Coca-Cola Tests e-NV200 Electric Van From Nissan

NOV 12 2012 BY STAFF 5

While the rest of us are forced to wait until late 2013 for the chance to own an electric van, Coca-Cola takes delivery of one next week from Nissan.

In a cooperative agreement between the two companies, Coca-Cola will become the latest corporation to test Nissan’s 100% electric van.  Naturally, the vehicle is already emblazoned with a lot of promotional signage.  Who advertises better than Coke?

British Gas, Part of the Global Proving Test For the Nissan e-NV200 Due Out In 2013

Other companies that have, or are now testing, Nissan’s e-NV200 van in a commercial application are AEON, FedEx Express and British Gas.

Coca-Cola will use the e-NV200 as a regional sales vehicle in Yokohama, Japan. Coke will use the van to evaluate its performance and practicality against a conventional internal-combustion engine vehicle.

The van will be recharged only at night when electricity consumption is low to determine if a nightly charge is sufficient to meet user needs during the day.

The e-NV200 is powered by the same 24 kWh lithium battery and powertrain as that of the LEAF, and is expected to have a EPA range of about 70 miles when it comes to the US.    Production will begin out of Barcelona Spain, likely in the spring of 2013, with an expected US arrival date in the following fall.

The e-NV200 will come in three versions.   A one row business van model (estimated to start in the mid-$30K).  As well as a two row combi, and a conventional 2 row/5 person variant.

Nissan’s e-NV200 Interior Is Reminicent Of the LEAF

Nissan Press Release on the Coke e-NV200

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Can’t wait for the travel conversions with the captain’s chairs, video screens, and star-studded headliner 🙂

As a business owner myself, I would probably stab someone to buy one of these now. They can’t come soon enough for me.

Yeah, me too!

What’s the expected range for it?


Has the same powertrain/battery as the current gen LEAF. So your looking at a blended number of about 70 miles.

In the real world, its going to be a bit of a dog on the highway. I’d guess your looking at somewhere about 55 miles, but will do much better in the city (where I would use them myself), 80ish reliably.

Even though it will come with fast charging (a big plus to those who need it), my plan is just to have a 120v plugs available at my business. I don’t foresee needing it more than 4-5 times (30-40 miles) in a day.

Humm, I’m kind of a stickler for this but 70 mile range under ideal conditions usually would not work in colder climates. Heater use I’m sure knocks this down to 35, and as other blogs have noted, Nissan batteries sometimes don’t age gracefully.. So then we are talking 25? That’s cutting it too close for most businesses.