CNBC Says The Tesla Model S P100D Is “Perception-Warping”

Red Tesla Model S P100D

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Feeling the need for speed in a Tesla Model S (Instagram: fh3_yellownathan03)


Recently, CNBC published an article reminding us that, “The Tesla Model S P100D is still the coolest car you can buy.” Yes, Tesla’s new Roadster could be even cooler, but it’s not hitting the streets until (earliest) 2020. And, with so much buzz surrounding the Model 3, it’s hard to remember that the Model S remains Tesla’s flagship sedan. After all, it’s gobbled up massive market share within its competitive set. And there’s good reason for it.

CNBC’s Mack Hogan is a fan of Tesla’s exterior design:

“the car is well proportioned and conventionally handsome. The Model S P100D got a lot of attention everywhere I took it… So call the exterior a win, if only for your own reputation.” But, he’s taken aback by Tesla’s interior design: “The design is almost entirely based around a center 17-inch tablet… [and] unlike knobs, which you can memorize and use by feel, the car requires your visual attention.”

*This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Matt Pressman.


The interior of the Tesla Model S (Instagram: tesla_central)

With reservations about the interior, is Hogan thrilled about Tesla’s Model S? He gets a rush from the car’s performance:

“Brutal. Painful. Mind-boggling. Perception-warping. Straight-up stupid. That’s how it feels to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.4 seconds. The Model S P100D with Ludicrous Speed Upgrade is the only production car ever made that can give you that experience. No Buggati, no Ferrari can match that off-the-line savagery.”


The red glow of the Tesla logo at a Supercharger (Instagram: andrin_froehlich)

That said, one can still savor the car’s sophistication: “You can enjoy that acceleration and brutality, but then settle in for a long comfortable cruise. Standard air suspension quiets the ride on the freeways, and the lack of combustion means the wind is the only thing making even a hint of noise at 70 miles per hour… [and] flick the indicator stalk, and your robotic butler will even make the lane changes for you. It’s not perfect, frequently appearing too confident in its own limited abilities, but [Autopilot] adds to the other-worldly driving experience.”


Teslas at night (Instagram: andrin_froehlich)

Hogan concludes, “If you want a big sedan to get you to work, a German luxury barge is probably better for you… But if you go that route, you’re driving something with an expiration date. The big, V8 sedans are on their way out. The Tesla Model S is the future, with its minimalism and it’s upgradability and touch screen. It’s the new age of luxury, and it feels different for it.”


Source: CNBC

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“The design is almost entirely based around a center 17-inch tablet… [and] unlike knobs, which you can memorize and use by feel, the car requires your visual attention.”

Hmph! This review needs a review!

Many if not most Model S/X owners say that after you get used to it, the controls in the Model S and X are largely intuitive and easier to use than gasmobiles with lots of hardware buttons and knobs.

Furthermore, many of the more common functions can be controlled by thumbwheels mounted on the steering wheel.

Not really. I’m used to adjust audio volume on my steering wheel, but if I want to adjust the volume on the 17″ screen, there is no way I can do it without looking at it, same apples to AC.

The Nav and Radio are piece of cake, due to the large icons on the big screen, it’s easy do without too much attention off the road.

Not really. I’m used to adjust audio volume on my steering wheel, but if I want to adjust the volume on the 17″ screen, there is no way I can do it without looking at it, same apples to AC.

The Nav and Radio are piece of cake, due to the large icons on the big screen, it’s easy do without too much attention off the road.

I have a Model S and I find the interface very easy to use…

1. I use the voice command button on sterring wheel to:
a) navigate to a specific address or find a store/restaurant (just like voice command on a cell phone thru google maps)
b) play a specific song or artist (slacker station, e.g. Play Fix You by Coldplay), then it plays similar music after
c) call someone thru bluetooth
d) hopefully they will add more functionality in the future with OTA like google home/amazon echo etc

2. Use steering wheel buttons to change volume and skip songs (left side) and to change temp/fan speed/display brightness (right side)

3. I leave the large screen set to the browser on the tesla waze site which shows my car location on a nap with hidden cops, speed traps, red light cameras, traffic, construction etc; when navigating I use nav half screen and browser half screen. Its way less distracting than having to look at a tiny phone screen or small display from other cars to navigate

I think the biggest perception warping is that a company that makes such a car must be profitable and stand a chance of taking over the world with their awesome technology. A cursory glance at the horror that is the earnings per share and balance sheet soon puts paid to that perception.


