Colorado’s Mountain Limo Company Adds Mitsubishi i-MiEV to its Fleet

AUG 14 2013 BY STAFF 4

This Doesn't Appear to be a Place Well Suited to EVs

This Doesn’t Appear to be a Place Well Suited to EVs

Colorado’s Mountain Limo, a regional taxi service in the mountainous Telluride area, added a Mitsubishi i-MiEV to its fleet.

Mountain Limo Header

Mountain Limo Header

The i-MiEV is mainly used for around-town trips and for the occasional ride out to the Telluride Airport.

The electric Mitsubishi operates under the Dial-A-Ride service, in which those in need of a ride simply ring up Mountain Limo.

Come winter, the i-MiEV will be put to the test.  Telluride, a ski resort town, sees cold temps and lots of snow.  The i-MiEV will be fitted with studded tires to cope with the conditions in the winter.  This will surely reduce its range, but if the i-MiEV handles the winter weather reasonably well, then Mountain Limo will likely add more electric vehicles to its fleet.

Studded tires on an electric.  That’s the first we’ve heard of anyone doing that.

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With Mitz slashing the price to move the vehicles and Colorado’s overly-generous incentive program, these vehicles were probably close to free for this company. They probably figured “What the heck, let’s give it a try.” And as long as they have a handy CHAdeMO charger, I guess it might work.

Only one CHAdeMO in all of Colorado and it’s nowhere near where Mountain Limo provides service

Then I suspect they just did it for the tax credit and the Fleet owner is letting his kids drive the car around. What good is a 62 mile range EV taxi in Colorado with slow-charging? Do like 3 fares and your are done for the day.

In the city, you’ll see far more than 62 miles of range. If they top off the battery between runs, it won’t be so bad to slow charge (3.3kW). Mitsubishi intentionally limited the charge amount for the battery so you can top it off all the time without worry.

Not to mention Telluride isn’t that big — only about 1 mile from one side to the next. We’re not talking about driving all over (insert large city name here). The airport is only about 3 miles from the city.