Consumer Reports Releases Videos On Tesla Model S Problems


Consumer Reports On Tesla Model S Issues

Consumer Reports On Tesla Model S Issues

“The Tesla Model S electric car earned the highest score ever in Consumer Reports tests, and owners love them. But after 20 months and over 15,000 miles, CR’s test car has had more than its fair share of problems. Check back early this fall for updated reliability data from hundreds of owners.”

States Consumer Reports.

Here are two videos detailing the “many minor problems” that Consumer Reports has experienced with its Tesla Model S.

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It should suit Alpha Romeo lovers!

..and don’t forget those Alfa Romeo lovers!

CR added the 2013 Model S to it’s Cars to Avoid list months ago. Given that, along with Motors Trend’s and Edmunds myriad problems with the Model S, why is this “more than its fair share” of problems such a surprise?

Who said it was?

CherylG has posted other untrue statements in the past. This person is a troll or a short – ignore.

Why don’t you just check the links and facts instead of just foul mouthing people?

Because she’s never provided them

Early models.

Why put up with door handle, or adapter problems, when you can buy a ticket on the ICE maintenance train?

Agreed. I don’t care if one of the handles needed replacement. I wasn’t at the dealership getting regular scheduled oil changes.

Dave Mart, as usual, is on the attack of all things Tesla. Boring.

Dave mart loves volkswagen

…because nothing ever goes wrong with VWs LOL.

The handles did not need replacement. The problem was fixed with an online download.

You DO care, if you are stuck outsede the car on a cold dark night and the door handles won’t come out for you to open the door.
This is just a stupid design of handles.

Probably shouldn’t use words such as “niggles” or phrases like “blowing a load”, even though both are innocent.

Tom Mutchler embodies the snarkiness I associate with CR.

I like how he says the reset buttons are on the screen with gay sarcasm when in reality they are on the steering wheel. What a weenie!

CR doesn’t understand cars. I think there audience is one that likes snark, but not real honest information. I don’t understand why people read that rag when it comes to cars.

That said, I am sure that a new car from a new car company has its fair share of little things that need in warranty repair. Owners and potential buyers should be aware of that, and I think they are. Factually the laundry list is probably correct, but there is nothing big or alarming on it. Certainly if you want the newest latest best you need to put up with somethings versus buying say a honda civic. Wait what, CR even has problems with the civic. lol

Why should CR need to understand cars in the first place? All they need to understand is what Joe Average understands: How reliable is this product? How easy is it to use? What maintenance issues does it have? How much does it *really* cost in the long run?

I work in IT, and it’s often true that IT experts will put up with technical issues far beyond what their users will put up with. If some bit of equipment is unreliable, we just say “Oh, I know how to fix that!” and keep fixing it over and over again, blind to the fact that it’s flaky as hell and some other solution needs to be found.

Normal people just hate the fact that it doesn’t run 100% of the time. They don’t care if you can *fix* it or not, it’s not fixed until you don’t have to fix it anymore.

Wow … the screen had to be reset … give us all a break.

Once the fine folks at CR find out about computers and smart phones, they will understand that if these things need to be restarted once every few months it is not a crisis, it is part of the price you pay for such technology.

So the screen had to be rebooted once in 18 months, but during that time it got multiple software updates. On a regular car, each software update requires a trip to the dealer, waiting around for a while and then driving back home.

I think its preferable to stay home and risk that I have to reboot the screen. Wouldn’t you?

I laughed at this too. Yes, my screen has needed a reset on two occasions over the last year. That involves holding two buttons on the steering wheel down for five seconds.

If this is the new era of car repair, bring it on.

Full disclosure: I was a professional auto technician for five years in my early 20s. I have been underneath, but never gotten greasy from my Model S.

You can’t make a mistake if you don’t try. You won’t have problems if you don’t innovate. With its revolutionary new products, I am surprised Tesla is as far up the learning curve as it is today. Tesla should be applauded for all the success it enjoys.

There is a reason why conventional wisdom states to stay away from the first model year. Big Auto is no different/better.

Even if the car only scores average on maintenance that would be pretty good for a start up car maker. Every car made in Germany and over half the cars made in the US are average at best.

But those cars are 5 times cheaper. Model S seems like a money pit.

How is a money pit? Every issue has been fixed for free. Software updates are free as well.

Consumer Reports works too hard to be negative and find fault, even with almost perfect cars.

They are trying unsuccessfully to be sensationalist on this new and needed technology.

At the end, is it still the “Best car CR ever tested”?

If so, then nothing else is needed…

I’ve disliked CR car reviews ever since they said cars shouldn’t have either manual steering nor manual transmissions. By that score they wouldn’t like my Roadster because of the manual steering nor the upcoming Detroit electric since it would have a manual transmission.

There was a time when CR would only accept compensation by magazine sales. I believe that they are now accepting some sort of consulting revenue. This puts their reviews suspect.

As far as the S goes, it would be odd if it went from the ‘best car ever’ to ‘not recommended’ due to the upcoming reliability survey.