Columbia, Missouri Orders First Electric Buses

AUG 28 2015 BY MARK KANE 10

COMO Connect

COMO Connect

COMO Connect in the City of Columbia, Missouri joins the electric revolution by including in its bus fleet four EVs.

On September 1, COMO Connect will take delivery of its first electric transit 40′ bus made in California by BYD, which will be used to experiment on a number of different routes around the city, namely the #1 Black Core Connector, one of the city’s longest and most popular bus routes.

After that, three more electric buses will enter service on December 1, but those will be shorter buses (30 feet long). COMO Connect intends to use them for commuter shuttles, through Columbia’s smaller neighborhood routes, including the downtown orbiter.

Mike Matthes, City Manager of Columbia said:

“This is a historic moment for both the city of Columbia and the state of Missouri. This decision by the City of Columbia and COMO Connect is yet another example of the forward-thinking attitude towards technology and transportation that contributes to making Columbia great. I could not be more proud.”

Drew Brooks, Multi-Modal Manager of the City of Columbia remarked:

“Our decision to go electric extends far beyond cleaner air and doing the right thing. These buses are incredibly quiet, and will drastically reduce noise pollution along the routes. Additionally, they will save Columbia hundreds of thousands of dollars in fuel and maintenance costs and enable us to begin other improvements to our system even sooner.”

BYD Vice President, Macy Neshati commented:

“We could not be more excited to be working with COMO Connect, and the city of Columbia. Cities like Columbia, with such a picturesque downtown and an involved community really appreciate the value of a well organized transit system. I am excited to see them join the leading edge of transit technology by purchasing these buses that will make their system cleaner and quieter for everybody.”

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“On September 1, COMO Connect will take delivery of its first electric transit 40′ bus made in California by BYD”

Is this accurate? What percentage is actually made in California? Would be first time of many, many times I’ve been exposed to Chinese company claiming made in America status that it actual has more truth than a facade of some minor final assembly. BYD is a China based manufacturer of transportation vehicles and batteries. I would be shocked if even much of the final assembly is done in CA.

That’s what jumped out at me in this article as well. I didn’t realize BYD had set up shop here in the US.

Are you just joking around or on the verge of Alzheimers?
There has been lots of articles in here about BYD buses and their manufacturing in California. And not only have you read most of them, you have commented on a number of them.

Including the article named “BYD Unveils First California-Made Electric Bus”

Guess it didn’t sink in (as I don’t care as much about electric buses as I do electric cars). I also have only had 1/2 cup of coffee.

Maybe we need an article dedicated to the build process at the factory. That would be more likely to gain my engineering attention.

I’d like that too. Something that would trigger a real nerdgasm. 🙂

More detail about the purchased buses please.

I hope many more cities follow Columbia’s footsteps.

Go MO! I am somewhat amazed..

I do not know why Koz is alarmed. Koz should be more alarmed at Toyota. A lot of individuals think toyota is an American company. As of now Toyota does not want to make an EV. Almost all other auto manufacturers are making an EV and using lithium batteries and not using nicads.
The bigger cities like KC need to get these type of buses. KC is currently using natural gas that encourages fracking that causes earthquakes. 10 yrs ago there were no earthquakes in OK.