Compared: 2019 Audi e-tron vs Tesla Model X vs Jaguar I-Pace: Video


While some may continue to say OEMs’ crossovers offer no rival to Tesla, let’s take a close look.

Let’s just start ahead with a feeble attempt to kill the haters. We know full well that there are very few all-electric crossovers on the market. Still, many continue to assert that the Jaguar I-Pace and Audi e-tron are not Tesla Model X rivals, and we agree on many levels. However, these OEM crossovers are finally attempting to offer some healthy competition with the Model X. While they may not compete on available seating capacity or overall volume, they still may rival on other specs. In the end, it all comes down to your needs and priorities.

Whether Tesla fans support it and/or like it or not, there are now a few new entrants when it comes to family-hauling battery-electric options. And, we at InsideEVs continue to assert that fans of EV adoption should work to support and promote these vehicles, despite the fact that they’re not manufactured by Tesla. Otherwise, we continue to have a huge wave of followers that aren’t really true EV advocates, but rather Tesla fans.

Yes, if you need third-row seating, the Audi e-tron and Jaguar I-Pace aren’t the right choice. Let’s remember, however, that while the Tesla Model X was launched with three rows of seats as standard, that is no longer the case. To get extra seating in the current Model X, you must upgrade.

At any rate, we’re incredibly happy to report that a few OEMs are actually moving forward — not as a never ending barrage of press releases, but actually in real life — with EVs. The fact that they’re focusing on the crossover market ups the ante considerably.

Check out this latest video and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via TFL Car on YouTube:

Compared: 2019 Audi e-tron vs Tesla Model X vs Jaguar I-Pace!

Mike tells you everything you need to know about the 2019 Audi e-tron. Plus, we compare the e-tron to its closest competition, the Tesla Model X and the Jaguar I-Pace.

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Well the fly in the ointment is that Tesla owns the premium ev domain. Only they have OTA, a well developed SC network, and the best evs currently on the market. I don’t disrespect other vehicles only speak my mind concerning their short-comings and since Tesla is the gold standard they have to measure up to their products to be considered as an alternative to them.

Now if your specific circumstances relegate you to chose a less capable vehicle, such as the Bolt, or almost any other ev, since they cost less, or you can get one right now, or you just don’t require all the features Tesla offers, then get something else.
Not to say that some of the up and coming vehicles just taken as vehicles will be close to Tesla’s offerings. So if don’t care about SC, OTA. or other aspects of the Tesla domain, then get something else..

Tesla has indeed some features others don’t have. But here in Europe there are quite a few company’s that install and manage fast chargers. CCS chargers are going to be the standart here, even Tesla is going to make that shift with Model 3 when released here. CCS could go far past the 120(?) KWh those Super chargers from Tesla give. Over the air updates are really nice, Volkswagen said they are thinking about doing that. What I find more usable however is the navigation that in real time figures out how much percentage you have left and how far you are from destination. That is for me the selling point for now that Tesla offers.

We will see how “less capable” Audi and VW will be when they release their cars. For us in Europe I would lean towards the Neo I.D. Because it is more suitable for our roads and City centres than a Tesla is. Model 3 is quite okay though.

SC network?

EA has that covered within 12 months (same for IONITY in Europe by 2020):

Not that these go up to 350kW, unlike Tesla which kept talking about SC 3.0 with no installations so farz

Same for OTA updates, most new EVs will have that feature.

How many points can you be wrong about in just a few lines.
In 10 years, maybe. What you say OTA is just a lie.

If we do a smokestack capture of all the energy that ffbj expends trolling on every thread that is about a non-Tesla car, then the climate crisis would immediately be solved.

“Same for OTA updates, most new EVs will have that feature.” Ha Ha – agh yeah…

In terms of efficiency, performance, autopilot. and supercharger network, Tesla is the best on the market. However, I’m sure these will sell well. The clear advantage that VW group has is the ability to charge much faster with their 800V architecture… which isn’t an advantage now, but will be, once there is a robust network of chargers that can deliver those charge rates.

