Here’s Why You Don’t Want A Tesla Model 3 – Ba Da Bing, Ba Da Boom

Red Tesla Model 3


Saying too much of anything about this “interesting” Tesla Model 3 review by the “famed” Vinny Baboozlini would be cause for quite the spoiler … don’t you think?

We have plenty of avid “readers” who have made it abundantly clear that videos are just not their thing. They’d rather invest themselves in doing some reading and then hit the comment section. However, others don’t really have time for an abundance of reading, and they tend to appreciate the commentary and eye candy. Rather, they really enjoy the fact that we share a handful of “the better” videos when we find them.

Tesla Model 3

Well … there is the whole “kids sneaking out unnoticed in the Model 3 situation.” Never really thought about that. Why other reviews failed to mention such “substantial” issues is somewhat disconcerting.

C’mon, there’s a plethora of videos out there due to the exponential popularity of YouTube. But, many of them are subpar, at least in our opinion … and we’re aware that many of you agree.  Nonetheless, we make every attempt to search for the “best” stuff out there and put it in a place that you can easily find it, along with a few related words to get everyone in the right frame of mind.

How do we determine the best? Haha … that’s a toughie. Let’s just say that although we may not have piqued each and every one of your interests at any given time, we strive to share a mix of unique, critical, informative, newsworthy, well-produced, and perhaps, most importantly, fun/funny/entertaining video content for your education and enjoyment. With that being said, which category might you put the above “gem” in?

Please take a minute to let us know what you think about these videos and about our content in general. Check out our Forum. Start a new thread about this article and make your point heard.

Love it or hate it? It doesn’t really matter. In our opinion, when you can take something that has become a cause for much controversy and debate (i.e. Tesla in general, Elon Musk, the Tesla Model 3, electric cars as a segment, etc.), and divert it into some good, solid satire and comedy, you’ve done no injustice. Honestly, there’s so much to be said these days about getting people to just chill out and laugh and enjoy without all the agendas. Good luck though, right?

Video Description via Now You Know on YouTube:

Welcome back to another word from your trusted automotive advisor, Vinny Baboozlini! In today’s video, Vinny shows you why his Combustra 9000 trumps the Tesla Model 3 in every way!

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Actually they are over $90,000,+ tax with $30,000 non-refundable deposit & you gotta wait 4yrs to get one .there’s some Irony for ya !..rotflmao

BTW, You are SOOOOoooooo Obvious ! lol

That’s 100% false, everything you said.

You Really Know your stuff Man!. L M A O ..Hey Man , I’m just agreeing with the guy Cuz He like yourself is way too Funny. ha ha ha ha ha lol

These guys are great fun to watch. Loved this video….

Given the lack luster experience of a Tesla store, and bad service I’ve experienced from my Tesla service center. I think the video is a ridiculous fan video, calling the kettle black. And for example, I’m a bit pissed off at my Model X today, yesterday it was 82 degrees for a high. When I was heading home it was 77, I had my AC set at 65 degrees, but the cabin temperature was 87 after sitting in a parking lot. The problem, my Model X’s AC wouldn’t produce cold air, I’ve had it in for this problem before, and it’s not the only thing that’s gone wrong more then once. My 2014 i3 has been the perfect example of a low maintenance EV, my Model X is like a clunky ICE, I’m disappointed.

I will happily trade you, either a 2013 Nissan Leaf, or a 2016 Nissan Leaf, or both, if that would influence your Tesla Model X trade.

I would like to enjoy your disappointment by taking over you problematic Tesla Model X!

You take the Model X, I’ll take the 80 degree weather.

Yeah right. I think he does not want to be stuck with two cars that are lacking liquid battery management systems.

You meant to say Two Lack Luster Leaves?
Or, something to that non-TMS effect!

That’s Not rite! It Should have been corrected the 1st time. You have a Great Vehicle But Some analysis get complicated . Plus: Tesla is a “Green Horn” @ building Cars and they’re experiencing Growing Pains. I too would Hate buying a New Car to get Headaches from it,on top of it all. I hope they can make it rite for you.

Nice work. Shoulda talked about oil putting America first, baby. Who knows where that other stuff comes from?

2 videos of Tesla to start the day but no videos of Nissan Leaf nationwide rollout. No wonder there’s criticism

Interesting that the 2018 Leaf rollout in the U.K. had a first customer delivery story in the IEV news, USA Nissan Leaf MAGA rollout…
First customer delivery…. CRICKETS….!!!!

Too bad the New Leaf didn’t get released in 2004, because Rodney Dangerfield should have been the New Leaf rollout Spokesman!
R.I.P. Mr. D.

Given Tesla’s stock price fall its been all hands on deck publishing Tesla articles.

