Complete Conference Call From Tesla’s Self-Driving Model S, 3, X Announcement – Video


Tesla product unveiling scheduled for 5PM (California time)

Tesla product unveiling scheduled for 5PM (California time) followed by media conference call

Following Tesla’s announcement yesterday that all Tesla vehicles in production (including Model 3 in the near future) are equipped with full self-driving hardware, Tesla held its usual conference call where Musk explained and few things and fielded questions from the media.

Video description:

“Tesla announces Autopilot 2.0 hardware on all cars starting today, including Model 3. Allows for full level 5 autonomy when software is ready and pushed out to the fleet over time. They expect to demonstrate full autonomous driving from LA to NY by late next year (just in time for Model 3 deliveries to begin). We live in an amazing world.”

The conference call (via Youtube/Model3Owners Club), in its entirety, including Elon Musk’s opening statements followed by the promised 30 minutes of Q&A, is posted below.

However, Tesla is not uaully all that keen on having its media conference Q&A’s taped, so you might want to catch it quickly.

Update (October 20th, 2016  1:45PM):  Indeed the audio has now gone AWOL/been removed at Tesla’s request

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When do we find out more about these “automatic charge connection enabled” Superchargers?

Am I the only person who has less than zero interest in autonomous driving? As a bicyclist, I would love it if they could keep car drivers from killing me. But somehow I suspect this will be more about protecting the Tesla driver. 🙁

It will be both. And you can still drive manually if you’d like. The car has safety features that will attempt to avoid an accident if if you’re not in autopilot mode.

Elon is now saying that a Tesla will be able to drive coast to coast with no one at the wheel, by 2017. That is the only way I would consider a coast to coast drive, if I could take a train, and the car would meet me at the other end.

the video is gone! Any other link?

Hey “F”,

Nope, that is it. As alluded to in the story it was a ‘limited time offering‘, lol.

Just as a sidenote: Tesla actually thought we might have the originators of the audio and gave us a take-down request before the audio went offline awhile later, as the company was “not allowing recording of our press call” .

I listened to it, and don’t recall anything surprising. They basically just asked more about the details we already know. One person asked if the technology would be shared with other automakers. Elon responded that it was really not set up for “kitting”, so basically no. Another person asked if Tesla would assume full liability for crashes due to fully autonomous cars (like another automaker is). Elon said no and used elevator manufacturers as an analogy. He followed that up with, if there was something wrong with their technology, they would be liable, but then quickly pointed out that the media has this all wrong. That they focus on the few Autopilot incidents while ignoring the million+ manual accidents/deaths.


“This video is private” 🙁

Until it can drive in the fog with a torrential downpour at night, I wouldn’t consider it fully autonomous.

When it comes to things like cars, it needs to pass the test in the worst possible conditions… not the best possible conditions.

Reason I say that is because as soon as tesla says it’s fully level 5 autonomous, people are going to try it in the situation I stated above and probably die in the process.

That reminds me of another question someone asked about inclement weather. Elon said all of the cameras will have heaters (as the current vehicles do) to prevent condensation. They are also placed in locations to prevent issues.

In time it will better than any diver in any condition. The radar can already see clearly better than us thru fog and rain.

What about Predator vision?