Comprehensive List Shows How Tesla’s OTA Updates Continue To Improve Vehicles

MAR 22 2017 BY MARK KANE 6

If you ever wondered, how often Tesla’s over-the-air (OTA) updates brings improvement to its vehicles, here we have interesting list of all the updates since 2012.

Over The Air Updates – Way Of The Future?

So far there have been a dozen or so updates, with more than 80 features added or modified.

For Tesla owners, OTA not only makes their EVs better, but sometimes safer or easier to use.

The ability to accept over-the-air updates makes the overall customer experience more pleasant, as there are no requirement to visit service centers to gain the advantage of new software…something that causes savings on both sides – for the customer and Tesla.

Another big advantage of OTA is an increase in the residual value of the cars, that still can count on the support. We should note that not all the new features are available with each update, if an older car isn’t equipped with the proper/newer hardware of course.

Hopefully, other carmakers soon will also will start to impliment OTA in their EVs; which to some degree may not be very well received by their dealer infrastructure.

Tesla Added Features From Software Updates (see full list here via Reddit User AC1K)

DateSW Update VersionFeature Description
Added projected and rated range
Added Entry / Exit feature – Displays on and Media auto play for entry and decrease volume upon exit
Added Driver profiles (up to 10 can be saved)
Added Creep mode (emulate automatic transmission idle forward)
Added Traffic lines in map
Added higher volume granularity
Added Lock and Unlock touch screen buttons separated for ease of use
Added Mobile App Remote Access
11/30/20121.15.14Added cancel button to nav
Added Vehicle sleep mode (reduced vampire drain)
Added App launcher
Added voice commands
Added auto present door handles
Added vehicle alarm
Added ability to switch between metric and imperial units
Added range mode
Added USB sorting for media
Added ability to call phone numbers from map screen
Added fan speed and sunroof controls to steering wheel controls
Added location aware homelink
3/13/20131.19.35Added scheduled charging mode
Added supercharger locations to maps
Added visited chargers to maps
Added battery charge limit slider (Standard and Max Range)
Added contact sorting options
Added new defrost mode
Added battery support (will draw power from wall instead of battery for HVAC)
Added battery ability to heat from utility instead of itself
Added wifi
Added tow mode
Added screen cleaning mode
Added radio presets to steering wheel controls
Added tracking modes in map (north up or vehicle up)
Added Current anomaly detection (auto reduce charging amp by 25% if problem is detected)
Added wiper service mode
Added TPMS reset option
Added RDIO
Added hill assist
Added smart air suspension options (auto lower for highway speeds)
Added home and work locations
Added asian font support for media player
Added FOB reprogram/swap ability
Added slacker radio reset ability
Added traffic aware navigation
Added Calendar
Added more power management options
Added location based air suspension settings
Added custom car name
Added international OSK (onscreen keyboard)
Added trip energy prediction
Added TACC to AP1 cars
Added auto high beam to AP1 cars
Added forward collision warning to AP1 cars
Added energy option for battery display
Added smart preconditioning (auto warm your car based on habits)
Added reverse lines in backup cam (FINALLY!!!)
Added parkview assist
Added shuffle and repeat to media player (FINALLY!!!)
Added factory reset option
Added trip planner with routing via Superchargers
Added range assurance
Added valet mode
Added Blind spot warning
Added AEB (auto emergency braking)
Added pin dropping to navigation map
Added Launch mode
Added Clock widget
Added RWD Torque sleep
Added perpendicular autopark
Added Homelink Auto open/close
Added auto brightness to display
Added Supercharger availability
Added spotify music service
Added Summon to ap1 cars
Added supercharger amenities
Added automatic driver profiles based on key fobs
Added 2 car visibility to cars with AP
Added ability to name trip meter
Added swipe abilities in navigation
Added cabin overheat protection (cools the cabin if past 40C)
Added homelink audio tone


List of Features Added by Software from teslamotors

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another nail in NADAs coffin

Tesla owners cheer this list of improvements, but I bet dealers are horrified by the idea of O.T.A. improvements, that don’t require visiting them at $150 and hour. (There could be giant internal fights about including O.T.A going on now, that are invisible to the public). Some people on seekingalpha claim its easy for Detroit to add O.T.A. to their cars. So I ask, why haven’t any of them done it already? What is their problem? All I get is a vacant stare and lame excuses. Its the same response, when I ask, why is Tesla the only one to build a Supercharger network? If its so easy for big guys like Ford or GM to build charging networks with pocket money, why have NONE of them done it? Why did GM spend 15 billion on stock buybacks over the years (says a recent Forbes article) but not 1 billion on a Supercharger network? I conclude the ICE giants really don’t like electric cars. Its like making a child take bitter medicine. They are being dragged kicking and screaming by Tesla into the 21st century. The auto giants weren’t always like this. Visionary founders like Henry Ford are long gone,… Read more »

A reasoned assessment.

Yep, couldn’t agree more.

Another example of how Tesla is seriously disrupting what had been a very slow to innovate industry.

Some of the so called improvement that comes with the OTA is great. But some of those features should have been there from day1!

Here is one year worth of my updates. The only one I didn’t appreciate was when they changed AutoPilot to be the exact speedlimit on non-major-highways … then they changed it back to be +5 as it was when I bought the car. Makes a different if you travel rural roads in the midwest!!!
Version Build Date
7.1 2.12.126 02-March-2016
7.1 2.13.77 04-March-2016
7.1 2.13.120 09-March-2016
7.1 2.14.66 21-March-2016
7.1 2.15.16 28-March-2016
7.1 2.16.17 13-April-2016
7.1 2.17.95 02-May-2016
7.1 2.20.45 05-June-2016
7.1 2.24.86 22-June-2016
7.1 2.24.102 14-July-2016
7.1 2.26.150 15-July-2016
7.1 2.28.60 27-July-2016
7.1 2.30.61 15-August-2016
7.1 2.32.100 24-August-2016
7.1 2.34.100 31-August-2016
7.1 2.36.31 18-September-2016
8.0 2.40.21 08-October-2016
8.0 2.44.121 11-November-2016
8.0 2.48.16 13-December-2016
8.0 2.48.82 14-December-2016
8.0 2.50.114 22-December-2016
8.0 2.52.20 10-January-2017
8.0 2.52.22 14-January-2017
8.0 17.6.15 14-February-2017