Consumer Reports’ BMW i3 Review – Video

SEP 16 2014 BY MARK KANE 11

BMW i3

BMW i3

Consumer Reports released a video as a complement to its BMW i3 review.

A more detailed review is expected when, after nine months of waiting to take delivery, Consumer Reports will finally able to pile on the miles.

For now, the price, shape and still limited range turns Consumer Reports to be skeptical on the i3’s chances.  However, last month the over 1,000 units delivered in the U.S. contradicts the skeptics.

“BMW built the futuristic looking i3 from the ground up. It’s a tall, rear-drive, electric-powered hatchback that feels quick and easy to maneuver.”

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“However, last month the over 1,000 units delivered in the U.S. contradicts the skeptics”

Didn’t they take pre-orders and advertise prior to release? Last months buyers could have been spread out over earlier months had they been available. The bottom line is it is too early to be a skeptic or believer.

Funny, the video mentions NO negative arguments.
What gets me is no, 0-60 times, braking and handling. How do review a car and not measure these? Anyway they are excellent in the i3.

So, it’s got the same range of the Leaf, plus an optional range extender for those who need it. The Range problem is solved for people who have a range problem.

This is a preview, not a review.

An well-built electric car with infinite range at half the price of a 265 mile range EV?
A car that can park itself and comes with better interior that the other long range EV?

I will take it!

I don’t think the i3 has better interior than the ELR, which is probably its closest competitor.

Yeah, half the price but also half the power, half the cargo space, one less seat, cumbersome rear doors, no power seats available, and in the US no sunroof either. And it’s not even in the same league when it comes to looks.

But leave it to you to make a comparison so stupid…

Didn’t seem as negative as the story suggested. Other than the silliness over the regen — the uninitiated won’t appreciate it, until they get used to it at which point they’ll love it — it was OK.

The extended range of 75 miles is uber lame.

“The extended range of 75 miles is uber lame.”

You just pour another 2 gallon into the tank from the spare gas container. It takes 2 minutes and can be done virtually anywhere.

Although, as i3 didn’t get white HOV sticker in CA, BMW should reconsider the gas tank size and make the US version same as Europe version.

What is the size of the tank on the European version?

The white stickers were only half of it.

Because of the limited gas tank size, BMW gets full zero-emission-vehicle (ZEV) credits in CA for every i3 REx they sell, just as they do with the BEV i3. Given the rest of their portfolio, BMW needs every ZEV credit they can get, so the tank will remain as is.

i.e. it is a compliance car

In Europe, the i3 REx’s fuel tank is 9 litres — 1.98 gallons imperial or around 2.37 U.S. gallons. That’s an equivalent drop of 21 percent, or in other words, a range-extension of about 50 miles per tank instead of the 80 miles or so offered by European models.