CNET Revisits Tesla Model S – Wonders If It’s “Still The Best Car In The World?” – Video


CNET Revisits Tesla Model S

CNET Revisits Tesla Model S

“CNET’s Brian Cooley revisits the Tesla Model S now that it’s a bona fide mass-production hit.”

CNET seeks to answer the question of whether or not the Model S is “still the best car in the world?”

Well…is it?  Watch the video to find out what CNET now thinks of the Model S.

Hat tip to offib!

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Jouni Valkonen

Tesla S is getting better evolutionary. Next big improvements will be AWD and active safety and adaptive cruise control. I think that proper sensors and cameras can also be retrofitted to old cars to enable e.g. active cruise control via software update.

And most importantly, in 2015 S will finally get better seats 🙂


They need to get 4G.
Can it at least BT pair to a 4G phone for services other than Pandora, like the web-browsing?

Josh Bryant


They added wifi tethering in a software update about a year ago.


RE: Screen being “forward progress, or lateral innovation”

I believe Brian Cooley was being kind. Want sunroof? Peel your eyes from road, bring up menu, careful where you touch and voila, sunroof opens. Cool? Not if you appreciate driving more than computers. -And CNET is for computer guys. I hope Tesla can read between the lines. Having a following that might even defend the deletion of the window buttons, won’t serve them in the end.


Wonder if voice commands would be best for some features.


Maybe they can Bluetooth it to Google Glass. Then, Tesla could get on Saturday Night Live.


Agreed! I had a rental Buick Regal Turbo this week on a business trip and was surprised that only audio commands were available by voice. You couldn’t even dial the phone by voice! With the terrible “touch sensitive” climate control buttons in that Buick, it would have been nice to be able to say “set temperature to 76 degrees”.


What year? Buick Regals have voice command control.


The sunroof controls can be mapped to a programmable wheel on the steering wheel.
I have mine mapped to the fan speed and rarely use the sunroof.


Wow, that’s pretty cool. I’ve suggested that idea for years. I’m glad an automaker is finally doing it. Programmable controls.

Josh Bryant

I think I have said this before, but you really need to get a test drive and up close look at the Model S. Contact Tesla and see if they have any drive events scheduled in your area.


Sunroof control can be linked to the right side scroll wheel on the steering wheel.

Bob Hodgen

Actually you can open and close the sunroof with one of the click wheels on the steering wheel. They’re configurable.


This is one of the many things I love about the Tesla Model S; the configurability… You have settings for “everything” 🙂

Left steering panel, right steering panel, creep, regen,…

The driver is in control and that I do like!
– no one else is deciding for you how you want your car…

Joshua Burstyn

53,000km, still lovin’ it.

Tony Williams

Very well done, even handed review.

Thanks for posting.


+1, I expected a circus sideshow, to be honest.
negatives would be my reply, is 4G FREE on these mainstream marques? 3G is plenty for what the screen is Supposed to be doing in a Car, (yes, I read the 4G tethering reply, wonder why he didn’t know if it is so important?) and makes your so heavily-stated opinion about web-surfing kinda’ lame, if it also Sucks So Bad because of its hopeless 3G.
I presently 3G iPad everything in my ancient ICE, no complaints, Ever, but hey, I’m old.