Comedian Test Drives BMW i3 – Trailer Videos


In the very short video trailers above & below, Comedian Dom Joly takes the BMW i3 for a ride.

In both videos, Joly makes few interesting comments. As these are just trailers / teasers, we will wait to add in our own comments until after the full report is released. You never know what his opinion will be in the end.

The i3 may be an “electrifying” experience for Joly!… Not sure the comedy works though.

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I think he adeptly points out that fun fact that people who force a city BEV ( or in the i3 ReX’s case, an extended-range city BEV ) into a long trip to somehow prove a point that such a trip is possible – are really, in fact, proving a point that nearly everyone knows already: That the current crop of 40-80 mile BEVs are city commuter vehicles not meant for the open road.

Now that Clarkson got rid of himself, there needs to be a new Anti-EV Clown.

Found him.

You get into a BMW i3, and no, don’t notice the quiet, don’t notice the acceleration, or braking, first thing, bitch about range.

Sure, this is going to be great.

Silly Human Nature Dept.

Just think: When the 1000 mile-range BEV becomes reality someday, there will be two guys out there- One guy will try to prove that driving across the country ( USA ) in one stint without refueling still isn’t possible – then writes a splash piece in say, the New York Times to share that vital information. Another guy will gain equal notoriety by attempting to drive the same 1000 mile BEV around the world, over the Himalayas, across the Sahara and possibly turn it into a boat, just to prove it can float!

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