Notes On Comment Moderation / Banning From Your Editor-In-Chief


Howdy there fellow readers, fans of the site and anyone else who’s reading this.

With well over 500,000 comments posted on the pages of InsideEVs, it’s time to re-address some issues.

InsideEVs will not tolerate certain actions in comments. If you cross the line, your comment will either be moderated or you’ll receive a lifelong ban from InsideEVs.

This is not a democracy. These pages belong to InsideEVs. Let’s keep the discussion civil and on track.

Here are some general guidelines to adhere to:

  • Constructive criticism is the key
  • We don’t mind being corrected, told of ideas, even told the site could go in a different direction. But, tell us like a civilized human being. You are a real person and so are we.
  • Don’t attack the site, its writers, editors, etc. with insults, threats, personal attacks or any other form of hatred, racism or the like.
  • If you use multiple usernames, IPs, email addresses, and/or pretend to be someone else, you’re gone. For life.
  • We don’t care if you love Tesla or hate them, that’s just fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But, if you post non-stop trolling comments with the intent to cause fights with us or our readers (especially if they’re completely unrelated to the article), it’s obvious that you’re just being a bully. Bullying is not allowed.
  • Strive to make people listen to you rather than to hate you.
  • Again, this is not a democracy. We can eliminate our comments section immediately if we so choose or if you force our hand.
  • We don’t ban users based on our agendas, but rather based on our sanity and the sanity and safety of the site

To put it more bluntly, these are the reasons that we moderate a comment and/or ban a commenter:

  • direct personal insults or attacks, whether aimed at other commenters, authors, or named sources (keywords: moron, idiot, stupid)
  • profanity
  • commentary on general politics that is unrelated to the topic of the article

In closing, we ask that you please choose your words wisely, as you would if you were face to face with either us (the staff) or any other commenter.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this pressing matter at hand.

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Well said and thank you for all your efforts!

Thank you looking forward to reading the comment’s again.

@KUD said: “Thank you looking forward to reading the comment’s again.”

Same here.

Not all but a large majority of the ultra-negative comments have been directed towards Tesla Inc, its fan base, and the INSIDEEVs editorial staff (when it publishes positive Tesla articles).

It’s no secret that Jim Chanos, president and founder of Kynikos Associates (a large short stock hedge fund), along with Chanos’s tight network of associates have collectively taken a multi billion dollar short position against Tesla and its equally no secret that the Jim Chanos lead anti-Tesla Wolfpack has launched a coordinated public campaign to promote fear, uncertainty, and doubt about Tesla.

To be specific, the Jim Chanos anti-Tesla official public position is that Tesla is “worthless” as a company and Tesla is “not a leader” in the EV space. This bombastic public position speaks volume… and it’s no coincidence that many of the ultra-negative comments often posted on this site are intended to reinforce that Chanos ant-Tesla narrative.

I’m glad INSIDEEVs is addressing this topic by reinforcing its comments policy.

Just one add: Jim Chanos has a history of sometimes winning big… he also has a history of sometimes placing massively large money loosing bets as I’m certain his Tesla short position will prove out to be.

OK – I’m fine with improved policies to clean up comments, and I also get that this can get heated with nearly any Tesla discussion, as well as pretty much any discusion around politics (or religion).

With that all said, you really think Jim Chanos (or his minions) are spamming the InsideEVs site? – There are vendictive comments made by both the pro and anti Telsa positions, postulating that Jim Chanos stock positions are the root of some of this seems to be a long leap, at least to me..

People can be mean, especially when their entrenched positions are challenged, not sure we need to go much beyound the anyonmous nature of the comment boards, that and Hanlon’s razor (and perhaps Godwin’s law).

@GuyMan said: “…you really think Jim Chanos (or his minions) are spamming the InsideEVs site?…”


and other online sites.

Also any opportunity they get to in person directly on news tv:

“Jim Chanos: We think Tesla is worth zero”

It’s one thing to say your shorting Tesla because you think the market has over-valued the stock (be that correct or not) it’s another thing shorting Tesla and literally broadcasting to the public that Tesla is worth “zero”…”has no value”. Anyone willing to do that to protect their short position is desperate and has no sense of ethics.

Jim Chanos is a smart guy… but he has proven to be wrong nearly as many times as right on his short bets. When loosing big on a bet he often digs in for a Hail Mary pass… and is willing to say anything.

…Jim Chanos is in the process of learning there is no receiving catcher for his attempt to throw a Hail Mary pass. Likely before year end Chanos will move on from his big Tesla loss (like he did with his big Alibaba loss) and pick a new short target.

