Clubman And Countryman To Usher In Plug-In Hybrid Technology For Mini Brand


2016 Mini Countryman

2016 Mini Countryman

Mini Clubman Prototype

Mini Clubman Prototype

Autocar recently posted a lengthy article on the likelihood of Mini coming out with a small-size sedan in the near future.

The full article is worth a read (source link at bottom of this post), but since we here focus on plug-in cars and there was no mention of this sedan getting the plug-in treatment, it’s a small revelation in the Autocar article that we’ll instead focus on here.

Autocar stated:

“Mini would offer plug-in hybrid powertrains in the future, Mahler [vice-president of Mini product management]confirmed, hinting that the Countryman and Clubman were likely to usher in this technology.”

It’s believed that the first production Mini plug-in will launch within the next couple of years and that it may very well borrow technology from the BMW i8.

Source: Autocar

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8 responses to "Clubman And Countryman To Usher In Plug-In Hybrid Technology For Mini Brand"
  1. evcarnut says:

    BMW is Beating a DEAD HORSE!

  2. Anon says:

    What happened to their electric Mini “Superleggra”?

    1. wavelet says:

      Thing is, it wasn’t theirs.
      Superleggera is a tiny independent coachbuilding that does occasional very lightweight version for low-volume very-high-end manufacturers.
      It’s unlikely to be a good fit for the Mini, which is too mass-market, unless BMW would just be using their name.

      Frankly, I hope BMW/Mini don’t spend any engineering effort on it. They need to spend it on higher-volume cars.

  3. evcarnut says:

    I think it’s TOAST………….

  4. evcarnut says:

    I think it’s TOAST….I love the CAM0 on that mini L M A 0……A blind man can see what it is so G00FY………

  5. Nix says:

    A mini-countryman AWD PHEV with at least 30-40 miles of range would be brilliant.

  6. Remember this one?

  7. MTN Ranger says:

    BTW, the Countryman is almost the exact same dimensions as a Kia Soul.