Coda Sedan Gets Rebirth As Mullen 700e At 2014 LA Auto Show

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Coda Sedan Gets Rebirth As Mullen 700e

Coda Sedan Gets Rebirth As Mullen 700e

EVTV was first to find the trails of the Coda Sedan’s rebirth as the “new” Mullen 700e, which debuted at 2014 LA Auto Show.

On the Mullen website, we discovered some Coda photos and info on the 31-kWh lithium-ion battery pack (same as Coda Sedan – 88 miles EPA range). Mullen Motor Company states however that up to 180 miles is possible:

“The Mullen 700e is a four-door, five passenger all electric sedan. The Mullen 700e operates with a 31 kWh lithium { ion iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery system which produces zero harmful emissions and a range of up to 180 miles on a single charge with a top speed of 85 MPH. The Mullen 700e is fully certified by the USDOT. Original design by Pinafarina with enhancements by Porsche Design Studios. Price: See Dealer for Details.”

Coda Sedan EPA results

Coda Sedan EPA results

The story behind the Coda Sedan rebirth was well described by Domenick Yoney over at AutoblogGreen:

“How did we arrive here? Well, when Coda Automotive emerged from bankruptcy to begin its new life as Coda Energy, it had sold the bones of its vehicle business to a outfit composed of Club Auto Sales and Ready Remarketing, who then tried to make a go of it as Coda Cars by selling of bits from the 150 vehicles they’d collected. Enter Mullen Technologies.”

“Known to us as the Mullen Motor Company – it had hooked up with the now-defunct Hybrid Technologies (later, EV Innovations) in 2007 to offer an electric sports car called the L1X-75 GT – it has now absorbed Coda Cars and named principle of that concern, Richard Curtis, as president of Mullen Consolidated. Now, it will offer the 700e, as well as the gas-powered version of its sports car and a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) it calls the “100e”, which bears an uncanny resemblance to the “Urbee” that Zap Jonway had readied to sell in China.”

There are some suggestions that the Mullen 700e will be available with a 50-kWh battery pack, but we wonder what will be the price then?

Source: AutoblogGreen

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Will anyone actually buy it? I suppose they’ll be competing with the i-Miev for market share. Who can sell more than 20 per month?

It wasn’t a terrible car. It did have a bit of an efficiency issue though. Maybe they exaggerated the battery size.

For ANY car that automakers want to make a go of it they have to fit into a price range that people can afford and a reasonable distance that can go without having to stay over night every couple of hours. Not everybody is made of money, you want to SELL to the MASS, take a lesson from FORD MOTOR COMPANY.

@Spec9: Not a terrible car? Have you forgotten about the 2 star crash test result?

Who cares.
Where’s the article about the big ELR/VOLT unveiling?

Looks like a home built EV under the hood.

Worth considering if the price was right, but not likely to be with that big a battery.

CARB credits, plus China, are big reasons to bring any EV to market.

Mullen. Could you pick a less-exciting name for a car company?

Like Oldsmobile? 🙂

“Original design by Pinafarina” I don’t believe it, he design Alfa Romeo 156! and other great cars, they god to do something about there design, that is there Achilles’ heel

Him? you mean they, Pininfarina is a firm and yes they designed the Hafei Saibao body which the Coda/Mullen uses. And Pininfarina have designed some awful cars in the past including the Alfa Romeo 156

All it needs now is a DC to DC fast charging option like the CHAdeMO.



My math skills must be failing. The Coda sedan was EPA rated {per the sticker image} at 73 mpge, used a 31 kWh pack, and this is a refresh that claims 180 miles range. The Leaf has more than 100 mpge, uses a 24 kWh pack and has an EPA range of less than half that amount.

Unless the aero has improved dramatically, along with some severe light-weighting, someone may be stretching the truth a little bit. Or, as I said to start with, my math skills are failing….

I think in terms of range the range would be more more logical if it was a 110 mile range if they really did improve the car.

The reasoning is the i-miev has a 62 mile range on a 16 kilowatt battery. If they put a 30 kilowatt battery it could get up to a 120 miles range.

The Hamster mobile has a 27 kilowatt battery pack that gets it 90 to 100 miles range on a charge.

The old Coda has a 31 kilowatt battery pack and can only 88 miles on a charge. If they found away to make the car as energy saving as the Hamster car they might be able to pull off a 110 miles on a charge with a existing 31 kilowatt battery.

Coda could have given the Nissan leaf a run for it’s money but they made a lot of flaws along the way.