Complete Coach Works Converts Ready-To-Be-Scrapped Buses Over To Electric

DEC 22 2014 BY MARK KANE 10

A company called Complete Coach Works has been rebuilding used buses in Riverside, California for more than 29 years and a few of those conversions are diesel buses to EVs.  This year, the company won a $12.2 million contract from the Indianapolis Transportation Agency to turn 21 worn-out diesel buses into clean electric vehicles.

The average cost to rescue the bus from the scrap yard and convert it to electric would be some $580,000.

Dale Carson, president of Complete Coach Works stated:

“Next year, it will be the largest fleet in the Unites States of electric buses running around in the country.”

According to reports, the range of rebuilt buses will be 130 miles on a five hour charge.

“But before the car can become a zero-emission vehicle, everything from the engine, to the tires, to the metal flooring must go. Once the bus is gutted, it will take two months to transform the diesel burning engine bus into an all-electric zero-emission propulsion system vehicle.”


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David Murray

I wonder if Leno has a commercial driver’s license?
I suspect the future of buses will be driverless operation (along with being electric)


Lenno, “I’ve got a Chevy Volt and I’ve got about 23,000 miles on it. And I’ve used maybe 16-18 gallons of gas. So it’s pretty amazing.”

Jay is doing better than me. I’ve also got about 23,000 miles on my Volt, but I’m around 50 gallons of gas.


Leno has a pretty short commute and he has chargers at both work & home.

Imagine if everyone did that. Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and others would be screwed permanently.


What kind of DCFC plug was that? 480V 100A


Sure looked like CHAdeMO, didn’t it? The CHAdeMO plug was originally designed to handle up to 500V and 125A.


It looked like SAE J1772 or Mennekes, but the pins were wrong for both.


Ironically, NYC, Toronto, and Ottawa are doing the opposite and converting their diesel hybrid buses to diesel-only buses, because “The electric-traction motors are burning out” and “They’re so expensive to replace that it’ll be cheaper to stick a diesel engine in there.” The new diesel-only engines will also be cleaner (less polluting) than the older diesel-hybrid they are replacing. The lithium-ion batteries also needed to be replaced more often than anticipated in colder climates.


Only on the longer routes where there’s less stop & go. Battery-hybrids are still better in those city routes.


Bad contracts with the wrong companies. We had the same problems in Quebec City when previous oily Premier John-Jams Charest bought busses fron Italy instead of our expertise with cold climat.
Now we have these for schools

Bill Howland

IF the traction motors are burning out they should hire someone who has used a Permanent Magnet motor before, or at least contract with a company such as Marathon Electric who knows a few things about low speed ac motors.

THey didn’t specify, but if you don’t watch it you can permanently ‘demagnetize’ the permanent magnet. I’d love to hear a legitimate reason why this is happening. Such as they only hire enginneering clowns. But its the Inspector Clouseau principle:

“Give me 7 men like him and I could destroy the world!”.