Confirmed: Tesla Model X Offered In 60 kWh, 85 kWh & Performance – AWD Standard

JAN 12 2015 BY JAY COLE 32

We expect to see the production-intent version of the Model X shortly.

One Of The Original Tesla Model X Prototypes Appeared At CES 2015 Last Week

One Of The Original Tesla Model X Prototypes Appeared At CES 2015 Last Week

But until then we have this.  Tesla is now taking reservations on the X saying it will be available in the following options:

  • 60 kWh
  • 85 kWh
  • 85 kWh Performance

It should be noted that all Model X SUVs will come with “All Wheel Drive” (or “D” if you will) as well as the much promoted Falcon Wing Doors that may or may not have been one of the reasons behind the delays in the vehicle.

We expect to see an even great capacity Model X (and S) added to the lineup at some point in the future.

Of note: while the Model X and S are essentially the same platform with a different application, it is interesting to note the Model X is being offering in a 60 kWh AWD version, while the Model S that was also initially promoted as having this less expensive AWD option was quickly deleted.

Editor’s Note:  Don’t forget we will also be breaking all the specs and news on the next generation Chevrolet Volt shortly tonight at 12:01 AM (eastern)/9:01PM (pacific)



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Volt or Bolt??? I’m confused…

Jay Cole

2016 Volt tonight…other ‘stuff’ tomorrow


Ah, okay. Thanks for the clarification. I feel like a Dolt. 😉

Anthony Fiti

I firmly believe that the 60kWh version will not make it to production. It will have sub 200 mile range and that will turn off buyers. I’d bump it to 65 or 70 or whatever it takes to get 200 highway miles.


“Torque Sleep” with final firmware tweaks, might be better for range than we imagine??? *shrugs*

Alonso Perez

The range will not be less than 200 due to AWD. The problem is drag. The X has a bigger frontal area and higher cd. With the same battery size, it will have lower range than the S, specially at highway speeds.


It’s not gonna be some magical difference. The potential is only a few percent increase. 2% is what it’s said about the Tesla Model S, and I think Model X will be similar. Maybe towards 3% after a few updates but that is probably the limit.

I agree with Anthony about Tesla later on may be scrubbing the 60 kWh version. But Tesla won’t offer an intermediate battery option between 60 and 85, since a difference of 10-15 kWh would be too little, plus they will surely offer the same batteries for the S and the X.

I still think there is a probability that Tesla will offer a larger battery, like >105 kWh for the Model X, and later on for the Model S. The news about a bigger battery may not come with the reveal of the new Model X, but could be announced towards the summer, with an option for everyone who placed a reservation on the Model X to choose the larger battery at an additional cost, if they want to.


they will cancel 60kwh.
Also I bet that bigger than 85kwh battery will be first offered on Model X.


The 60 allows for an entry level with a lower price point. As long as they are making the battery anyway, there’s no real problem with them bolting on whatever the customer wants to get. It won’t be as with the 40 where there were so few orders that it made no sense to manufacture it. If they are making the 60 battery anyway, then they have nothing to lose by offering the option, even if few people get it.

They could lose sales by dropping it, even among customers who would never end up buying it anyway. What’s important is what brings customers to the table.

A person looking at the Model S might see the base price, the tax incentives ($10K total in my state) and several thousand dollars in savings per year over the life of an expected auto loan. That might make somebody who is looking at $50K cars go into the showroom. If that person decides to get the car with an 85 battery, it doesn’t mean the person would have bought the car in the first place had the 60 not been offered.


Will the Model 3 be shown as well? Rumor was it may be there.


I wouldn’t expect to see a SLIVER of it, until after Model X starts shipping in earnest. It’s –AMAZING– how well kept a secret it’s been all this time.


So, “sliver” in 2016, maybe a prototype in ’17, a “still working on it” delay in ’18 and “deliveries in earnest” in 2019?

That’s about consensus.

I’ll be less upset if the X60D goes, than if Tesla drops rear wheel drive. My front wheels are always “sleeping”, and they are easier for the rear motor to turn (w/o motor).

..Now, let’s get back to the star of the night, the 2016 Chevrolet Volt!!


It kind of defies logic for them to kill the S60D but keep the X60D. Many have speculated they won’t even offer the 60kWh on the Model X because of the lower range.


The only way I can conceive of it working is that they’ll abandon supercar acceleration figures to improve range, but everything released says that they are identical to MS, excepting that Large weight increase.

so I tend to agree with you, I’m guessing we can’t ‘pre-announce’ that 60D won’t be offered due to the number of people, like myself, that have standing deposits on X60Ds (had, in my case, I was one of the apparently Very few that decided to ‘switch’ when the S60D was initially offered, due to the delays in the X’s release going on to years).


fwiw, they are missing an opportunity in the great metropolis-less country-side. 300mi perfect conditions won’t get me to my first SuperCharger for the foreseeable future, so the extra hunnert miles was wasted on us and
it Still would have cost double the most expensive car we’ve ever purchased. LA CA can have an effect on your perceptions, never in favor of NOT-mega-millions customer land.
Classic BMW-think of performance vs the reality that you’ll have reason to use it precisely naught after the wow wears off and you’d like to drive more than 50 miles on a charge (or tank of gas).

