Connecticut Senate Leader Wants To Open State To Tesla Direct Sales


FEB 9 2016 BY JAY COLE 13

Currently Connecticut's $3,000 "CHEAPR" Rebate Program Offers Discounts To ALL-Electric Cars And FCV Vehicles Sold In The State

Currently Connecticut’s $3,000 “CHEAPR” Rebate Program Offers Discounts To ALL-Electric Cars And FCV Vehicles Sold In The State

A quick spin through Connecticut’s $3,000 rebate program on eligible plug-in vehicles shows no listing for the Tesla Model S, or Model X.¬† The reason is pretty simple, direct sales are not allowed in the state for Tesla.

A New Bill Would Allow EV Manufacturers To Set Up 3 Stores In Connecticut

A New Bill Would Allow EV Manufacturers To Set Up 3 Stores In Connecticut

Tesla long ago lost the battle to set up boutique stores in the state…or at least, that is what we thought.

The Associated Press (via the Washington Times) reports today that Bob Duff , who is majority leader of the Connecticut Senate will bring back legislation that would specifically allow electric vehicle manufacturers to sell cars directly to consumers.

As Tesla is one such manufacturer, it is a rare spot of legislative good news for the California company.

AP further details the new bill:

Duff’s bill mirrors last year’s effort and is not limited to Tesla. It would allow electric car companies without a physical presence to open up to three dealerships.

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It’s sad that state legislatures are still directly blocking free enterprise of an American company.

Free enterprise is an American Myth.

You got cable tv? How much choice did you have in content and internet providers? Got access to 100 megabit or greater speeds at reasonable cost, compared to the rest of the world???? No?

How about contract cell phones?


Telecom is one of the most regulated industries in the US, and they still suck balls.

Getting government out of the business of restricting direct sales of automobiles is a step in the right direction simply because there’s less government involvement.

Tesla has been selling direct for 3.5 years now. What horror stories have NADA and dealership chain owners spun that haven’t come true in that time frame? The only gripe I’ve heard that wouldn’t have worked under a traditional franchise model is that one guy that apparently pissed Elon Musk off enough to have Tesla cancel his Model X order.

I have not heard that story, do tell!

Here’s Fortune’s take on the “No soup for you!” Tesla story:

He apparently is a known habitual vocal complainer not just of Tesla. He also wouldn’t shut up online about some BMW he owned.

Fine is time that business start to kick out stupid rude customers, I have no problem with it +1 Elon

Why is it hard to get a list of states that ban Tesla sales?

According to above web site, there are more states banning Tesla sales than allowing. What’s the point of making superior product if government won’t let you sell it?

What I meant “hard” was through google. I had to click on several links before I got there, and even that is about a year old. Conspiracy, I tell you conspiracy!

I Think anyone with a Computer and a credit card (and the room on it to do so),can put a payment for a Reservation on the Model S or X, today, Anywhere! Then Tesla will contact them directly for further and final details in their build sequence! They might have to drive their ICE Vehicle, a State (or two) away from home to see one in person, or – if they were smart – they could just open up on their Browsers, and change the settings to Tesla HPWC, and select Personally Shared Chargers (at peoples homes), and I am pretty sure that will give them all the Friendly Tesla Owners, that would be happy to let them see THEIR Car, and maybe even take it for a quick spin! (I met such an owner myself, on my trip though Michigan last summer!) There are also Tesla Events, EV Shows, where Tesla Owners attend and will talk details about their car and their experience, and some offer Test Rides, at least, and they are happening more and more, too! So – Red or Blue – the difference is only – where people who never heard of Tesla Before, and… Read more »

If direct sales are allowed, they should be allowed for any car & car company, not just electric ones. It seems unfair otherwise.

Incidentally, I have no direct interest in this — I live in a country where there are no dealers at all. All new cars are bought direct from the importer at MSRP.

How about if your sales are fewer than 5,000 vehicles in the state you CAN sell direct.

Above that you have to stick it to the consumers and go through a middle man markup method.