Colourful Carsharing Fleet Of Toyota i-Road and COMS in Grenoble

SEP 27 2014 BY MARK KANE 4

Toyota COMS and i-ROAD (Citélib by Ha:mo)

Toyota COMS and i-ROAD (Citélib by Ha:mo)

Grenoble, France becomes a more green colorful city as 70 Toyota COMS and i-ROADs join the urban mobility project Cité lib by Ha:Mo (harmonious mobility).

The official launch is scheduled for October 1, but we already can see how the electric vehicles look.

The compact electric vehicles will be available for rent for a short period of time at 27 stations where in total EDF SODETREL prepared 150 charging spots.

“From 1 October, anyone 18 or older who holds a valid driving licence can register with Cite Lib to gain access to the Toyota electric vehicles. Once subscribed to the service, they can download an application on their smartphone, tablet or computer to see the real-time location of vehicles that are charged and ready to use.

People will be able to pick up their car and drop it off at a different location – any of 27 charging stations in the greater Grenoble area – rather than having to make a round-trip. When the vehicle is dropped off, it is plugged into the station to be recharged and ready for the next customer.

i-ROAD (Citélib by Ha:mo)

i-ROAD (Citélib by Ha:mo)

The concept is seen as a way of building a better-integrated public transport service, where people collect an electric vehicle from a location near their home or office to drive to a local transport hub for the next stage of their journey. Likewise, people arriving by bus or train can step into a car on arrival to complete the last leg of their trip. The network of charging stations is seamlessly connected to Grenoble’s transport network IT system to make total journey planning easier.

Both Toyota vehicles have been developed as user-friendly transport around town. The i-ROAD is particularly innovative, using a clever Active Lean technology that steers in a similar way to the movements of a skier. It’s not much larger than a motorbike or scooter, but has a full canopy that protects the driver from the elements and gives the kind of secure feeling and comfort of a car.”

Toyota COMS and i-ROAD (Citélib by Ha:mo)

Toyota COMS and i-ROAD (Citélib by Ha:mo)

Here is  the price list:

  • The service fee is geared towards short trips with a significant discount for annual subscribers to Grenoble’s transports (MetroVelo, TAG, Itinisere or even rail with TER)
Length of useFull fareReduced fare (annual subscribers to
MétroVélo, TAG, Itinisère or TER)
0 to 15* minutes 3 euros 2 euros
15 to 30 minutes+ 2 euros (total = 5 euros)+ 1 euro (total = 3 euros)
30 to 45 minutes+ 1 euro (total = 6 euros)+ 1 euro (total = 4 euros)
45 to 60 minutes+ 1 euro (total = 7 euros)+ 1 euro (total = 5 euros)
2 hoursTotal 11 euros Total 9 euros
4 hoursTotal 19 euros Total 17 euros

*charging occurs for each 15-minute interval

i-ROAD (Citélib by Ha:mo)

i-ROAD (Citélib by Ha:mo)

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I feel like Toyota is mocking the concept of electric cars with those toys.

That’s how the future looks like, it is not about replacing the car one to one, a system of public transportation + this kind of mini ECars + walking in walkable cities etc is what is going to make an ICE car obsolete

This is about reducing the overall number of cars on the street while maintaining inner-city mobility.

City planners and ecologists made their goal to reduce the number of cars in city centers by biasing the infrastructure against cars, so that if you live there or want to go there, they made everything they could so that you either couldn’t you would not want to take your car.

Over the years, they increased prices and reduced the amount of parking spaces, moving carparks away from city centers, reduced the share of lanes usable by cars by implanting bus lanes, bike lanes, increasing the width of walkways, adding exclusive tramway lanes as well as pedestrian areas.

Get out of city centers and the car is king again.

Happy to know that Toyota is finally back in the EV business.

A golf cart, but still somehow an EV.