Consumer Reports’ Follow-Up Video On Tesla Model 3 Ratings


Consumer Reports follows up on its Tesla Model 3 rating on this edition of Talking Cars.

CR explains that this is not the usual episode since not only is the Model 3’s rating news, but also Tesla’s reaction has caused quite a stir. The organization speaks to the potential of getting a second car (which they’ve done in the past). However, getting a single Model 3 is difficult enough, so the prospects were slim. Nonetheless, in order to assure consistency before releasing its report, CR happened upon a unique opportunity to get a second car and was able to test that as well.

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Video Description via Consumer Reports on YouTube:

Consumer Reports has revealed that it would not be recommending the Tesla Model 3, in part due to poor braking performance. In response, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk agreed to meet with Jake Fisher, CR Auto Test Director, to talk about our findings and discuss immediate updates Tesla might make. Hear all about that exclusive conversation this week on Talking Cars.

Musk Tweeted a string of responses to CR’s report, including this:

CR also added a brief video to its channel that attempts to remind people about its credibility and nonprofit status amidst all the recent “fake news” banter on social media, much of which has been asserted and fueled by Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself. While the following Tweet was surely not  directed towards Consumer Reports, it shows the nature of Musk’s current stance on the media:

CR writes:

Let’s Keep It Honest: Welcome to Consumer Reports on YouTube! As a nonprofit membership organization, we test products and services, rigorously report on issues that impact consumers, and shape policies to keep you safe. We’ve been on your side since 1936, and that’s where we’ll stay.

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Truly sad that Elon is copying and supporting Trump’s anti-media tactics with claims of “fake news” when anything is reported he doesn’t like. Rather than be supportive of CR exposing an issue with the brakes, he’s using coverage of a company that doesn’t accept advertising as the poster child for fake news.

Elon is trying to whip the media to be the Tesla version of Fox News. I hope that doesn’t end up being InsideEVs, but there are already many pure Tesla sites that are vying for the position.

He is doing no such thing. His media comments were in response to Reveal not CR.

Reveal, a non-profit, award winning news organization. Somehow they are supposed to be big oil shills? Lol
Elon’s lost it.

Big oil shill? I must have missed the tweet where Musk made that accusation. Can you link me?

Accused (probably Reveal) of catering to big oil companies by publishing their expose on Tesla underreporting injuries at its factories.
“Problem is journos are under constant pressure to get max clicks & earn advertising dollars or get fired. Tricky situation, as Tesla doesn’t advertise, but fossil fuel companies & gas/diesel car companies are among world’s biggest advertisers,” Musk tweeted.

That isn’t really representative of what you said.

bro1999 is obviously one of their keyboard minions.

The dumber part in my opinion is that clearly the Model 3 didn’t go through proper testing. It’s one thing to say ‘hey we’ll get that FM radio to you as quick as possible’ but another thing altogether to ship a vehicle with sketchy brakes.

Completely meshes with Tesla’s $$$>>>safety philosophy. I mean just look at the train wreck (literally) AP is becoming.

Bro, there’s another article on IEV right now about Motor Trend’s Bolt review; you made two or three level-headed pro-Bolt comments.

Then a Tesla article like this comes out and you spend the afternoon in unhinged Tesla rants with lots of snarky mockery and outright misleading spin (A “literal trainwreck?” Really? False, even if you meant figuratively; it’s been statistically proven to be safer than driving without it).

My point is, maybe if you were as enthusiastically pro-Bolt as you are anti-Tesla, the EV community at large would be a better place.

Bro is just a troll. He was even blocked on a GM forum. Yes, you read that right. A *GM* forum!

Oh yeah, I’m quite familiar with him, hence spotting the pattern. And I’ve heard about the Bolt banish (something he confirms by ranting against them whenever it’s brought up). Chances are he spontaneously ranted against Tesla there too, and GM said, “this dude’s giving the T a lot of publicity; bad publicity, but publicity nonetheless.”

And amazingly enough, I’m still kicking on the Tesla forum. I guess they have much more level headed mods over there. 🙂

GM-Volt, if thats the referred to site, isn’t associated with GM. It doesn’t take much to get banned from there. Well regarded Tony Williams was threatened with banning. They, like many sites, don’t tolerate any anti-their_product comments even if factual. Original Volt can’t seat 5! Blasphemy! Claiming any non-positive comment as trolling is not a healthy practice and often indicates more about the accuser than anything else.

Shoot, I got blocked on a GM forum for telling them the the Cadillac CT6 would have been a great car if it was EV, instead of the brand new clean sheet double overhead cam twin turbo engine that GM spent over 1.5B developing. I guess the truth hurts the locals everywhere…

What “train wreck”? I have had conversations with other car owners with advanced lane keeping and adaptive cruise controls. The Tesla compares favorably. The fact that people have misused the EAP is not Tesla’s fault. They never claimed it was full self drive, and in fact have done a lot to get the word out that it is NOT.

Speaking of A/P I see Tesla paid a settlement today in a class action lawsuit relating to autopilot..

Could be as simple as a quality problem at a supplier that ramped production too fast. But then firmware would not help probably. Too soon to tell.

I tested my brakes this morning on the way to work. Sure enough the stopping is far from great. My BMWs an stopped way better. My T-Bird 1988 Turbo coupe was way better.

Let me fix that.

Truly sad that serial anti-Tesla trolls are copying and supporting Trump’s tactics funded by Big Oil, Koch Heads, etc in attacking an American auto manufacturer in Tesla that is rapidly growing and maturing as it scales and forcing the move to sustainable transportation.

The fact that the press reports any accident worldwide of Tesla is troubling, I am sure that any other car brand has accidents every day and they don’t get reported, having said that Elon has to be careful not to be mistaken with the beginning dictator we have in the White House.

Other manufacturers aren’t pushing the leading edge technology as much with a autopilot and other tech innovations. They’re highly scrutinized in both a good and bad way.

Consumer Reports and Tesla working together is (as said in the video) “a consumer WIN”.

I’m looking forward to a number of cars being tested after the software update. No real news until after that happens.

Well, it is real news, but just a flash in the pan that will blow over in a couple of days. Meanwhile, the trolls have a feeding frenzy.

The real take-away here is: Car Company Learns of Potentially Serious Issue, and Fixes it Within Days (Without Major Recall or Waiting Until Next Model Year).

I was so encouraged when Ford did (2-3) on my Fusion Energi, but the software updates were only to fix serious bugs in the infotainment (Ford Sync 2). I was very sad to learn the software only efficiency improvements made to the 2017 Fusion would not be applied to any earlier vehicle (free or otherwise).

Consumer Reports may be correct in this case. But CR convinced me in the 1970s that they are nothing but a payola operation. No other explanation fits their bizarre recommendations in the past. Except perhaps utter incompetence. My observations stem from the analog days of AV equipment, perhaps things have changed. But it is hard to imagine how CR could resist bribery. I have no evidence except CR’s long history of recommending products that are obviously inferior.

Great video. Elon spent an hour on the phone with you? I think that goes to show just how important the success of Model 3 is for him and for Tesla. Hopefully they can fix the stopping distance and then you can give it your recommendation.

Amazing that Tesla has reacted this quickly to this issue, and to other issues by improving cars already sold. No other automaker comes close to this. I really hope Tesla winds up succeeding and making money.