Community College in Michigan to Retrain Laid-Off Automotive Workers in Electric Vehicle Technology and Repair


Sometimes They Break...Who Will Repair Them? Trained EV Technicians, Of Course

Sometimes They Break…Who Will Repair Them? Trained EV Technicians, Of Course

For some time now, Michigan has had an abundance of displaced or laid-off automotive workers.  Some opened craft breweries in the state.  Others opened independent automotive repair shops.  Many are still out of work, but Macomb Community College (located in Macomb County, MI) has a solution for those looking to get back into the automotive field.

Yes...These Break Down Too and No...Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn Chillin' in Half a LEAF Isn't the Man Who Will Fix It

Yes…These Break Down Too and No…Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn Chillin’ in Half a LEAF Isn’t the Man Who Will Fix It

On Tuesday, college officials unveiled a program designed to retrain these workers in electric vehicle technology.

According to the college officials, this field will grow significantly over the next decade.

Joe Petrosky, Dean of Engineering and Advanced Technology at MCC, says “Our objective with this new program … is to get you into a great-paying new job.”

But there’s even better news for some interesting in the electric vehicle program at MCC: Displaced, laid-off and underemployed workers may be eligible for tuition reimbursement through a federal grant.

The program isn’t hugely time intensive, either.  Students will be required to complete 28 credit hours over a one-year period.  Eight “core” classes and one elective is all that’s required.

So, if working on electric vehicles is your sort of thing, then MCC has you covered and the whole program only eats up a year of your life.  Not bad considering you’ll be trained to work on the future of the automobile.

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