Configure Your “Unofficial” Tesla Model 3 Here


Tesla Motors Club Forum member Bayol has created this unofficial Model 3 configurator website.

The site allows you to customize colors and wheel choices for now, but more features/selections should be added in the near future.

The “interior” section is incomplete (see below).

Model 3 Interior Is Still A Work In Progress

Model 3 Interior Is Still A Work In Progress

Additionally, a video of the configurator popper up over the weekend. The video captures the Model 3 choices from the “design studio.”

Video description:

“In the future there will be more photos/angles that you can play with. There’s no interior section yet, but will be added soon”

“This site was encouraged by fans and created by an eager Model 3 reservation holder. It is intended to be fun. This site is in no way affiliated with Tesla Motors. All photos depict fan made mockups of prototype vehicles.”

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9 Comments on "Configure Your “Unofficial” Tesla Model 3 Here"

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AWESOME! for those of us with waiting anxiety 🙂

A clever way to crowd source the website creator’s future Model 3.

Looks SWEET in Titanium with silver wheels…

Need a hot Orange, though. 🙂

needs more C..

I wonder if he would also conjecture about tech specs and options and prices, knowing that a ‘loaded’ model will be ‘a bit over 50 K’, I believe.

Not sure what the point of that intentionally depressing exercise would be, since Elon’s already mentioned, “Selling price w avg option mix prob $42k…”

I expect picking every option will push the Model 3 over $75k. We’ll find out next year.

No way.

You need to calm down.