CNET Reviews Audi A3 e-tron – Video

JAN 16 2016 BY MARK KANE 16

Audi A3 Sportback e-tron

Audi A3 Sportback e-tron

CNET recently tested the first plug-in Audi in the U.S. – A3 Sportback e-tron, which just recently arrived for test drives.

The German plug-in hybrid is rated at up to 17 miles of all-electric range (EPA), provided you don’t press the accelerator to the floor.

The base price after tax credit and destination charge is $34,657 – slightly below BMW i3 ($35,850), significantly lower than the REx version ($39,700) – and close to being at par (~$2,900) with the entry A3 car. A well-equipped A3 e-tron can be purchased for over $40,000.

As in case of most new plug-in hybrids, Audi adds plenty of different driving modes, presented in the video.

CNET notes that the A3 Sportback e-tron is pleasantly quiet. The weight of the 8.8 kWh battery does affect the driving experience a little bit, but overall it’s a decent plug-in.

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He seems to be giving it a Meh…I think that is about right.

17 miles.

yes, way better than the 0 electric miles of today cars! 😉

So it’s similar to a Cmax Energi….except it’s an Audi….and has less EV range even with a larger battery, less gas mpg, interior space, cargo space, is more expensive than a loaded Cmax….oh, and even 0-60 is similar.

Wow, underwhelming.

You’re right. The CMax Energi clobbers it. Shock.

Even worse for the Audi is that it’s smaller than the CMax Energi which puts it in almost exactly the same class as the new Volt which is almost identical in interior space.

Then when compared the Volt equals the A3 e-tron in 0-60 but in all electric mode to the A3’s hybrid mode. And the Volt can do that for 53 miles.

This same difference is there with the CMax Energi and the Volt but they have different interior specs so they can’t be compared directly.

So the A3 e-tron has the worst of both worlds.

Anything positive about it? It has an Audi interior, it has an Audi quality (good or bad), it has an Audi handling (no independent rear suspension on the Volt/CMax) and it has a freaking sunroof.

And hey, it is not a PiP 🙂


Made by a company group that was late to the party. At least it’s not made by the guys who don’t want any part in it and rather see the party eliminated.

Don’t leave out the fact that this one probably doesn’t have the Volkswagen “hide pollution” mode. Now we see the real specs…without hiding.

The C-Max is based on the Ford Focus architecture, so it shares its control blade independent rear suspension with the focus and Escape.

You’re right about the Volt. It still uses the twist beam suspension from the GM delta platform.

Read the owner’s concerns on the Audi e3-etron forums. Lots of issues have arisen with this car from the owners…

FUD from AudiCO2, I guess the name gives it away. The biggest FB group for the etron has not seen “lots of issues”

I do wonder though how the etron has a smaller range than the cmax wile it is lighter, smaller, and has a bigger battery. Did Audi forget something?

We shouldn’t notice any of these facts. These are not the facts we’re looking for. We must buy into the propaganda of “top quality German engineering”.

I may applaud these European cars from Audi, BMW and Volvo with their 6-19 miles of electric range…But in so many ways these are gas cars, even around town. A weak effort in nearly every case. Expensive cars with merely a wink at freeing the consumer from the slavery of petroleum.

Back to the drawing board guys.

Guys i own the Audi A3 etron prestige with Sport package ( bought on Dec31st 2015). I get 20miles range from electric (with Ac on to 75F.( im living in FL) if use heated seats its drain battery supper fast)

i drive 14Mils a day going to work and did not use gas yet . very comfortable drive .

i had test drive cmax, volt, Prius and Lexus ct 200. but this audi had best comfortable seats and driving. also feel well build. cmax felt like plastic inside .

love the navigation system with google live traffic and map ( street view and satellite view.)

after little over 300 miles i still have the full tank of gas i got from audi.

@Himala congrats on getting the e-tron
thanks for your assessment of the car over the past few weeks. I’d love to read more.
People seem to post to start flame wars for some reason. The truth about this car and the various other hybrids & plug-ins is that they offer the consumer choices. Get the one that suits “YOUR” needs best.
I sat in the i3 but it’s not to my liking. Plus I would prefer the REx which is more expensive (BMW asks way too much imo).
Gov rebate (where I am) is higher for the Audi than it is for the C-Max or Fusion.
The rebate is another reason why I’m considering the e-tron. Plus it meets almost all of my requirements.
For those who bring up dieselgate, it doesn’t belong here. Save that for a TDI discussion.