All three SUVs, the Tesla, Jaguar and Audi are equipped with OTA. Both Jaguar and Audi will be able to take advantage of advanced charging networks that are faster and as abundant as the Tesla network. To Audi and Jaguar’s credit, their vehicles reliability and the low warranty costs associated with their vehicles are what counts when one is looking for a trouble-free BEV.

In the fast changing BEV landscape, Tesla is the poster child for when being first with capital intensive features, puts you at a disadvantage when competitors simply come up with something better, faster and cheaper.

“Ha Ha – agh yeah.”

Why do you keep denying facts?

Both the 150-350kW CCS charging networks and the OTA updates are a reality for most of Tesla’s current or upcoming rivals.

As I have written/predicted in the past, 2020 will be the year when all of all Tesla’s supposed advantages will be gone…

You will see it within 24 months:

Charging networks, OTA updates, battery cell supply, new mass-market EV models in all price classes and form factors (both from new entrants and established large car makers).

You have been wrong so many times in the past. You are wrong yet again.

With OTA and being always connected, you loose control over your car and privacy long term. You will get updates that you dont like. It will end up like our smartphones, data sold to everyone, useless junk that you cant delete, commercials everywhere. Thats the direction every connected product took. I like to buy a working product, that does not need to be connected to the internet.

If we were looking at only paper specs, German cars would sell close to zero, because they are normally a good bit more expensive.
Cars are much more than just raw specs and as we know German cars are normally sold at a premium and people don’t mind paying it.

EVs have historical problems regarding range, so some specs scream “look at me”, but we should start to look behind that, mainly Tesla fans and Tesla itself or they will be asking in a decade “what happened to us, why aren’t we selling half of the world cars?”

I don’t know where you are from, but in Germany, more than 50% of new cars are sold to companies. For years theses companies have negotiated huge discounts and buy Daimler/VW/BMW cars at a lower price, than they could get it from non-german carmakers.

I stopped watching as soon as this guy said e-tron tops the I-Pace and Model X in range because of 248 miles using WLTP. Didn’t even bother to differentiate between WLTP and EPA tests.

Yeah, that’s really idiotic.

You missed out on an otherwise really good video. They also acknowledged their mistake.

An interesting point is to compare the charge graphs. Here it is for the e-tron, S 100D and the I-Pace:

Does someone have it for the X 70D?

Audi e-tron achieves 155 kW fast-charge rate with impressive full cycle. Yes, 155 kW!!!

What matters most is how many miles more in 15-30min.
Efficiency matters.

Why not compare the Audi e-tron to the comparable Audi fossil SUV? Why are not EVs compared to fossils as a normal course, as cars? Most people who buy EVs drive fossils, and consider EVs as an alternative to fossils.

Tesla clearly wins on efficiency and innovation. They’re driving the market toward electrification, which is the company’s stated goal anyway. What I look forward to, however, is Tesla getting some real competition that pushes them forward on things like interior utility, design and reliability. Things should only get better from here on!

Absolutely right! You should not forget that Audi invested years an billions into their interior, noise insulation, etc. Maybe you do not need a lot of experience to build an electric car, but you definitely need a lot of experience for the “small things” in the car industry.

Telsa does not make an X70D – it is an X75D?

Apples to oranges. One of them is a real SUV that can actually leave the pavement (Audi – they tested it off road), the other is a CUV (Jag) that is more like a lifted sports sedan, and last one is a minivan (Tesla) with accompanying minivan looks and proportions.

The Audi’s range with a 95 kwh battery is less than the much bigger Model X with a 75 kwh battery. This is while Model X is still based on the 6 years old and heavy 18650 cells. As Tesla open-sourced all their battery patents it seems like Audi does not want to produce a competitive EV. Or, maybe, they just can’t.

I know this guy didn’t mean to say this but he said “IF you can find a 150 Watt Fast Charger…..”. That shouldn’t be too hard…. I think he must mean 150 kilowatts. Some people just aren’t comfortable around numbers.