Official: Volvo XC90 Plug-In Hybrid SUV to Launch Globally in Late 2014


In a move to take its plug-in hybrid powertrain global, Swedish automaker Volvo will fit its XC90 SUV with a gas-burning plug-in hybrid setup based loosely off the gear found in its extremely popular Volvo V60 PHEV.

If you recall, the V60 PHEV features a diesel engine, which is part of the reason why it’s a Europe-only offering.  But still, the V60 PHEV is selling way beyond Volvo’s initial expectations.  Sales of the V60 PHEV are so high that Volvo increased production to 7,600 units in 2013 and will crank it up to 10,000 units in 2014:

V60 Plug-In:  No Range Anxiety, Full-Size Wagon, 0-62 mph in 6 Seconds...What Else Do You Want?  Oh...You Want a Gas Engine Instead?  Volvo Will Launch That in 2014

V60 Plug-In: No Range Anxiety, Full-Size Wagon, 0-62 mph in 6 Seconds…What Else Do You Want? Oh…You Want a Gas Engine and a More SUV-Ish Appearance Instead? Volvo Will Launch That in 2014

“The success of the world’s first diesel plug-in hybrid, the Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid, continues. Volvo Car Group (Volvo Cars) is now ramping up production by 90 per cent, just to keep up with the demand.”

“The increased demand, especially in Holland, Belgium and Italy, means that the Plug-in Hybrid production at Volvo Cars’ Torslanda plant in Sweden will be increased continuously from 150 to 282 units per week. All in all, Volvo Cars will produce 7,600 plug-in hybrids in 2013 – and the 2014 target is 10,000 units.”

Now, Volvo wants to expand its PHEV efforts to the global market.

Starting in late 2014, Volvo will offer its XC90 SUV with a plug-in hybrid option.  The PHEV version will be offered as soon as the next-gen XC90 launches, says Volvo Cars product planning boss Lex Kerssemakers:

“At the moment we launch the XC90, we will also launch the petrol plug-in version.  We have the four-cylinder turbo strategy – where we say, you know, we go full for four cylinders. We have a 300-plus horsepower (220kW) engine – at least 300 and the final “plus” we are still defining, as a basic engine. And then we get the electrification. So you end up with a 600Nm-plus car.”

“It’s the right combination between power and fuel efficiency, that’s what we believe.”

“It should be class-leading.  We have very efficient powertrains, combined with electricificaiton, that’s always good. It’s always better than V6s or V8s. We want to have the power of the V6 and V8, however in a very modest way.”

Volvo XC90 Seats Seven

Volvo XC90 Seats Seven

As for the V60 PHEV, it seems Volvo will cancel that vehicle after the 2014 production run, but something similar to it (diesel PHEV) could return to the automaker’s lineup in the future

Quoting Kerssemakers:

“We will switch to petrol hybrid, to switch later to diesels. But we had to make choices, and petrol is simply the most global fuel.”

So, this confirms the following:

  • An XC90 PHEV featuring a gas engine will be sold globally starting in late 2014
  • The V60 diesel PHEV will exit production as the XC90 becomes available

Base pricing for the gas-only XC90 currently starts at $39,700 in the US.  A fully loaded XC90 costs in excess of $53,000.  We expect the PHEV version to be positioned at the top of the XC90 lineup.

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Could this be the first 7-seater plug-in to hit the US? Bring them on! Americans love their oversized people movers, and you get the best bang for the buck by electrifying them.

Model X may actually have some competition when it comes out.

You can argue that BEV and PHEV are different animals, but as the only plug-in 7-seaters, they will get cross shopped. It will be great to have two separate price points for this size plug-in.

Although this will be out of my price range, I’m glad to see this coming to the American market. With the size of child safety seats these days, there is a legitimate need for some families to have 3 rows of seats. An AWD XC90 is rated at 16 city / 23 highway or 18 combined. These kinds of rigs are often used to shuttle kids around, and that tends to be short non-highway trips. Replacing mileage in the mid teens with EV miles is huge.

So this will be a competitor for the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, albeit much more expensive. The V60 PHEV ($70k+) has 11.2kW and gets in the upper 20 miles on electric. Since the XC90 is much heavier, unless the battery pack is a much larger, I don’t see more than 20 miles of range. Probably less.

Correct, Ranger, then the hybrid set up kicks in. You word it in an alarming way as if the car would shut off when the %100 electric motor ran out of juice…
The new XC90 will look nothing like the former and will compete with other luxury SUVs, not the Mitsubishi. Unless you are completely clueless about cars, then you might cross shop them seriously.

Why discontinue the V60 PHEV? I would understand changing them to a gasoline engine and expanding availability, but eliminating the V60 as a plug-in choice is not logical to me. The XC90 will be an aero pig in comparison to the V60. Disappointed.

Bring on more cars with plugs! Absolutely!

While I grimace a tad bit every time another manufacturer brings out it’s
PHEV that looks exactly like it’s ICE model – I understand Volvo is already
owned by the Chinese and certainly cannot afford to develop a proprietary
EV or PHEV model. So good for Volvo! Bring them over here! Sell them!

I used to sell Volvos and they have a very faithful following mostly based
upon their safety.

These cars have the form factor North Americans desire. I’m sure they’ll
sell quite a few here – maybe not HUGE numbers…But as price and
capability rise – so will the sales.

* prices dip and capabilities rise!…hehe…. Sorry – no edit feature yet.

– But you get my drift….:)

It just shocks me that nobody has a PHEV SUV with 5-7 passenger yet in the US market…

The first one here will have a large market to itself….

MMF , see today’s Mitsu Outlander article.

I will have to agree first major mfr to offer a 7 pass plug in hybrid with a reasonble price and AER will sell plenty!. And dont put stupid looking wheels on it either! make it cool and as nice as any SUV or large crossover. All of your around town on EV juice, plus all your longer trips with better fuel economy than the normal V6 or V8.

Cant wait to see it! Meanwhile if you are interested in other models of Volvo you should check on for more information! :))