Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Vehicle Purchase Rebate Has Issued Over $200,000 In Rebates


In June of this year, the state of Connecticut launched its “Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Vehicle Purchase Rebate” program, otherwise known as CHEAPR.

We’ve now learned that more than $200,000 in rebates has been paid out through the program.

According to New Canaanite:

“Since it launched in June, the ’ program has seen more than $200,000 in rebates paid out, spurring the purchase or lease of more than 100 vehicles, state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner Robert Klee said during a press event held on the showroom floor of Karl Chevrolet on Elm Street.”

Connecticut Rebate Chart

Connecticut Rebate Chart

During that press event, Leo Karl III, president of Karl Chevrolet, took the opportunity to promote the not-yet-available 2016 Chevrolet Volt that was on display.  Of the Volt, Karl stated that he’s “never seen a car where virtually 100 percent of the owners that currently drive it absolutely love the car.”

In regards to electric cars in general, Karl stated:

“The bottom line is that an electric vehicle may not be the perfect vehicle for 100 percent of the drivers, but it’s the perfect vehicle for a really a majority of drivers.”

More images of the 2016 Volt that was on display can be found here at the Westport Electric Car Club site.

Jim Fleming, president of the Connecticut Automotive Retailers Association, commented on the success of CHEAPR:

“This program is successful because the government sector sat down with the private sector and said, ‘How do you think we can make this work?’ and pretty much modeled it on what manufacturers do when they try to sell cars and that is: Put the money under the hood and offer a small incentive to people that are trying to sell vehicles,” Fleming said. “This first-in-nation program is off to a great start.”

Source: New Canaanite

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Dan needs to provide an article on Texas EV incentive program. The Texas program just expired but it gave out up to $2,500 for almost 1,900 new electric vehicle purchases for a total rebate of over $4,000,000. It’s funny that even though Texas has one largest EV and EV charger populations of any state in country (no SAE Combo chargers) Texas gets very little press on it’s EV development. I didn’t find out about the Texas EV incentive program until after I bought my Fusion Energi and then only just in time to apply for the incentive.

Jay Cole

Texas $2,500 Rebate Finally Set To Go Live!

Texas Starts $2,500 Plug-In Incentive, Tesla Model S Not Eligible

Texas $2,500 Electric Vehicle Rebate Program Expiring Soon

…I think that’s plenty of coverage from us for 1,900 rebates.

Maybe you just haven’t been reading InsideEVs long enough, (=


Thanks Jay for providing those links. Your right I did miss them but I found them interesting reading. I still think the Texas rebate program deserve a follow up story. There are some very interesting results of program like there was over $4,000,000 left on the table, there were over ten times as many electric vehicles that receive rebates as there were alternative fuel vehicles, and of the 17,000 electric vehicles currently registered in Texas (my estimate) over ten percent (1,900) received rebates. I think the Texas program is an electric vehicle success story that deserves to be fully explored by


For those waiting to use the point of sale $3,000 off on the new Volt, it looks like the dollars won’t run out until January/February. $282,000 or 35% of the money has been used up since it started in late May. Here’s the link showing the exact amount live:

Tony Williams

How many of these rebates were for hydrogen cars, and how many for EVs?

California has given out $1500 to $5000rebates since 2011 (at least), and I would guess they’ve handed well over $100 million.


Hydrogen vehicles would have fallen under the CNG/LPG category but Texas has only one hydrogen fueling station and it’s private. Texas gave out 196 rebates for CNG/LPG vehicles versus 1895 for electric vehicles. Predictions were the other way around, that CNG/LPG vehicles would get the lion share of rebates since Texas has such a big petroleum industry. If I was to guess I would have to say that electric vehicles got the lion share because EV charging stations are fairly plentiful in the big Texas cities but you really have too search to find CNG/LPG stations. Texas is NGR’s home state and they have installed a lot of evGO Freedom Stations but all with only CHAdeMO DCFCs.


Wait – hydrogen AND electric vehicles?

I’ll bet they gave rebates for about … zero hydrogen fuel cell cars and the rest for electric. 😉

mike w

I was also thinking those same numbers.


Connecticut actual has a public hydrogen station. There could be one or two hydrogen Hyundai Tucsons. Just sayin’. 😉