Colorado Hints At 150 kW Chargers On Major Highway Corridors

APR 28 2018 BY MARK KANE 2

The Colorado Energy Office (CEO) issued a Request for Applications for the ALT Fuels Colorado Electric Vehicle Direct Current Fast-Charging Corridors Grant Program.

“Yes, I will be accepting my 150 kW CCS charge now please”

33 fast charging station are to be installed along major highways (including I-25, I-70, US 36, US 40, US 50, US 160, US 285 and US 550) with capability of up to 150 kW (CHAdeMO and CCS Combo).

The state intends to support the project with $10 million.

The new chargers should be a valuable extension to just 53 stations at the end of 2017. It will be one of only a few networks with 150 kW chargers.

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The question is when the 150 kW network will cover the whole country as the 50 kW network, after several years of progress, still doesn’t cover all major highways.

source: Green Car Congress

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Being able to buy a full utility BEV (reasonably comfortably seating for 4 adults in a car that doesn’t look like Bozo the clown delivered it) for less than $40k with more than 200 miles of AER at highway speeds, with chargers at the right locations at which you could charge anywhere close to 150 kW charge rate?
That is when the majority of drivers will start to think of BEV’s as a full utility replacement for an ICE. We already have a substantial minority who are on board, but when we can check all those boxes, Katie bar the door!
Tesla is nearly there, maybe the base model 3 will be available by the fall.
I thought GM would be there pretty soon, but it doesn’t look that way any longer.
Maybe Kia? The Leaf after some more upgrades?

Yay! Go Colorado. Hopefully the price of charging will be reasonable.