CNET On Cars Features Tesla Model S P85D – Video


This tech-heavy episode of CNET on Cars features the Tesla Model S P85D.

As CNET accurately points out, Tesla delivered something most buyers weren’t even asking for with the P85D: more power.

After the Model S dicsussion, there’s some talk of the hacked car and finally a discussion on the “top 5 technological reasons to buy a new car.”

Tesla Model S P85D

Tesla Model S P85D

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Still unhappy with charging time. Hum…with that car I woudn’t care a bit.

Yeah. How can one not like a 7-passenger family-friendly silent super-car?

I think it is a common misunderstanding with EV car reviewers. They drive a car non-stop for a 3 or 4 days to do their review. Often they have no EVSE at home and can only charge at work.

It is almost the opposite of how owners use their EVs.

A very good point…

I am sort of so so with the 0-60 time, in the sense of how fast does it really need to be?
Though the comment about charge time seems a bit silly, since unless you are driving hundreds of miles a day everyday the Model S has more than enough range.

It’s gotta be fast enough to make them giggle. If you want to get people to buy an electric car even though they do not care about the environment. They must desire it!