CODA Imagines Grass Stations In Promoting Electric Sedan (Video)

AUG 19 2012 BY STAFF 3

CODA Automotive has taken a different twist in promoting their 88 mile (EPA rated), 5 seat, electric sedan.

Grass stations.

CODA Cutaway Shows 100 kW/134 hp Motor and 31 kWh Lithium Battery Pack Placement

CODA starts the ad with just some hard facts, “In the U.S. there are over 121,000 gas stations taking up 5 billion sq ft.  An area equal to 5 times the size of Manhattan.” 

This  leads into “The CODA Effect, Mission 1,” which apparently is for a couple of CODA electric sedans, which you only see in a couple of dark, blurry shots in the entire spot (intentional?), to overtake a gas station in Culver City, California, and turn it into a grass station. 

See what they did there?  Gas-grass; oh nevermind.

The ad is fairly unique, but the production value is pretty low, which distracts from the message.  We found ourselves mostly pondering if a college class somewhere did not do this as some kind of project, then passed it along to CODA to promote instead of paying attention to what was actually happening in the commercial.

Still, in the end, the message is a good one, as Coda asks, “What if you never had to visit a gas station again?”

Coda's 'meh-styling' Is Probably Why It Was Not Featured In The Ad

The CODA sedan has the largest battery capacity (31 kWh) of any value priced electric vehicle on the market today, and that oversized battery is also how it achieves 88 miles of range despite not being all that aerodynamic, or comparatively efficient as other EVs available today.

The CODA starts at $37,250, which after the federal credit, makes the car (for marketing purposes) $29,750.


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It just looks so ancient looking…


Frankly, I am not a fan of any kind of cars – ICE or EV – from a country which heaps on extra costs to the Chinese consumer on imported EVs such as the Volt, making them virtually unsaleable.

The Coda is not needed here, there are excellent alternatives. May it fail.

Stuart, you can by a Coda equvalent in China, where the body and suspension originate. It’s called an E30, and is made by Chang’an’s subsidiary Hafei Auto.