Haha, I know right. Where are the articles that mention how much $ shorters have made over the past few days on TSLA stock???

They always seem to be there when it goes up, but not the other way. Hhmm…

I thought this was actually going to be a hard comparison, not some jerky boy making a fool of himself in a video.

Maybe it’s because TSLA is up over 1000% since ipo…

52 Week Range of TSLA is 242.01 – 389.61 Volatile stock is Volatile. Currently TSLA is sitting +81 over the low, and -66 from the high. That means that anybody consistently shorting TSLA for the last year is likely still negative. The luck of market timers who may have beat the odds says nothing about the stock. Day traders can make money getting lucky on any stock. And anybody jumping on the TSLA shorting band wagon after Mark Spiegel’s infamous Dec 2016 Robin hood rant-fest have seen TSLA nearly double (up ~$150/share) when Spiegel was saying TSLA would drop 40%. I will believe the very next TSLA shorter, the minute they provide a link where they predicted before 2016 that TSLA would break past $300/share. None can, because they have been a broken record of saying it will go lower, failing to predict every single upward move of a volatile stock. Then they ignore their failures and pretend to be proven right when a volatile stock has volatile downs in what has otherwise been an upward trajectory. Sadly being proven to be brainless with facts only makes shorter losers more angry at the people who actually HAVE correctly predicted an… Read more »

And as I pointed out, if real shorter who did not listen to Seeking Alpha the stock fell enough last week to make a shorter good money.

But Seeking Alpha predicted Tesla would fall below $200 a share, and any shorter who made a deal in the stock expecting such a big drop now finds they now are about $100 per share in the red.

great article in car in driver about Tesla stock overvaluation and how its being treated as a tech company, and how tesla is announcing crap to beat the algorithm in stock manipulation. yeah also its been 5 days since the last nissan article n there already cars in both coast ( with all trim)

What you trolls fail to mention is that Tesla stock volatility has really followed the market as a whole since the “Trump Turbulence” started.

But anyways, keep on trolling and trying and turn everything into a financial diatribe against Tesla.

Real then why everyone is saying that Tesla is overvalue and the stovks dont reflect the reality of thier situation

Thank you

“everyone” isn’t saying that. If you believe that, it only proves that you have blinded yourself in whatever anti-Tesla echo-chamber you hatched from.

It’s Bamboozilini, like bamboozled.

re: fluids and going to Autozone: Suggestion to the video producer – read the Model 3 owner’s manual. Pages 127-128.

“Checking Battery Coolant” (a glycol coolant similar to radiator coolant)
“Checking Brake fluid”
“Topping off Washer Fluid”

The battery coolant and brake fluid could both require service, but you won’t be hanging out at Autozone. You’ll be hanging out at Elon’s brother “Kimbi”‘s Tesla Service Center. Unless Tesla now has matter-transporter-capability and can OTA some new coolant.

But yeah, hit Autozone and hang out for the washer fluid:)

Actually, you will be sitting in your office, while the mobile service van is doing easy tasks like that in your parking lot.

Tesla is moving routine easy stuff like this that don’t require a lift away from their service centers, having mobile vans take care of this stuff. It is actually cheaper for Tesla to have the vans in many places, because they are lower overhead.

But you actually know about this, because you’ve commented on stories about Tesla’s mobile vans in the past………

Agreed, funny video. Posted it to Facebook. Personally the Model 3 can wait. I just put an order in for an “Electric Luxury Roadster”. A car so cool it has a hardtop.

He’s got a point about the “Blue Screen of Death.” With so many of the car’s controls in the computer, that seems like a vulnerability. Give me some buttons, stalks and switches, please. Next thing you know, they’ll put the steering wheel, brakes and go pedals in the monitor too. How would you ever drive a car like that?

All this typing will only make you tired, grandpa. Take it easy.

His rotary dialed phone finger still needs to get a work out, now and then, after all.

Gotta love it! What do you think pushing that button does, dummy? That’s right, it tells a computer you pushed a button and the computer then Does what that button indicates it should do. Pretty much all cars are run by a computer these days, so whether it is a button or a Screen, really makes not much difference to the aspect of a computer glitch or crash.
If you were being funny, good one.

Are you under the impression that knobs and switches never fail? That is far from the truth. BMW’s are notorious for stuff like analog window buttons failing. Audi has a history of failing multi-function stalks. Mercedes has a history of failing HVAC controls.

For all the fear and hand-wringing over the display, over the last 6 years since 2012 actual hard failures have not been a hugely common failure point.

Funny, my Haiku does not blue-screen, my friend’s Linux does not blue-screen, other friends who also does not use Windows do not blue-screen.

Stop thinking that people who really know computers depend on Microsoft Windows. We DON’T.