Confirmed: Mitsubishi Outlander Sport PHEV To Launch By Early 2017


Mitsubishi Pajero Sport VGT

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport VGT

9 months ago, a rumor surfaced that indicated Mitsubishi was readying a Outlander Sport plug-in hybrid.

Now, that rumor has been confirmed by Mitsubishi CEO Osamu Masuko who states that an Outlander Sport PHEV will be launched in 2017.

Per Automotive News:

“Battery capacity should increase to 60,000 units next year, up from 50,000 this year and 30,000 last, Masuko said. But battery supply could get tight again in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017, when Mitsubishi introduces a plug-in hybrid version of the next-generation Outlander Sport, he said.”

So, that’s official confirmation from the automaker that an Outlander Sport PHEV is coming before March 31, 2017.

Will it be sold in the U.S.?  Absolutely.

Some confuse the Outlander and Outlander Sport by thinking the later is simply a sporty version of the original Outlander.  That’s not the case at all though.  The Outlander Sport is significantly smaller (5 seats) than the seven-passenger Outlander.  They are, in actuality, two entirely different vehicles.

Moving on…

Mitsubishi’s CEO further confirmed that more plug-ins are coming:

Mitsubishi previewed the next-generation Montero with its GC-PHEV concept shown at the 2013 Tokyo auto show. Mitsubishi plans to launch gasoline and plug-in versions of the next Montero sometime after April 1, 2016.

“We are putting our emphasis on SUVs in the United States,” Masuko said. “So we have to think about introducing the next-generation Pajero to the United States. There’s going to be a PHEV version. And we would like to introduce it.”

Our take?  Mitsubishi will launch a PHEV version of basically everything in its lineup in the coming years and it’ll try its hardest to make all of those plug-in versions available in the U.S.  Let’s just hope that it can work out its battery shortage issues.

Source: Automotive News

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Instead of teasing us with more model annoucement, how about just bring some of those PHEV SUVs here NOW?

Mitsubishi is going to wait until all other automaker offer SUV/Crossover PHEV and then offer their version so it can be killed by competition…


Outlander PHEV Please



Seriously . . . they blew it. Strike while the iron is hot. By the time this launches, they’ll be lost in the pack.

See Through

Right now, they are sucking up the UK incentives. Their US incentives will always wait for them. If they come in 2018, all other car makers might have run out of the $7500 tax credit for first 200K cars, but Mitsubishi buyers will still get that. Wouldn’t that be nice for Mitsubishi?


The rest of the world call this Outlander Sport the ASX, only in the USA is it called the Outlander Sport. The Outlander PHEV was designed for the world market not one state in the USA, so sorry but it looks like California stuffed it up for the rest of the States.


Seems like new cars move to market at glacially slow speeds

I really think mitsubishi needs to move it along before they miss a golden opportunity

Rob Stark

The demand for the Outlander PHEV from Europe and Japan was much greater than expected and they make larger margins there, so US is the last to get it.

Plus the current Outlander PHEV does not meet all the current regulations in CA so they just decided to delay to the next model redesign before introducing it here.

After so many years of declining sales I can understand why Mitsubishi is gun shy.

My local Mitsubishi dealer turned into a brand spanking new Subaru dealership. Now, the nearest Mitsubishi dealer is an hour away.


The Outlander PHEV is uniquely made NOT for California. I have said this before but I’ll say it again: it was and is a collossally bad decision to not release the Outlander PHEV here.

There is zero competition here for the Outlander PHEV. It ticks every box for many American consumers. The American market is extremely important and Mitsubishi is a dying brand. This could have differentiated them from the pack.

Instead by the time it gets here the Model X, Audi etron, Porsche Cayenne will all be here fighting for market share. (All are AWD)



Well it is coming, coincident with the model revision which makes quite a bit of sense no matter how many times you stop your feet.

And to suggest this mid market vehicle competes with the 3 high end vehicles you mention just makes you look silly.

The paucity of offerings in the EV world makes these products competitors despite their massive price differences. I myself am cross shopping the Volt, the Outlander, Audi etron, and the X. (Although the x is falling off my list) I would never ever consider a Mitsubishi or a chevy outside of the EV world. But i have no choice due to the lack of offerings. There are many people like me, willing to shop down market to get what we want. AWD. Also the etron and Outlander will be comparably priced and have similar specs except suv vs wagon. Many people just want or need something soon. Some have ending leases, some like me have old cars. I’m waiting impatiently. I was waiting for the Outlander but now I’ll probably get the first AWD that arrives to MN. And if these OEMs keep dicking around I’ll sacrifice my goals and lease a Volt. But you see these odd comparisons everywhere in the EV space such as the i3 against the Tesla or the i3 against the Leaf and Volt You also saw it with the prius which stole a lot of business from the luxury brands, and was driven to… Read more »

I won’t hold my breath! I’ll believe it when I see it offered here in the US and on the showroom floors of their dealerships.


2017? Crazy fools. They are giving away their first-mover advantage. The Model X, BMW SUV PHEV, and Mercedes SUV PHEV may be out by then.


Agree with other comments. Mitsubishi PHEV should be here now or ASAP. 2017 will be too late.

See Through

No one is going to buy these now when gas is at $2.xy a gallon.


Smart people will buy these now with gas at $2.XY per gallon. Dumb people will buy gas guzzlers now and will be crying when gas goes back to $4/gallon.

Rick Danger

Where do they get their batteries from, Joe’s on the corner?

And people wonder why Elon Musk wants to build a gigafactory.


As much as I hate compliance cars they would have been better off even if they just brought some PHEV into the us and sold them in ca and other carb states

And what is this wacky story about battery degradation software and display system needed for California?

Tell me what PHEV currently has such a system ?


Maybe by then there will finally be a plug-in Volt based CUV….


If GM has a brain that is. My theory is that everyone has been dragging their feet on a SUV/CUV PHEV because they’ll lose out on profitable gas versions. But once a first mover puts a vehicle out there, everyone will have to get their own out to compete.

The PHEV model really is really great for saving gasoline and not losing current functionality. With a 30 to 50 mile electric range. People will end up driving 50 to 95% of the miles on electricity.

Lindsay Patten

The North American launch of the regular Outlander PHEV is still scheduled for end of 2015. Keep your fingers crossed.


Mitsu needs to take the lead and offer pure electric across their range. Then they would have the volume needed to buy parts in large amounts.

They really need to make their Eclipse an electric supercar.

I foresee gasoline cars to get increasingly more expensive and more complex. As a result of trying to meet both fuel mileage and emission targets.

Electric cars can only get cheaper. When they start buying motors in volume. The packs will get simplier. Right now the insides remind me of how VCR’s looked in the 1980’s.


I think the current Outlander PHEV very good because I’m curious how the sport variant will be.


Hello guys.
Im from Sweden and driving a PHEV since April this year.
Got to tell you that is nice to have a “dreamcar” that not exist in the US yet. We had suffered so many years because you guys could get the fanciest car and we was stuck with Volvo and Saab and couldn´t buy a Challenger from our local dealer 😉

But hang out there. It will come to you soon.