Nothing against our esteemed hosts, but your WAY overestimating the importance of the IEV website. I make no judgement on the Chanos’ past stock pick accuracy, nor do I delude myself to thing he is a man of high morales, nor is he looking out to do the best for society and others.. But little of that has anything to do with comments on IEV, IMHO Your argument might make sense for postings on WSJ, Bloomberg, SA, or even – The Alexa Rank for those (within the US) is: WSJ – 156 SA – 350 Tesarati – 4,302 IEVs is 10,229, slightly behind GreenCarReports. – My guess (and this is a guess) is there maybe actual 75-100 Tesla owners on IEVs, and 50-75 or so folks actually holding Tesla stock. Given what I know about SEO, there are likely < #10K unique human hits/day on IEV, given that Alexa rank (IEV editors know this data, much better than I). Bottom line, it would be a waste of Chano's time to attempt to manipulate a stock price with "poisoned" postings on IEVs, it's pointless, as IEVs has simply too small of a reach into the financial world, or those that… Read more »

Remember when Alexa was spyware that got installed on your desktop?

Good analysis. That being said, Alexa ranks are a fair starting base. However, for most sites, they’re estimated and they’re not up to date. Traffic at IEVs has grown substantially, especially over the last nine months. The Alexa chart reflects that, but the ranking is not up to date. GreenCarReports has seen the opposite change in traffic, with big losses as of late, which is also shown on its Alexa chart. I have no idea how many Tesla owners or Tesla stockholders frequent the site, but my guess would be that it’s significantly higher than the 100s. In terms of uniques, the hits per day are markedly higher than 10k. Even years ago, when IEV was much smaller, they were over 10k. When watching traffic trends, we find that Tesla articles pull a large majority of the traffic. So, it would still be a huge guess, but if we had a day with 50-75K visits, I can only imagine that more than 100 of those would be Tesla owners or reservation holders, as well as Tesla stockholders. One would guess those numbers could be in the thousands or even tens of thousands (though that might be a stretch). Still, it’s… Read more »

GuyMan Said: “…your WAY overestimating the importance of the IEV website…My guess (and this is a guess) is there maybe actual 75-100 Tesla owners on IEVs… Bottom line, it would be a waste of Chano’s time to attempt to manipulate a stock price with “poisoned” postings on IEVs, it’s pointless, as IEVs has simply too small of a reach into the financial world..l

I’d suggest your WAY underestimating the importance of the IEV website… my guess (and this is a guess) is ther are over two orders of magnitude more current Tesla owners that occasionally visit this site…

and then there are the many Tesla reservation holders & non-reservation holder prospective Telsa buyers that visit this site… it’s them the Chanos gang want to influence… there is little opportunity to influence the existing Telsa owner base because the Tesla ownership experience is generally very good.

The Jim Chanos Wolfpack wants to cause enough doupt about Tesla that he hopes to slow down the massive uptick Tesla has enjoyed in sales… it’s not just about Chanos trying to convince TSLA stock owners to sell….

… continued…
keep in mind that selling the Tesla long story or selling the Tesla short story, or selling Tesla cars, or selling hand soap is very much a blog & social media play… traditional marketing is out and venues such as IEV are in… certainly Chanos and gang are dialed in to new media marketing… they get it to their credit.

With 400K reservations, that’s clearly an uphill battle, when they are still in the 20K/month production range. I still stand by my assertion that Chanos, is much more inclined to make an appearance on TV, and make noise on WSJ or Bloomberg sites, to accomplish his objectives (which are making $$$) I just don’t see the return, talking to EV’s enthusiasts, that are the types that are going to be hanging out on a site like IEV. Again, I buy “organic” folks that aren’t happy, but no Chanos noise is going to radically change the standing reservations counts, IEV folk’s aren’t going to be heavyweight stockholders, and as you say, existing owners are generally positive on the M3 – So what’s the point of just making noise on IEV’s, there are better returns on the time invested on other more mainstream sites (no shade intended in IEV editors). Or more importantly (and higher in web rank) – Occam’s razor here – Why blame conspiracy theories, when just blaming normal folks that have lost money on TSLA stock plays, or just enjoy raining on other’s parade seems sufficient. As I said, anonymous web comments can be mean and invective –… Read more »

@GuyMan said: “…No conspiracy by evil wall street players is required…”

You mean like this?:

“…The Wall Street Journal published a major, front-page article that exposed the dubious tactics that Jim Chanos and affiliated short sellers used to demolish public companies.
But that article was published more than twenty years ago — in 1985…”

Part Three:

“No conspiracy by evil wall street players is required, IMHO.” That’s exactly what a Chanos follower would say. Got ya.

