Complete Video Of Record-Setting Tesla Model S Run At Pike Peaks


Model S At Pikes Peak

Model S At Pikes Peak

Just days ago, Blake Fuller piloted a near-stock Tesla Model S P90D up the 2016 Pike Peak Hill Climb to a world record for a “Production Electric Car.”

With a time of  11 minutes and 48.264 seconds, the Model S placed 64th overall, but manage to slash the record time down by over 1 minute in the “Production Electric Car” class.

Fuller’s Model S had some 800 pounds of weight removed and was fitted with a mandatory roll cage. Other than that, the vehicle remained mostly stock.

Video description:

***The sound you’re hearing is a mandatory siren. Because the Tesla essentially makes little to no noise when driving, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Organizers mandate that a 120 decibel siren be on the car during the race to warn people and animals ahead. For next time, we’re looking to engineer a more pleasant way to accomplish the same goal.***

This video was taken from Blake Fuller’s world record run at the 100th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb event. Making a time of 11:48, he beat the previous record by over a minute. The previous record for the Production Electric Vehicle class was 12:55.

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What an annoying UFO sound. Have to turn down the volume.

Why no mention of the previous record holder? The previous fastest production electric vehicle up the mountain was a Honda Fit EV. It was only a matter of time before someone beat it in a Tesla, Spark, E Golf, Fiat etc. Beating it by a whole minute is impressive though. And “near stock” doesn’t describe a vehicle that is 800 pounds lighter, has a roll cage, and had the batteries chilled before the race. “Near Stock” would be a stock vehicle with stickier tires and only whatever mods Pikes Peak requires to compete. Impressive race no doubt, but lets not oversell it. Everyone on here already loves the Tesla myself included.

In this reference, I think “near stock” is referring primarily to the powertrain.

Eduardo Pelegri-LLopart

Rhys Millen’s run:

His is the 2nd fastest this year on an e0 P100, sub 9 minutes (8:57:118). Check out the comments at The biggest challenge was the tires; they were supposed to start around 9 but the motorcycles delayed their start and they didn’t run until noon. The road was too hot and that made the tires too soft. Considering that, it was a great run. They were off the winner by only 6 seconds.

Looking forward to 2017