I’m as guilty as any of liking that it ‘can’ but sub-6-second 0-60 is considerably better than Any vehicle we have owned, I’m relatively sure that I’ve never beaten sub Eight second as I’m no shift expert.


With or without mirror ?


Current US Laws require mirrors, so unless there is some trick to taking them off and having a camera built into the mounting– I don’t see how they can sell Model X without mirrors. *shrugs*


What does the law say about size, shape and placement?

They can get “creative”.


I don’t know why people keep on making statements such as “the law says…” or in this case, “Current US law requires….” Motor Vehicle laws are state laws. If a state wanted to require people to go on red and stop on green, it might be a problem because of federal highways, but when it comes to mirrors, each state would have to amend its laws to allow for cameras if it doesn’t allow for them currently.

Every state I’ve been licensed to drive in has required a side view mirror on the driver’s side. I doubt any require one on the passenger’s side, except perhaps if they specify year of manufacture.


With the Model S offered in 4 variants (S60, S85, S85D, P85D) there is no reason they wouldn’t keep the X60D on the table. It still provides less variants for the Model X than S. I do not see the 60kwh battery for the Model S disappearing until we see the Model 3 and there is a new lower cost alternative. They will continue to offer the 60kwh battery so they can still say “starts at $70k”. If they are making the battery for MS there is no reason to kill it for MX.


What about pricing?

Still equivalent Model S + 10%?

Rob Stark

A poster on TMC posted a CAD image of the production X with some specs that was later taken down at Tesla’s request saying it was proprietary information.

According to that the next iteration of the battery will still be 60 kWh and 85 kWh but with a new chemistry that makes it 20% lighter.

No nosecone.

A roof rack solution.

IMO maybe standard Aero wheels to improve range a bit.


The x doors take the utility out of the SUV by eliminating the possiblity of a roof rack. So who wants an utility vehicle that can’t carry, skies, snowboards, surfboards, bikes, kayaks….etc.?

Rob Stark

1)No they don’t. Tesla will offer a roof rack.

2)Tesla has 23k plus reservations for Model X.

3)95% plus of SUV/CUV owners don’t carry skies, snowboards, surfboards, bikes, or kayaks on their vehicle. They use it commute to work and drop off kids at local activities.

Both my sisters have owned SUVs for over 20 years and have never once carried skies,snowboards,surfboards,bikes or kayaks on their vehicle.


Little wolf, your sister should get out more with their SUVs. May be they are too busy running for their lives in westeros.

If you have a link to the Tesla Model X with a roof rack, I would love to see it.

leaf owner

Looking forward to the next few years… Leaf lease is up in Dec ’16…..can’t wait to see all of the options I will have then.

Murrysville EV

My Leaf lease is up in September ’15, and I’m getting antsy.

The M-3 is very far out, as is the Bolt. The Volt 2.0 is too tiny inside. Nissan has shown almost nothing for Leaf 2.0, and getting another Leaf 1.0 isn’t an option.

I don’t live in compliance car land, and I’m not interested in another iffy 72-mile range EV. Into its 3rd winter now, under the worst conditions my Leaf is down to about 26 miles of range if charged to 80%, but it lies and says twice that.

Mark Z

Tesla Motors has been taking reservations for Model X since February 9, 2012, almost 3 years ago.

I wrote about it here:

The vehicle shown at CES is the second generation work in progress that has been on display for the last year.

Tesla Motors will have their final X design in the future that will be an improvement on everything revealed so far.

Mark Z

One more thing…

It was June 20. 2013 that the same Model X shown at CES was on display to those attending the Battery Swap Event. Photo link below:


Excellent. Let people get 60 kwh. That is more than enough for soccer mom. If they want 85 kwh then they can always upgrade to the bigger battery later.


I have been driving a new Nissam Leaf (2013) model since August 2013 (18months). Struggling regularly with range – especially in sub-zero temperatures I am eagerly awaiting nextgen ($30.000) 200mile (300km) EV’s. Everyone is buzzing about Tesla 3 and GM Bolt/Volt/Smolt.
I believe Nissan with it’s head start and large scale production will beat them both and continue to be the most sold EV-vehicle on the planet.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Nissan delivers next gen by 1q 2016, while GM and Tesla doesn’t deliver before Jan 2017 – at earliest….