Depends on your perspective. I find the most questionable comments come from a pro-Tesla mob mentality fueled by some very vocal and unpleasant commenters that immediately attack anyone who dares say anything that isn’t glowing about Tesla, labeling them as a troll or working for some giant short conspiracy. I’ve given up posting here for the most part because a civil balanced discussion no longer seems possible. Its the “you’re with us (Tesla) or your against us” mentality to most of the comments.

Thanks for the reminder, we all need it from time to time. Quick question, I log on from home, Work, and phone on any given day. Will this flag for multiple IPs? I don’t want to get banned for commenting from the work computer on my lunch.

No worries. The lengths some people are purposely going to is a whole lot more involved than just using a few different computers. Plus, we know your name and email. If the system was to ban you because it didn’t recognize your name email or IP address, I would simply approve a comment and then you would be good to go from then on.

I’m fine with that. I use multiple ips. Laptops and mobile

Nope you’re fine. We have your IPs under an approved section. And we only flag those who are new to the site and jump IPs and/or use proxies to skirt the system.

How do you know if you get flagged and why?

It tells you if your comment is awaiting moderation. The new settings have sent some of your comments there, although I can’t seem to figure out why yet. In any case, I’m just quickly approving them and will fix it when I’m back inside the system later. No worries.

We won’t let there be a situation where someone is wrongly flagged and we leave it that way. In the end, we have full control over the system. So we’ll just assure that it is fixed. There are a few users that get flagged often by mistake. They email me from time to time and I whitelist them. The tech is good, but never perfect.

It wouldn’t be any fun if it always was perfect. =) But if I’m flagged for a reason sometime then I’d like to know, it’s hard to improve if you don’t even know what you’ve done wrong. 😉

Anyway, I’ve said it before but it doesn’t hurt to repeat, I love the work you guys do.

Thank you. Your IP must be very close to one that is banned, so sometimes this system is over careful. When I get back to the office, I’ll fix the situation. We appreciate your comments and the kind words.

If Mikael is coming from … Russia, for instance, [he] may be coming in through a range of IP addresses and may require a block of addresses, kind of like a subnet.

May I suggest adding the words “troll” and “shill” to your moderation list?

And maybe also “dirty gas guzzler”. 🙂

Haha. There are certainly some words that probably deserve to be added!

Maybe “Tesla death cult” and “FUD” too. 😛

Don’t forget “short.”

Thank you, but there is just one user that uses those terms… I think spirited debate is fun, but when it gets personal, that is not needed.

Agreed! Focus on the specifics discussed, not the person. It’s hard, of course, in the heat of the moment.

Exactly… there are way too many personal insults allowed to stand, that should be moderated…

Yeah one poster got personal to the writers and mention thier family. Auto ban

Especially since the guy has nothing better to do than criticize others. I criticize – especially to defend my position – but there is also factual commentary besides. The guy you are mentioning here just comes on to start silly fights. Not good for a 64 year old.

Great policy. I’m all for it. BRAVO

such a hassle. kill the comments section all together

Respectfully disagree. There is a lot of worthwhile content in the comments, and throwing it out just to shut up a handful of people, however much they might deserve to be shut up at times, would be counterproductive.

Yeah, but they’re obviously here trying to get the commentary to be more fact or problem based – similar to most commentary on TeslaMotorsClub.

A lot of the information gained in the comments section is very interesting. Especially to get the different views from people across the globe, some things you take for granted might be very strange to others.

Also there is always people with a lot of information and opinions that makes you look deeper or get a better understanding. One way communication media is dead.

Don’t know about everybody else, but if it weren’t for the comments section I would visit this site a couple of times a week instead of several times a day

Nailed it if the comments go my eyeballs go lol

Thank you. Completely agree. While I’m all for EVs and can’t wait for ICE to be a thing of the past, I do not like people bashing trolls and suspected trolls, it is very unbecoming and makes EV enthusiasts look bad – people can refute them in a civilized manner.

Why refute in a civilised manner people who are posting the same FUD again and again with the sole intention of provoking heated responses?

