns on the heater coil. Leaves a lovley toxic burnt plastic smell. Kitchenaide keeps sending them they keep falling off. Does not clean well and leaves a film on the dishes. We are using the washing pods they recommend. The bottom rack comes of the door track and almost falls on the floor. Can you say crap. Thanks CR now we bought crap because of your recomendation.

So they must got it all wrong when they praised Model S as well?

You can’t just cherry pick their picks…

Very informative article. Thanks, Jay! We’ve seen some complaints about how the front doors work, but I didn’t understand what the problems were. Thanks to this video, now I do. There seems to be a huge disconnect between what these reviewers are saying, and how well the Model X is selling. If most customers had the same reaction they did, then I’d expect to see massive cancellations of orders for the car, and Model X sales only a small fraction of Model S sales. Instead, it seems the Model X is selling quite well, with Tesla still ramping up production. The last two months on InsideEVs’ Monthly Plug-in Sales Scorecard, the Model X outsold the Model S. But one of the reviewers did mention the insatiable demand for SUVs in the U.S., and I guess most Model X buyers just don’t care that much about the problems these reviewers talk about. I’m surprised to see some argument about whether or not the Model X will be Tesla’s “halo car”. Well of course it will! That has been pretty obvious since well before the car actually went on sale. I’m very surprised to see some of the reviewers mulling this idea… Read more »

” The last two months on InsideEVsโ€™ Monthly Plug-in Sales Scorecard, the Model X outsold the Model S.”

I am not sure if that is the case. Inside EV only tracks the US sales. Being production limited, Model X could be shipping to mostly US customers today where Model S is shipping mainly to oversea customers so it doesn’t show up in the US sales number.

Remember that Tesla has a much higher shipping goal of Model S for Q3/Q4.

These guys annoy me. It’s like watching a male-version of The View, but they are talking about cars instead of what celebrities are wearing.

Consumer Reports are as unbiased an organization as is possible and has no vested interest in vehicle sales and are thus the only org’ you could possibly trust.
Their point about the simplicity (and implied ‘reliabilty) of electric vehicles being undercut by all the many motors and sensors in the Model X doors is fair comment. This is supported by Elon Musk’s own recognition that his own hubris on the car’s Falcon doors led to many delays.

Does anyone think a ten year old Model X will not be plagued by door failures?