Confirmed: Electric Smart ForFour to Launch in 2015


Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Will be Joined by the ForFour Electric Drive at a Later Date

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Will be Joined by the ForFour Electric Drive at a Later Date

Daimler confirmed that it will offer electrified versions of both the next-generation Smart ForTwo and ForFour.

Last-Generation Smart FourFor

Last-Generation Smart ForFour

The next-gen ForTwo is expected to be unveiled sometime in 2013 and could head to production by early 2014.  We’d expect the electric version to launch a few months after the gas and diesel variants enter production.  But since the current 2013 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive is already a production vehicle, following it with a next-gen electric Fortwo was no surprise to us.

The real news here is that Daimler confirmed that the upcoming ForFour, which is expected to by unveiled in 2014 as a Model Year 2015 vehicle, will get the electric treatment, too.

The automaker says the introduction of an electric ForFour is but one part in its grand initiative to offer the  “most extensive portfolio of electric vehicles in the industry.”

Again, we expect the conventionally-powered versions of the ForFour to come first, so perhaps the Electric Drive ForFour will arrive  sometime in late 2015.

Few details are known on the electric ForFour, other than the fact that it’s co-developed with Renault and will be rear-wheel-drive.  Power output is expected to be around 90 hp, but that’s just an educated guess at this point in time.  Production of the electric ForFour will take place in Slovenia alongside the similar, upcoming Renault Twingo, which shares its platform with the ForFour.

Just in case you were wondering, the next-gen Renault Twingo will almost certainly be offered in an electric version, too.

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FYI – The title of the article says FourFor, instead of ForFour.

Actually, i just noticed you jump back & forth throughout the article.

We do that to keep you guys on your toes!! Fixing now…Thanks

There start to be an overdose of micro cars, while in the same time there is a lack of sedan cars. There is the Tesla of course but that is high price and the Volt doesn’t have a full back seat. The coming fusion will be too short on EV mode and the Coda is stuck in the starting blocks.
It is really time for a sedan with 75 EV miles equipped with a micro generator as a range extender. This is at present the best value for money, if of course someone put it on the market. BMW will put the BMW i3, which is nice but not a sedan, while already rather a higher price brand, so we really still wait for a more standard brand sedan to come at last.

We’ve had a fatal overdose of too big cars for decades now. Finally sensible cars are back!

Well, I don’t mean trucks or SUV’s, just regular sedan sized vehicles.

I agree with Warren, our vehicles have been too big. Even our current sedans are bigger than they need to be. Small is Beautiful.