Because that what’s polite people do…

The policy seems even-handed enough and well-meaning. There are equally well-meaning commentators out there with whom many others may disagree. They do not subscribe to all the tenets of the emerging “Religion of BEV,” which I could expand upon in a further comment. I enjoy your website–your staff’s work and their unusual activity in said comments section–because it is focused on CARS that are electric first, and the policies and politics about them a distant second or third. I caution you against the path taken by GreenCarReports, which is preoccupied with cheerleading EPA CAFE drama and actively moderates comments because they deem them “climate-science denial,” for example. Equally important is editorial honesty and neutrality. I come here because I appreciate those things in your writers. However, three weeks ago, an IEV article entitled “U.S. Needs 14 Million Plug-In Cars To Meet Paris Agreement By 2025” totally neglected to note said country’s withdrawal from said agreement and plodded along under its false premise. When respectfully challenged by a reader, its author excused this on a technicality based on a specious political argument and then attacked the commentator for climate change denial without cause. That is not how your staff should conduct… Read more »

Thank you for the nice words and lengthy commentary. I agree with your premise Also, thank you for pointing out an issue on our end. We appreciate that. It is not common for that to happen and we’ll keep our eyes on it.

+1000 Steven Loveday!

Good to be honest and out there with this. I have driven an ev for a long time so the nonsense doesnt really stick. Imagine though coming here considering buying your first ev!

Here here. All the trolls and their alt user names hopefully disappear now.

So which account will you use from now on? ….just kidding.

I’ve never had to hide behind fake accounts because I was too skeered to use my real user name.


Yes, i really was just kidding. I honestly don’t suspect Bro of being that low.

good thing
I have stop reading some post because people started to attacked people personally and it has nothing to do with electric cars.

Green Car Congress does not moderate, EP is obnoxious but no one does anything.


A milder alternative to complete ban could be (temporary) relegation of naughty posters to the “Infantile Zone”, where they can trade their kindergarten-grade insults w/o disturbing the main forum 🙂

(just an idea)

And be named and shamed.

Perhaps one should consider an IEVs EV only “Thunderdome”!

That probably will keep us all sorted out!

Why give time and space to those who don’t want to participate as adults? Surely that’s the job of general purpose social media such as Facebook. We all need logical consequences for bad behaviour. It’s time to not be able to hide in anonymity and take responsibility for our own actions.

Why give time and space to those who don’t want to participate as adults?

Hmmm … How about … “to give them a chance to figure the things out, and to rejoin the main forum more responsibly”? Would that work?

Agree on all points except one… I’m guessing many of us visit the site from multiple IPs/locations/computers. Don’t ban us for our non-location-specific addiction to the site! 🙂

No worries there. All those IPs have already been whitelisted. It would only impact a new user attempting to jump IPs to beat the system. You’ve been here for a bit, so it will be ok, haha

Haha sounds good. 😉

Off topic, what happened to Jay Cole, I don’t see him writing articles any more, did I miss something?

He’s stepped away for a time, but we’re happy to share that he’s doing well and we talk to him on occasion.

Jay is a great guy, I am glad to hear he is doing well. I remember when he used to post as Statik on GM Volt dot com. He was a huge positive for that site as well.

He left some time ago.

Actually, he was the “king of financial analysis”, IMHO – Some of his calls on GM before the bankrupty where rather brave and telling. Personally, I would love and “unbarshed” article from him, digging into Telsa’s 10-Q. There is simply too much noise around this, and the numbers speak the truth. I’m just not sharp enough on the finance side to slog thru all the footnotes, so I would really welcome a return article by him. – Not sure if you can talk him into such a guest appearance..

Thank you for all of your past efforts, in trying to keep our replies on topic and civilized.

I personally don’t like to reply to other comments with intolerance or negativity. I did notice this past week, that a small amount of rhetoric was leaning heavily into the realm of Politically affiliated Child Endangerment and Theological pursuits. In such instances, I can’t help but respond with pleas for getting back to the Actual Topic surrounding your excellent articles.

Great policy! Hopefully you also do these few things if it is not too much trouble.
1. Replace the offending comment with notes why it is moderated/removed.
2. Put a link to the comment policy at top of comment section. I’m sure there will be new visitors to the site who wouldn’t have read this article.
3. If possible, add a report button or something to lighten your burden of monitoring all comments.

Comment awaiting moderation. Please stand by

Thanks for that. Maybe Facebook and Twitter could learn from your policies?

Meanwhile, I will be careful to make sure my VPN is turned off if I comment. A VPN is useful sometimes to be able to see products that are only available in Europe, but I tend to forget to turn it off…

Hey, just testing whether I am banned or not😂

Ok I am good to go…thanks.


You know I’m not one that criticize you but i think there is something you are doing that is making things worse. Posting Tesla stock market type articles will always generate fights, just take a look at SA and you will see that some of he posters there are jumping over and starting fire here too. I get why you do it as these type of articles (see the one on 420) generate alot of clicks ( 500+ comments) and make you ad money. I guss what I’m trying to ask here is if you realize thet IEVs is part of the problem here and can do something meaningful about it.


