CNET Reviews Kia Soul EV – Video


CNET‘s Brian Cooley checks out the brand-new Kia Soul EV. There are a lot of positives, along with a few negatives

Brian Cooley with the Kia Soul EV

Brian Cooley with the Kia Soul EV

As mentioned multiple times, the electric version is similar to the conventional Kia Soul found on roads across America today.

If you are familiar with the Kia Soul, you should not have any issue picking out the ICE and BEV versions.  There are just a few minor differences externally. If you are not familiar with the Soul, then the video above will guide you to notice those differences/new features.

The Kia Soul EV already comes mostly loaded, aside from some additional Kia accessories.

In the review, Brian mentions an audible noise coming from the electric motor, which he states can be heard most of the time.  Cooley calls this noise a “deal breaker.”

We wonder, do current Soul EV owners notice this noise that Cooley isn’t fond of?

If you happen to own on of the few Soul EVs sold in the U.S., then let us know your thoughts in comments below.

Kia Soul EV.

Kia Soul EV.

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Does the motor whine bother anyone else?

There is no noise that we notice…

This guy, there’s always a “deal breaker” with this guy.

I’ve watched several of these reviews now. And I am nothing but impressed with this vehicle. I think the engineers did an amazing job with this conversion from a gas car, the best I’ve seen. Better than Ford, better than VW. But, I’m still terribly disappointed that it’s only a compliance car. Still, if I lived in CA then it might be a consideration. Not too fond of the appearance (I don’t care for the Soul in general) but I could probably look past that.

I tried the car before yesterday, in France, a 2 hours drive, part city, part countryside, part serious mountains. I didn’t hear the whine from the electric motor. At all. I did hear it a little bit in the Renault Zoé and the Nissan Leaf. In fact I experienced the Soul ev as the quietest of the three.

I also really liked the regen (in mode B) when going down in the mountains. And the calculation of the distance left to drive was much more close to reality during steep slopes up and down, when compared to the Zoé and the Leaf.

Of those three models my favorite now is the Soul ev. And leasing it in France is about 20 euros cheaper then a Leaf with the same level of options.

Our Kia Soul EV is quieter than our Model S. We love both but there is extremely little noise in the Kia whereas the Tesla whines a bit. The extra power is worth it though. 😉

I like the screen that shows how many miles oer kWh of energy. We get 5 to 6 on our LEAF and Focus EV. We hope to get a SOUL EV in FEB 2015 when they come to Phoenix. Well see if they make it.
The CHAdeMO Fast Charge is good since that is the most available in our area and most of the USA.
We’ll have to check that 8 khz noise you heard. Maybe it’s the OIL companies and Frackers crying !!!

Best of the compliance cars apparently.

The first Kia I would ever consider purchasing 🙂 It does certainly seem that they did their homework on this one. +1 for Kia.

I have a Kia Soul ev. Everyone who rides in my car is impressed with how quiet it is. There is no “whine” in the car.

There is no whine and the surge of power is a real kick. In B mode with the most regeneration there is a minor hum when coming to a stop. The car feels solid and silent and 95 miles is actually reachable. The fast charger port is very usefull for long trips. I love this car!