Consumer Reports On 2017 Chevrolet Bolt – Video

JAN 11 2016 BY MARK KANE 14

Chevy Bolt

Chevy Bolt

Here is quick look at the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt at CES from Consumer Reports’s eye.

Consumer Reports already announced that it will buy the car when it  becomes available in late 2016.

“Chevrolet showed off its all-electric Bolt at CES 2016, and our quick drive shows there is a lot to be excited about: 200-mile range, cutting-edge safety features, and a roomy interior, all for about $30,000”

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Will def. watch the CR review. Car looks very nice.

Looks Good. An odd advantage to evs is that you will buy a flooded ev, as sometimes happen with ice, flood damaged cars.

I meant can’t or will not be able to buy a flooded ev.

That depends on too many variables to make an absolute statement like that, among the variables are:

How watertight are the connections?
How watertight are the electronics?
How deep was the water that the car was in?
How long was the car underwater?

You get my drift? I suspect you will still be able to buy flood damaged EVs unawares of the flood (pun intended) of potential problems down the road. If an EV cannot withstand a certain amount of “flooding” and is rendered useless if it passes through anything more than a slight puddle, how good is that?

This insideevs story features a prototype Land Rover Defender going into some water, deep enough to almost cover the wheels. Granted the ICE version with a snorkel (not stock) has been known to drive through water deep enough to cover the headlights.

See the following link for Google search results for “Land Rover Defender in deep water”:

I suspect the EV Defender might cope a little better with deep water, having looked at a forum thread on “Definitive Wading Depth For Defenders”.

Right. I did not know for sure, so I just threw that out there, figuring someone would enlighten me. I was thinking of a possible electric truck, and how to go off road you would want it to be waterproof at least up to a certain depth.

As far as flood damaged, that usually means submerged in water, though I was not really all that specific.

Milford, Michigan, GM Proving Grounds

September 28th, 2010

Chevy Volt EREV Water Troth Test:

Link Goes To Danny Beck Chevrolet, YouTube Channel-


Thomas J. Thias

Sundance Chevrolet Inc.



The only advantage is they can’t be hydrolocked. They are still susceptible to corrosion of electronics which can cause all sorts of problems.

Right, and some of those are not always apparent, until weeks later.

This video does not show a side view with the doors open. The battery seems quite a bit thicker than Tesla model S and I am curious what impact that has on the floor height.

One thing I saw is that the floor mats on the Bolt are nearly flush with the door sill. Most cars have the sill 3-4″ higher than the mats, but not on the Bolt. There is even a sculpted additional amount of space near the front of the door sill to give even easier access for your feet as you are entering the Bolt.

In under 2 minutes I counted 5 uses of “pretty”.

Pretty observent of you…

Pretty picky

summary: “Tesla, 200 mi range, 100,000 dollars”
funny, I thought they owned, drove, tested several Teslas, doesn’t even the 70D have greater than 200mi range?