Nah, there are enough readers who find these topics interesting. Shying away from them can’t be the right answer. If certain people are unable or unwilling to debate such matters without regularly making inflammatory remarks, they need to be banned from discussions.

Thanks for all the hard work guys! This is the best EV site that I read. The comments section with “spirited” debate has always been a large part of making this a great place, so I hope it will remain. I have noticed in the last few months that pro/anti Tesla discourse has gone to a new (bad) level. There used to be a several of us on each side who had strong beliefs. But, it didn’t get too personal. Seeing that comment this weekend wishing someone had been terminated before birth was eye opening for me on how bad things have gotten. Who cares so much about any company to say that about another person?! It’s just crazy. Anyway, hopefully your hard work will bring things back to normal. On a side note, and to blow Pushi and GetReal’s minds, I’m scheduled to pickup a Model 3 next week! Couldn’t pass up the federal credit and state credit dollars. For anyone waiting on the mythical $35k M3, do the math on buying now. Depending on your state, a RWD LR M3 won’t cost much more after credits and should delivery fairly quickly. On the east coast I’m getting one… Read more »

Thank you and congrats!

I agree with you, I keep trying to remind certain folks here that we are all on the same side, there’s enough anti-EV crowd that we don’t need to ‘eat our own’ simply over disagreement on which EV is better than another. I’d like to think that we all show up here with varying degrees of interest/preference for EV’s, there’s really no reason that we can’t embrace all the different EV makes, models, etc. And if one were to take the time, they’d find out that we all drive different EV’s for different reasons, from aesthetics, to range, to price, etc.

Exactly what I told people I know waiting for the cheaper Model 3, its better to buy now (if you can afford it), and get the tax credits, and extra capability. I have a feeling the base model 3 is going to be pretty stripped out, when you see the premium upgrades include heated seats, so the 35K model will be missing all of those must haves… I just hope for the people that buy now they get a fresh production car, and not one of the dusty hulks out at Lanthrop or Burbank.

My vin is in the 57,000 range. That’s pretty high for RWD, so I expect it’s fresh.

Yeah, I really didn’t intend to buy anything until Tesla hit 200k and I looked at the math. Plus my Spark EV would probably only make it through one more winter. After that the battery would have degraded too much for my use case. It’s been a great car, but two years driving it is enough. I’m looking forward using as much heat as I want in the winter without range anxiety.

A Bolt would have been the smarter choice from a dollars and cents standpoint, especially with the Electify America buildout. But, I feel like living a little and driving a “cool” car! Hopefully Musk gets his act together and keeps Tesla alive so I don’t regret my decision.

I think Kona EV will be the best if you were just looking for dollars and cents value. It is a lot of car for the price.

LOL. Dusty hulks. I wonder how long the average ICE sits on a lot before it is sold. Months? If it is brown, probably the better part of a year. Yeah, if you wait too long, the Model III probably won’t even have a steering wheel!

The average ICE does not sit on a dirt parking lot right next to a huge construction site, some of the cars that sat at Lanthrop for a month or more, were pretty heavily coated with dust, I saw in a video of them last week lots of dead 12V batteries, there were dozens getting replaced.

1, 2, 3, comment check… 😀

How about attacks on people that can’t defend themselves here? I noticed lately that Elon character attacks are on the rise.

Surely noted.

That is putting it mildly.

Elon has been Thrown Under the Bus (EV of course), from “character attacks” lately, that I’m having trouble differentiating, the profile of Mr. Musk, from that of Flat Stanley.

Elon has had a pretty rough month, but some of it is his own doing. Calling that Thai rescue diver a Pedo didn’t help matters. 😉

Yep, that pedo remark was indefensible.

“I noticed lately that Elon character attacks are on the rise.”

Yup. Some of the anti-Tesla brigade obviously think it’s okay to attack someone if they don’t actively participate in this forum. I don’t agree, and I don’t just mean Elon Musk.

I’m reminded of the time that a few people were making “Darwin’s Award” related comments in response to an article here about a fatal crash in some high-performance EV. I suggested they lay off, because one never knows who might be reading.

Sure enough, a few hours later someone posted saying that they were a relative of the deceased who was looking online for details about the crash, and they really didn’t appreciate all the snide remarks about their dead relative.


While I agree that some of the remarks were over the top, I tend to think a person coming here claiming to be a relative, was more likely than not just a troll having some “fun”…

And that’s not helping the problem at all, is it?

