Compare An Old Tesla Model S P85 To A New P100D


There have been not a few changes.

Tesla has been selling the Model S since 2012. While many automakers would consider making a major refresh to the model after this much time, the California company’s CEO, Elon Musk, has said (tweet embedded below) that there is “No such thing as a “full refresh” at Tesla or even a model year.” Instead, the company does partial upgrades every month whenever “a new subsystem is ready for production.” This video (above) from the Black Tesla YouTube channel is interesting then, as it investigates some of the detectable changes the full-size sedan has seen since 2014.

An owner of a Model S P85 from 2014 recently upgraded to a 2018 P100D version and lays out all the changes he’s been able to notice. The footage dwells pretty much on the interior and the driving feel. Obviously, there is a difference in exteriors as the car got a new fascia in early 2016, and there are probably a good many changes to the bones beneath the aluminum skin as well. While some elements of the transformation may be subtle, there is a theme our narrator returns to: increased refinement.

Besides the physical changes, the software systems of Tesla vehicles are constantly improved. In a tweet (embedded below), Musk maintains that this is one of the factors that helps “a Tesla retains so much value over time.” Though our host doesn’t dive too deeply into the software changes — there have been a lot in the past four years — it is something to keep in mind as well. Enjoy!

Video description:

Giving my impressions on going from a 2014 P85 to a 2018 P100D. Highlighting features and updates other owners considering upgrading or those looking CPO might want to know.

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Now I want the latest P100D… (even more than before)

Is definitely an advantage over the legacy car makers, get that option now or never.

Tesla uses a TVM (Time Value of Money) approach, on marketing their Software, too: Less to pay if included when ordering the car, more if after delivery!

More after sale but no sales tax on software upgrades after the fact depending on your state (or country’s) law which helps narrow the pricing gap.

Would not buy a used car that does not have a specific model year to it. How can I check if it has known quality issues if I’m unable to look it up in the numerous databases on quality?
And if this OTA upgrading spreads to other manufacturers, I will have to walk. The idea of driving a car that change behavior overnight is scary. How many of you guys who owns a Tesla can in detail explain how your autopilot works in tough situations? Will it/will it not stop to stationary objects? Could it suddenly react differently to pedestrians close to the road in non-urban areas? Will it run over a bicycle crossing the road in a situation where an active driver could have evaded (Uber)? I can’t understand how it is even legal to alter cars that are already type approved.
Working in IT for 20 years have made me risk averse, and I still believe that all systems will eventually fail, it’s only a question of when….