CNN Declares Tesla Model X The King Of Crossover SUVs (w/video)

DEC 22 2015 BY MARK KANE 15

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

CNN Money called the Tesla Model X the new king of crossover SUVs in late September, at the Model X unveiling.

In one of CNN’s recent articles, they also listed the Model X in first place among favorite luxury SUVs of 2015.

“The Tesla Model X is basically a Tesla Model S sedan lifted up and with a bigger body. But as far as SUVs go, that’s more than enough to make it a groundbreaker.

Besides being all-electric, some versions are capable of going from zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds. That’s an impressive feat even for a low-slung sports car, not to mention a vehicle with three rows of adult-sized seats. It’s also got a curved wrap-over windshield and contortionist-nimble Falcon Wing doors that sense their surroundings as they open.”

The other entries are the plug-in hybrid Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid:

“The ability to drive a few miles on a charge from a wall socket is really just a bonus. Having a hybrid SUV that blasts around town like this one is the real value. For a fairly large vehicle, the Cayenne e-Hybrid feels surprisingly quick, nimble and fun.”

and Volvo XC90 (T8 PHEV is plug-in hybrid):

“The XC90 picked up this year’s Motor Trend SUV of the Year award, and deservedly so. This SUV points the way to Volvo’s future under the Swedish automaker’s new Chinese owners. Things look good, literally. The XC90 is handsome on the inside and the outside.

The XC90’s interior has a light, elegant, airy feel, and it feels and maneuvers like a much smaller vehicle. Our only (minor) objection is the sound of the XC90’s turbocharged and supercharged four-cylinder engine. Its high-rev churning worked against the karmic bliss that otherwise embues this lovely vehicle.”

Not bad to have three plug-ins among six cars in total (others are Lincoln MKX, Mercedes-AMG GLA45, Land Rover Discovery Sport).

Source: CNN Money

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It was an easy call to make, between those 3 vehicles. But it would have been a different contest if there were a CUV based on Volt 2.0 …

GM still wouldn’t know how to market it… 😛

@anon +1

Sad, but true 🙁

That’s a joke, right?
A CUV with the Volt architecture would be inferior in every way. At the fundamental level, it would have neither the range, cargo space or passenger space needed to be competitive.

Competitive with a $100,000 Model X?


In the same way a Volt is competitive with a $100k Model S…

One outsells the other, despite being 2.5x the average selling price.

That is a valid point, Tesla may run out of rich people to sell to however.

Please bear in mind that worldwide sales of Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is comparable to Tesla sales.

In both cases sales are limited by manufacturing constraints, but I believe there is a huge market for a vehicle that is an improved Outlander PHEV.

ggpa said…
“CUV based on Volt 2.0”

Don’t we all wish. Mitsu is going to smash the SUV PHEV market here in the US, if they don’t get greedy with the price.

Magic 8-ball says: The probability is high.

It’s good to be the king.
-Louis XVI

Tesla makes it obvious for a current automaker to successfully compete in the future, they will need a separate/strictly focused brand of electric ONLY vehicles/dedicated platforms. Splitting the focus between hybrids and plug-in hybrids will only hold them back.

Tesla is about to launch 600 EV mile vehicles by 2017, while the major automakers barely offer 100 miles, with the anticipation of 200 miles by 2020. Not good enough.

Tesla is #1……who will be #2?

Bloggin said:

“Tesla is about to launch 600 EV mile vehicles by 2017…”

Welcome to an Internet game of “telephone”.

To put what Elon Musk actually said into context: He expects someone attempting a record-setting distance run in an EV to break the 1000 kilometer mark in 2017. That is a very, very long way from saying that he expects Tesla Motors to offer an EV with a real-world driving range of 600 miles within the foreseeable future!