Coming Soon – Tesla Model S Taxis At Amsterdam Airports – Video


Here’s our previous report that Amsterdam would soon get 100 Tesla Model S taxis.

Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Airport

Well, they are all coming in just a few days! October 16th, 2014. Hopefully there will be an additional report when they arrive as well.

Already with a few Model S sedans available at the airport, it is very interesting to see literally everyone stopping in their tracks to look at it.

What’s not to like? Oh yeah…we’d bet Tesla Motors received a good pay day as well for those 100 Model S sedans!

We think the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport made the right move with the purchase. In the long run the airport will save a lot of money on gas and oil alone…And don’t get us started on all of the other things those gas guzzlers need!

If you’ve ever experienced a Model S taxi, tell us about it!

Tesla Model S Taxi in Amsterdam.

Tesla Model S Taxi in Amsterdam.

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Hope they were ordered with a pano roof. Otherwise, no headroom for rear seat passengers.

I wonder if they will buy some Xes as well. More passenger space and seating.

This explains the 289 imports in September!

But where will the passengers seat? There is only one adult seat in the front.

Uh, the back seat? Why would there only be one seat in front and nothing in back? I don’t know what you are talking about. This would account for 100 imports, that haven’t happened yet. Were the 289 for last month? If so, then these 100 are in addition to that.

Did you read the article? 100 taxis will be operation by Oct 16th. Some are already in operation, as the article says.
So, these were definitely imported by September. There has to be 2 weeks delay in deploying the imported cars.

Makes you want to become a taxi driver!

I was quite shocked to see two Tesla taxis in central Amsterdam today!