That possibility did occur to me. Nonetheless, people who have just lost a relative or close friend do use the internet, just like the rest of us.

Simply assuming that a newbie is a troll, without evidence… Well, the American ideal is “Presumed innocent until proven guilty”, and I for one thing that’s a principle we should all try to abide by, as much as possible.

(…continued) But the probability that Elon Musk or his close associates might occasionally be reading comments here isn’t the main reason such personal attacks on high-profile executives of auto makers should not be tolerated… and I don’t mean just Elon Musk; Mary Barra has been the subject of some remarks, both positive and negative. No, the real problem was highlighted by Nix, who said one of the Usual Suspects here had commented on another forum that he enjoys baiting Tesla fans, provoking them with his troll posts. It’s pretty obvious that some of the personal attacks on Elon Musk are made with that motive in mind. , and I doubt that one single member of the Usual Suspects is to blame for that. I don’t personally subscribe that everyone who is a serial Tesla basher is a loyal devotee of Jim Chanos, but there is no question that as a group they do copy each others’ Tesla bashing posts. You can see that on Seeking Alpha quite a bit, and unfortunately the same sort of Tesla bashing comments posted to SA are frequently copied and pasted here by several of the Usual Suspects. So I hope InsideEVs staff and moderators… Read more »

I’m very much looking forward to a higher signal-to-noise ratio in InsideEVs comments, both random posts and discussions!

I’ve seen it said that trolls have ruined other websites’ comment sections, by driving away meaningful discussion. Glad to see the staff/ moderators here are taking steps to prevent that.

Go InsideEVs!
🙂 🙂 🙂

With all due respect Pu-Pu, in the past the were a significant part of the problem with your nonstop name calling and personal attacks. That’s got to stop. Let’s hope that in the future, you’re part of the solution.

I’d like to point out that these name calling posts are always in reply to a handful of people posting the same kind of intentionally inflammatory remarks again and again. I’m somewhat annoyed by the equally repetitive reply posts, since they add to the noise — but they are *not* the primary cause of it.

I disagree, once the “tone” begins to degrade, the entire thread becomes just invective, and pretty much any discussion with data or alternative views gets drown out. Inflammatory replies, just add fuel to the fire.

You can easily refute “repetitive imflammatory posts” with “valid repetitive data”, and it doesn’t have to get “ugly” and personal, most folks loss interest, after being repeatly called on on incorrect data, or a logical fallacy.

You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but responding to FUDsters with “valid repetitive data” often plays right into their hands. The FUDster’s strategy is to throw out a perfect blizzard of “alternative facts” and false accusations. Since it takes much longer to properly refute each one than it did to write it, and because few if any readers would bother to read a detailed refutation of multiple points of FUD, the FUDster wins if those responding to them play by the FUDster’s rules.

Also known as the “Gish Gallop” method of underhanded debate technique.

My opinion is that you will call anyone and everyone a FUDster at the drop of a hat if their comment is even mildly critical of Tesla or Elon.

Just last week you had the gall to accuse Bjorn Nyland of being biased against Tesla, of bashing Tesla, and of rigging his Kona vs. Model X race. Bjorn is the most unbiased Tesla reviewer on YouTube and tells it like it is, good or bad for Tesla. I called you out for being a delusional Tesla fanboy in the comment linked below and the readers of InsideEVs unanimously agreed with me 26 up votes to 0 down votes!!!

AnonyMouse — with due respect, Pushy’s preferred nickname is spelled “P-u-s-h-y”. You are parroting a derogatory name “Pu-Pu” chosen by posters attacking him, because of the fecal reference it alliterates to. It is part of a long running nonstop campaign of name calling and personal attacks against him. He has posted multiple times that his preferred nickname is “Pushy” (same number of letters, much easier to type).

It rings hollow when you complain about nonstop name calling and personal attacks, by using a name-calling personal attack that has been used so non-stop against a poster on this forum.

Those complaining the loudest about being called shorter or troll regularly violate this rule: “post non-stop trolling comments with the intent to cause fights”, post bragging about how much they made shorting TSLA, and habitually use a nickname that is slang for poo-poo for a poster on this forum.

GuyMan — It is disturbing that the insult “Pu-Pu” has become so normalized and ignored around here for such a long time, that it is excused away as OK. When confronted, the individual who coined the attack “Pu-Pu” openly admitted to the fecal meaning of it. The fact that this personal attack has been allowed to be adopted so broadly with no consequence is disturbing.