Said everyone about Amazon for well over a decade…

Kinda like no more than 2-3 years ago, hmmm? Gosh, no chance that could ever become profitable, and the idea that it could become the world’s #1 retailer is a laughable fantasy!

Oh, wait…

Did you mean to say “soon puts paid” as in the “put options” market?

Good Tesla stock advice!
I will buy at a predetermined set price, anything below $280, that is a bargain!

Top gear said something similar.

Top Gear? You mean, the TV show that Tesla sued because they faked the Tesla Roadster running out of “juice” and having to be pushed by hand back to the starting area? That Top Gear?

I think it’s safe to say that’s not an unbiased source of reviews!

Here’s a different viewpoint: Two “Everyday Driver” reviewers who discuss the pros and cons of the Tesla Model X, including how Tesla’s highly intuitive interface, and how well everything works together in a gestalt, has made its cars so wildly popular and so much in demand:

You should watch the video. It’s not all bad. For example, they concede that Tesla is quicker to 125 MPH than 911R, dispelling the myth that Tesla is only 0-60 one trick pony.

That whine about knobs is bs. Yes, I know without looking where the A/C knobs are in my car but I HAVE TO LOOK AT THE ACTUAL VALUE I’M SETTING!

@John, “That whine about knobs is bs.”

Agreed. When I need to change A/C settings or Radio volume even with the knobs are on steering wheel I have to look at it, even after I owned the car for more than 10 years.

My last 3 cars had buttons in place of knobs toturn on AC and to adjust the temps. People complaining about this i bet also miss the engine crank

2001 Toyota Prius.

What temp do you want in degrees, where do you want the air, two simple A/C settings. All analog.

Best climate control interface ever made. All others are inferior.


Do they still make cars with temperature knobs? Every car I’ve driven for years have all had digital temperature displays, that you have to look at too.

Maybe I haven’t spent enough time in lower budget vehicles.

One thing I know for sure, is that for decades customers haven’t been begging for MORE buttons. In fact, BMW invented the iDrive specifically because they got complaints about the excessive buttons on over-cluttered dashes.

The funniest thing, the telsa sheep will always have their view and everyone else will have a different view.
From the dawn of the diesel electric locomotive man knew the raw torque of the electric motor. Nothing new nothing special. Tesla just put in into a fast car first. Just wait until all the others do the same. Oh wait they are. As has been reported many times. Telsa has nothing special that cant be manufactured by anyone else.

EV cars was inevitable and Tesla was not the only reason, but just a factor in a confluence of situations. Did Tesla disrupt the luxury car manufacturers? Absolutely. Did dieselgate play a large part, absolutely. No such thing as clean diesel, never was, never will be. The lie has been exposed. Did china’s smog play a part in EV’s, you betcha! Now if we could only get Trump to understand there is no such thing as clean coal! 🙂

I know it will not work in all situations, but one thing missing is Auto Pilot. When the car is taking care of most of the driving chores you got a bit of time to look at the screen. While I was learning so many new things when I took a model S for a test drive it is harder to give a quick impression, but scroll wheels on the steering wheel did most of these functions, and those indicators are in the instrument cluster. I can’t actually recall needing to look at the centre screen, except to check the Nav, which I have to do in any other car anyway. I don’t really get how you are adjusting the temperature all the time in a luxury car. I set mine for 22C and pretty much leave it there, I’m not going up and down in temperatures every few seconds, and I’m pretty much not changing the fan from soft to full bore every few seconds either. Auto seems to do a pretty good job on all the cars I’ve owned in recent (20yrs) time. Now the radio might be a different story, but to be honest I stream it… Read more »