CNET Says Tesla Model X Is “Most Amazing SUV On The Road” (w/video)

JUN 6 2016 BY MARK KANE 11

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

In a recent test drive review of the Tesla Model X, CNET called the latest Tesla “The most amazing SUV on the road“.

Although in the end, CNET was far from classing the all-electric Tesla as a perfect vehicle, giving it an overall score of 8.1 out of ten.  (10 for Performance, 9 for Features, 5 for Design and 8 for Media & Connectivity).

CNET criticized the Falcon Wing doors a couple times, finding them too slow and having doubts in the long-term reliability.

“The Good
Stunning performance backs up a technological show of dominance.

The Bad
Those falcon-wing doors are showy, but impractical in most cases.

The Bottom Line
An amazing car for the moment, unfortunately compromised by those doors.”

source: CNET

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11 Comments on "CNET Says Tesla Model X Is “Most Amazing SUV On The Road” (w/video)"

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What, C-Net didn’t give the Model X an 11 out of 10?

(Pushy ducks…) 😀

Tesla just has to push out a model X with suicide door option…instead of complaining you can buy an alternate model.

How about three doors on each side, one for each row of seats? Maybe the rear-doors could be suicide doors. Then give customers the option of buying the (probably more expensive) falcon doors. Since almost nobody will want the falcons, they are no longer a liability, plus Tesla/Musk save face.

As long as the falcon wing doors don’t make it into the Model Y, it doesn’t make a difference to me one way or the other.
IMO, suicide doors are functionally just as bad. 4 normal doors and a large hatchback on the Model Y please.

Ouch! Those doors are going to be like those pop up head lights…

That is low. LOL.

“We actually tested two examples of a Model X, an early one that had led a rough life, and a much more recent, more refined build. The quality of the latter was markedly improved, and I had no reliability issues with the doors over the multiple days, hundreds of miles and dozens and dozens of openings I put them through.” CNET

This seems to corroborate Tesla’s contention that they have improved the doors.

I’d say it also calls into serious question Tesla’s policy of delivering units of a new car model as soon as they roll off the production line, instead of doing as more established auto makers do: Stockpiling early production units and doing extended testing on some of them before actually selling any.

On the other hand, I suppose one can argue that Tesla allows early buyers the option of doing just that by choosing to delay their purchase for a few months.

Need to ditch the doors and that stupid windshield. Please Tesla, don’t put that windshield in the 3.

My X has had zero problems with the falcon wing doors. They work reliably and are quite useful for kids and babies. The windscreen is great, too. The passenger door has proven less reliable, and there are bugs and trim issues hakore, but overall I like the car quite a bit.

And this is why I don’t bother with CNETs reviews…

A 5 for design yet it is the most amazing SUV on the road? LMAO.

CNET does not get it.
The falcon wing doors establish this is the unique, futuristic, functional and fabulous car that it is. People crowd around it wherever it goes which is what every car owner secretly wants – attention to their ride.
Rear lift doors have been around for decades, The Model X just has three of them.