“¯\_(ツ)_/¯ svXn
December 29, 2016 at 12:08 am

Nix, I know you’re not the brightest bulb on the porch, so I’ll try to explain it to you in simple words that even someone of your limited intelligence can understand, hopefully.

I called your “friend” Pushmi-Pullyu Poo-Poo, because in his comment he linked to a gif of a pile of $hit, and also because he’s a $hithead. Got it.”

I think there is a problem when your response to a post explaining the genesis of a derogatory term, is to intentionally use that same derogatory term to attack a poster on this board saying they deserve to be attacked with that derogatory term.

“Pushmi-Pullyu brought it upon himself ”

That type of justification of personal attacks is why we are here in the first place. If you want it to be Lord of the Flies where personal attacks are justified, then get a thick skin and take it as well as you dish it and don’t complain about “name calling and personal attacks”.

Your outright refusal to use a poster’s name or even his preferred nickname even when told your word choice is offensive says everything about your intentions.

Your act of justification and minimization pretty much made a mockery of what you said in the first place:
” That’s got to stop. Let’s hope that in the future, you’re part of the solution.”

I actually did some Googling, and realized it’s a Dr. Doolittle character – So much for those topical references,


Or the folks liking visuals:

20% in 10 days… Maybe more to come this week, but I am looking to close out, not too greedy..

Your intentional twisting of “Pushy” into “Pussy” as a derogatory personal insult is noted.

The word “troll” that was referenced in a post above was introduced by the author of the story, Eric Loveday, and was clearly a response to this part of the story:

“if you post non-stop trolling comments with the intent to cause fights with us or our readers (especially if they’re completely unrelated to the article), it’s obvious that you’re just being a bully. Bullying is not allowed”

Please re-read the story.

“You are parroting a derogatory name ‘Pu-Pu’ chosen by posters attacking him, because of the fecal reference it alliterates to.”

Thank you, Nix! Much appreciated.

What is your least hated abbreviation? I have been replying to you as Pushmi since I am too lazy to write out the whole handle. Neither Pu-Pu and P-P work well. Pushy, ahhh, no. I think Pushmi it is.
Don’t expect me to type the extra 7 characters! 😉


🙄 Sigh. . . Pu-Pu is obviously just a shortening of Pushmi-Pullyu.

Pu-Pu is not, and never was, slang for poo-poo.

He called you a short among other things. How is that attacking you? I call that prophetic.

If your intention tonight was to make sure you prove this statement I made 100% accurate, you succeeded:

“Those complaining the loudest about being called shorter or troll regularly violate this rule: “post non-stop trolling comments with the intent to cause fights”, post bragging about how much they made shorting TSLA, and habitually use a nickname that is slang for poo-poo for a poster on this forum.”


I hope I didn’t confuse the filter too much 😉 Just give me some time to decide who I want to be from now on… And keep up the good work!

Perhaps the filters here need a Heisenberg Uncertainty modification, to allow for some variation in position (of letters in your screen name) or speed (of how frequently you change the name).


Nice! Really nice! If we only had some equation for that… Someone has to come up with some constant to make uncertainty certain… Arrrghhh… i confused myself… (are we already offtopic?)


I strongly support this effort to improve the comments section, as there have been numerous times in the last few weeks when I either stopped reading comment after just a few or skipped an article entirely in my RSS reader because I was sure, based on the title, that the comments would devolve into a bar fight. Life’s too short for that. But thinking about how to police the comments, something I have experience with, brings me back to one of the toughest parts: Keeping people on topic. Sure, it’s easy to say that person A telling person B to go screw himself is out of bounds, but it’s a much tougher call when it comes to topicality. For example, if IEVs runs an article about some new variant of the 3 or X, is it on-topic for people to speculate about what this means for Tesla’s bottom line? How about production and/or delivery hell? How about how many 120 hour weeks Musk is putting in? Or another example concerns Nissan. I am VERY sick of how often we’re told in an off-topic comment that the Leaf batteries last about a month, the company is garbage for not using a… Read more »

Amen Lou. We’re all on the same side.

Well said.

Fully agreed.
Do be willing to accept constructive criticism.
This article for example “”
It had no in-depth look at all. All it was was a simple, short press release blurb.
I stated that fact and “comment awaiting moderation” blocked it.

That means for some reason it went to auto-moderation. I can’t pre-moderate something. I can delete it after the fact, but I didn’t. So, if it says awaiting moderation, then for some reason the filter grabbed it. It can be for a number of reasons, many of which are not your fault. Thank you for pointing out that the title was not indicative of the nature of the article.

Be aware of the fact that if you use the word “clickety-bate”* in a comment, the filters here will automatically block it. Dunno if that goes into “moderation” or just into the trash.

