Connecticut to Award Dealers Who Sell the Most EVs


Move A Lot of These - Win an Award in Connecticut

Sell A Lot of These – Win an Award in Connecticut

Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has chosen to award automotive dealers who sell or lease the most electric vehicles within the state from February 1 through January 31.

Chevy Volt - Sell Lots Get an Award in Connecticut

Chevy Volt – Sell Lots Get an Award in Connecticut

This is certainly a first.

The state’s Department of Energy will be offering what it calls the “Connecticut Revolutionary Dealer Awards.”

There are two categories for which dealers are can be awarded:

  • One award for the dealer who sells/leases the most plug-in vehicles during the timeframe
  • One award for the dealer who sells/lease the most plug-in vehicles as a percentage of total sales during the timeframe

It’s feasible that one dealer could win both awards.

We rather like this method of encouraging dealers to sell/lease more EVs, especially since it comes back by the state.

Source: Associated Press via Miami Herald

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Could be good, and bad. Will help push sales, but may push some buyers into EVs with no real preparation, research, or understanding, with potentially disasterous results. MultiBrodeuration!

I suppose it depends. I’m curious if the term EV in this context also includes plug-in hybrids. You can send any customer out the door with a PHEV and not have to worry about whether they know how to use it.

I love Blue States. 🙂

Yeah, liberals are occasionally good for something! 😉

Wouldn’t Tesla win the % award every time?

They would. IF they had dealers…

But they do have dealers. Maybe not in your state, but in CT where this story takes place. Also MA. Haven’t looked for others. I know Tesla gets fought hard in some states, but here, they’ve won.

Tesla has factory stores. No independent dealers.


What do they win? A plaque for display (along with their chamber of commerce plaque and soccer team sponsorship, or somethng tangible, like a tax credit.

Even if the dealer didn’t win anything “tangible,” the publicity alone for the dealer is a big thing: that’s a lot of marketing money saved to put one’s name out there! You get free “advertisement” in the local newspapers, internet, mouth-to-mouth propaganda, etc.

This is a good idea. But it’s not a first. On December 10, 2013, California awarded a 2013 Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (Zero Emission Vehicle Dealers subcategory) to Nissan of Downtown Los Angeles (see pages 26-27 of the program: