CNET Says Tesla CEO Elon Musk Was “Disruptor Of The Year”



It comes as no surprise that Tesla CEO Elon Musk rakes in the award, despite not showing up.

Michigan is not a friendly place for Tesla, Elon Musk, or EVs in general. In fact, it’s not a friendly place for any new innovators, upcoming automotive companies, or the like. You can’t buy a Tesla in Michigan and few EVs are available, let alone public charging stations. In addition, while you may be able to have a used EV shipped right to your home for a low fee in most states — via CarMax or CarDirect —  Michigan might say nope, that’s against the law!

So, when Tesla doesn’t show up at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, and Elon doesn’t make a grand entrance, we’re far from surprised. He’ll go ahead and give oodles of his hard-earned money to Flint, MI to help fix the continuing problems with the water quality — on top of sending more money for the children in the area to all get laptops for school — but to send a car or set foot in a Detroit-based auto show would be against everything the CEO believes in.

Despite Tesla and Elon’s lack of attendance at NAIAS yet again this year, CNET announced the CEO as “Disruptor of the Year.” Musk was officially awarded the honor as part of CNET’s Roadshow Shift Awards. He beat out two other disruptive CEOs from McLaren automotive and Bird electric scooters. Executive editor of Roadshow, Chris Paukert shared:

We’re not necessarily judging tremendous accomplishments. We’re just looking at who stirred the pot the most this year.

The award was not only for Tesla vehicles, but also for Musk’s Boring company. Roadshow Editor in Chief Tim Stevens said:

He of course couldn’t be with us today. He’s somewhere between here and Mars right now.

We set all the adversity and issues aside and say … Way to go, Elon!

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Michigan is not friendly territory to Musk

Troll opinions by Kongo are worth zero.
Same username troll that copied/pasted from another poster that he “ran over a rock” and couldn’t get good service. Has also claimed before that he owns a Tesla–right!

What a drama.
A couple of weeks from going broke and then Tesla Model 3 became the best selling premium sedan in 2018.
A movie is sure to be made about Tesla and Musk.

You forgot turning a healthy profit. That was pretty disruptive for the short crowd

Eddie. Tesla never had as much money as they really needed and compared to a legacy automaker or a rocket manufacturing/launching company they built impressive businesses for a fraction of the going rate and a fraction of the time. What Tesla and SpaceX have accomplished in the past 7 years is quite impressive – as is their product line.

Who is doing better in BEVs or rocket manufacturing -satellite launching?

Tesla has displayed the Model S at the Detroit show (NAIAS) multiple times. “Never” is certainly not correct. I have seen them there twice myself, and I do not attend every year.

Elon Musk disruptEr of the year?
Phooey! I had that title three years running in junior high school.