*Obviously I misspelled the actual term, because if I had spelled it correctly, this comment wouldn’t show.

Thanks for doing the tough job. With amount of posts, I am sure it is tough for Inside EV staff to keep it up.

Keep up the good work.

Indeed! When Steven announced a few days ago there would be some changes to how comments are handled, I was hoping for some sort of software change to how comments are handled, possibly including registration of users, possibly including making comments disappear if they are down-voted very far.

As it is, it looks like Steven has committed to staff here spending more time on moderation. Frankly, I’d much rather they spend their time writing and editing news articles and opinion pieces!

There is actually a more major change. This current change wasn’t planned. This change happened as the result of a few much more problematic users. In the coming months we will have more updates.

Bravo, finally a site that takes this approach. The main reason I left many other forums and sites/comments was for the reasons you state. Thanks Eric and the Team!

The “business model” of getting your content for free from users has limitations. Policing by broadcast in addition to by individual is prudent, but also has limitations. It’s unclear whether this “farm” is better serviced by better planting or by better weeding, but the food harvested has been getting more bland.

Humm,, Comments I made here got deleted without a trace, including my request for explanation of an accusation. Not good.

Other places started doing that but I don’t frequent them any longer.

I did not delete any of your comments, Bill. A few went to moderation as they often do, for no reason that I can figure out, but I approved them. If they were in response to (or part of) another thread that got deleted, that was likely the case. Several messages and threads have been deleted and they take all activity with them. Otherwise, a lone comment might make no sense without the context it was within. Many comments with Pu-Pu in them, and troll and such got removed. I believe your comment was mixed in with that mess. Sorry.

Ok then I’ll repeat it. Regarding Pushi (Lensman of old), he stated, meaning me,

“You’ve embarrassed yourself regarding the Supercharger issue, but you don’t see it! “.

How convenient that he makes a statement that he knows I cannot defend since he hasn’t specified what it is.

I gave the whole story on the ‘Tesla 3 cooling’ article, and in the mean time I have asked now 7 times for him to explain exactly HOW or in what way I have :

1). Embarrassed myself.


2). I don’t see it.

All I get is dead silence. Perhaps Nix, his partner-in-crime, will explain if the cat has both their tongues.

One comment is awaiting moderation. Here’s the Prologue of my question. “…Pushmi-Pullyu Bill Howland said: “The 2 speed was sold to a few people. Supposedly they were eventually changed out.” Yes, the first deliveries of the 2008 Roadster did have the two-speed transmission, but they were locked into 2nd gear, so there’s no reason anyone outside Tesla would ever have experienced a gear change in a Tesla car. “Just like on the supercharger disconnect issue (one in which you never admit you were totally wrong…” That’s because you were the one who was utterly wrong. It’s both sad and amusing that you can’t see how much you embarrassed yourself over that. “Drive units have repeatedly failed on ‘S’‘s.” That’s true; that was a common problem for some years on the Model S. And as you say, the problem seems to be the gearbox; hence the often seen (or rather heard) problem of a “milling noise” from the drive unit. But as far as I’ve seen, Bill, you’re the only one who has ever suggested it’s because the gears were not robust enough. I suppose that’s possible, but it’s nothing more than a guess on your part, certainly not backed up… Read more »
Dear Insideeevs, Thank you for keeping this site open and non-political. Thank you for not attacking those who aren’t religious about CAGW. Thank you for not blatantly banning people based on a political bias. I’m a big tech/EV/EREV fan however I absolutely hate how many of these sites get over politicized. Open and intelligent debate it a good thing. It’s not a bad thing to debate EPA policy, etc. Banning such commentary only proves the idea that censorship is real. There are other sites out there (that will not be mentioned) that claim to be free and open, but have obvious, blatant and extreme political biases that make their otherwise good sites hard to read. I will not name these sites like GCR, etc…. Whoops. Please feel free to moderate against needless anger, insults, spam, etc. Please do not go down the rabbit-hole of censorship for the sake of pushing a political ideology, like other sites do. InsideEvs is a happy/uplifting site, please keep it this way. Also – please don’t get too over-zealous about multiple IP addresses. Although I rarely comment, I am on different IP addresses all day – i have to assume other frequent posters are as… Read more »

I might be banned. I am critical for car companies using leather in their cars. Tesla us leather free. Sucks that I will be banned. For my fans,you can follow me on instagram. vegan_face.

Why would you be banned? I can’t imagine how one could ban you for that.

Ok, thanks. Just was wondering.

No worries