Comparison Test: Tesla Model S P85D Versus Audi RS7 Versus Alpina XD3 – Video


In possibly the strangest of comparison tests, Auto Express pits an electric luxury sedan up against a twin-turbocharged V8 luxury hatchback up against a high-performance diesel SUV.

The only two things each of these three cars have in common is the fact that they’re all-wheel drive and ludicrously fast. The Tesla Model S P85D vs the Audi RS7 vs the Alpina XD3. What a test. Steve Sutcliffe of Auto Express, a man not unfamiliar with extremely fast cars, takes each of these three ridiculously fast machines on the track to see how fast they all are.

*Editor’s Note: Full write-up of the three cars used in this comparison test can be found on BMWBLOG here.

It’s a really interesting bunch of cars to face each other on a track. So check the video out below:

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8 responses to "Comparison Test: Tesla Model S P85D Versus Audi RS7 Versus Alpina XD3 – Video"
  1. Nix says:

    53.0 seconds for the Audi (fastest of the 3) vs. 53.7 for the P85D Insane.

    The P90D Ludicrous would cut .3 seconds off of the P85D time in the first 0-60 alone. So before even considering the other 50 seconds of the race, the P90D Ludicrous would have already cut the gap in nearly half.

    1. Ken says:

      Time to speed is not the same as time to cover a distance.

      1. mr. m says:

        if you assume constant acceleration, you get to 60 mph within:

        P85D: 0.46m
        P90D: 0.63m

        if you would assume that the P85D stays at 60mph after acceleration, it would need 0.005s more than the P90D to reach the point of 0.63m of the track. The faster acceleration after 60mph up to 120mph will have a higher influence in the track time.

        Look at this times, you get the idea:

        Audi RS7: 3.5s (0-100kph) || 12.0s (0-200kph)
        Tesla P85D: 3.7s (0-100kph) || 17.7s (0-200kph)
        Source: “Auto Zeitung, Heft 10/22.4.2015”

        btw, does anybody know the 0-200 kph time of the P90D? Tesla Website states for the P90D “Time to 155 mph is improved even more, resulting in a 20% reduction”. This would mean 0-200kph is now 14.2s or better. This is more than 3s faster. This is what changes races.

  2. Bottom Line: He Says: “I Want one!”

    1. ffbj says:

      That is what I got out of it too.

    2. scottf200 says:

      Before that he said it was “10 time funkier than the Audi” … what word did he actually use?

  3. Dave says:

    What an idiot. At 05:23 he says “both pedals pressed.” That is NOT HOW YOU LAUNCH THE TESLA. You just make sure Creep Mode is off (it may already be off) and, with NO pedals pressed, slam the accelerator as hard as you can from a standing start. Pressing the brake just slows you down. The Tesla result suffered due to not driving it properly.

  4. Dave says:

    But… this is the same idiotic group that ballsed up the race versus the Panamera a couple of months ago. They clearly don’t know how to drive the Tesla OR read feedback commentary from their audience.