Complete Audio From Tesla’s Q3 Conference Call – Video


On Tuesday, Tesla Motors reported its Q3 earnings. Highlights include:

  • Tesla came up a touch light on earnings, netting a loss of 58 cents per share ($1.78 GAAP), while revenue was mostly in line at $1.24 billion ($937 million GAAP).
  • Expectations for the company to lower 2015 full year guidance was not realized, with the company still saying it will sell at least 50,000 EVs this year, and north of 17,000 in Q4; which seems to be buoying the shares much higher after hours.
  • Automotive gross margin for Q3 were 23.7%, while additional ZEV revenue was $39 million. Total gross margin was reported at 25.1% non-GAAP (24.7% on GAAP).

Following the release of the report, Tesla hosted a conference call, of which we now have complete audio of courtesy of YouTuber Every Elon Musk Video.

Here’s the video description:

“Elon Musk participates in Tesla Earnings Call Q&A in the first quarter including the launch of Model X and the release of the autopilot feature. Both topic takes center stage.”

It’s a long video (audio only) at over 1 hour, but if you’re the type of person who just has to hear for yourself what was said on the call, then this video is must watch listen to.

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What amazes me is that all bear auto expert don’t write about Tesla leapfrogging all the other established automakers in auto pilot. It was clearly confirmed during Mobileye´s earning call that Tesla is already a leader in autopilot and that they are moving in fastest speed and plus what makes Tesla autopilot special – machine learning, is Tesla´s product.
I think this is a clear proof, that in the era where software will be more and more important in auto industry, Tesla has a clear advantage and is able in just less than 2 years with total team of 150 people take over all established companies in something that they are working on for more than 10 years.
That is why I think it is not important if Tesla will deliver 45 or 50k cars this year. Their technology advantage over established auto makers is already clear and will grow over time and that is why Tesla will suceed and suceed in a big way

Yes, those who were saying — and they were not all Tesla bashers, either — that Tesla was playing catch-up on driver assist features, and was just hyping tech which was inferior to what other auto makers were already offering…

Suddenly they’ve fallen silent, with the release of Autopilot (Beta). This was a very bold move on Tesla’s part, and initially I thought it was an overreach, with reports of near-accidents when Autopilot was reported to malfunction or performed in an unexpected manner.

But so far as I know, there hasn’t been a single report of an actual accident by a car controlled by Autopilot (Beta), so it appears Tesla did the right thing in releasing it when they did. It has probably already saved lives.

Correction: I wrote “Autopilot (Beta)”. That should be “Autosteer (Beta)”, which is just one function in the Autopilot suite.

They were playing catch-up and had inferior capabilities compared to other car makers before releasing this first step of the auto-pilot.
And for a very long time they were very far behind in the simplest of safety assist features.

Now they have caught up in the auto-steer department on cars actually driving on our streets in the hands of normal customers. Not only that, what they delivered has shown to be much better than what is available from other manufacturers.
So it’s exactly how it should be, they get the credit they deserve after they have delivered and therefor critics are quiet since they have removed the reason for criticism.

Being honest about what they are doing neither makes someone a fanboy or a basher. Unfortunately there are too many of those kinds and too few realists.

My point is that Tesla defeated big guys at their game. You can argue that to be best in EV is not that big deal because others were not really trying. But to be best in autosteering, something others with huge budgets and many years of development are trying really hard, tells the real story. Does not matter what fanboys or haters say. To me this is clear proof that Tesla even with its super small budget is better in car technology than big guys and it will not change a ytime soon.

That is true. My speculation is that they are a bit afraid of promoting the auto-steer and auto-pilot too much now that it’s fresh on the road.

I think they will wait to do that until they see that there are no (unwarrented) accidents. The fall would be so much worse if they would need to remove or limit the auto-pilot even more.

And as usual the owners (and other Tesla fans/supporters) can do the promotion anyway by videos and talking about it. 🙂

Ooh audio. Tell it like it is.
‘Said the straight man to the late man…Where have been? I’ve been here and, I’ve been there and, I’ve been in between’.

Yes, I sense that the haters are in disarray. Big thanks again to Jay and his team for starting to moderate these Tesla threads to keep the FUDsters/manipulators at bay!