Up Close Look At The Kia Soul EV – Video


“Kia Soul EV made its European debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. Check out the video to meet the brand’s first globally-sold electric vehicle, the new Soul EV.”

In this video, a couple of Kia execs explore the outside and inside of the Soul EV.

On the outside, you’ll learn about the Soul’s low-rolling resistance tires and its charging inlets, among other interesting points discussed.

On the inside, you’ll see how the Soul EV’s driver’s-only HVAC system (a world first) is activated and you’ll see where the battery pack resides within.

Additionally, you’ll discover info on rear-seat legroom, cargo space and more.

Enjoy this explorative Kia Soul EV clip from Kia TV.

Inside the Kia Soul EV

Inside the Kia Soul EV

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Great job on all the cool features, drivers only HVAC is brilliant. If they could just put this powertrain into a more conventional vehicle. I just cant drive a Soul no matter how good the EV part of it is….

Why not? They’re fun little vehicles. I had one of the 2.0 liter 6-speed automatic versions as a rental, and it’s pretty sprightly.

As an EV, however, they should have chosen a vehicle with better aerodynamics.

a “fun little vehicle” is an electric smart or a fiat 500e, not this

Driver-only HVAC is indeed a very clever idea.

Well, maybe you (and I) don’t like this body style but at least it is a new EV body style being offered. I hope they follow up with more cars.


That guy certainly knows how to talk. nice!

Except for the veeery annoying guy, I liked the video:-)

I bet he’s gay.

I don’t think that has anything to do with it. I think the percentage annoying people is roughly the same amongst gay as straight people, as with black and white people etc.

Fact remains, it’s an annoying guy:-)

He’s just the personification of that “techno-chic” look that marketing departments think people want.

I prefer the old “Hard Sell” advertisements that GM has been doing lately, but granted, this kind of thing is more popular with the EV or prospective EV crowd.

I kept thinking of the “Slap Chop” sales guy…


“And that’s not all, if you order in the next 15 mins, you’ll also get this Shamwow absolutely free!” πŸ˜€

Would that be a problem, David?

Steve, I’m sure David intended “looks gay” as a complement, since gay men are generally more stylish and trendy. At least that’s the stereotype:


Why do you have a problem with David’s complement?

I do like the wheels!

Yeah. They look aero…

At this point, anything said about the Soul EV is just noise.

I’m watching the SEV news very closely, as I need to replace my Leaf when my lease expires next March, but so far, the big issues — cost (both purchase and lease) and real-world availability (meaning which US states will get them AND production level AND which dealers will actually sell and support them) — are unknowns.

The early word is that the SEV will be sold in my state, but if each dealer gets only one or two (ala the Fit EV non-roll-out, at least locally), then there’s little chance I’ll wind up with something other than another Leaf.

I’m in the same situation, except my EV’s lease expires in January. Since I don’t live in a CARB state, my options are limited to LEAF, i-MiEV, eGolf, Soul EV (?), i3 (?), Tesla (!), and Mercedes B-Class EV (?).

(?) denotes if I’m not sure it will be available by January
(!) denotes I don’t have enough money!

What about the Ford Focus Electric?

Most EV folk would say, “What about it?”

Oh, no DC Fast Charge option…
Limited cargo space due to battery intrusion in the cabin. And dig that funky hard foam shelf that eats up the remaining rear floor space. Sweet.

Movin’ on…

Most EV folk would say, β€œWhat about it?”

Guess I’m not like most EV folk. Bought one. Best deal I ever got on a car purchase. Whisper quiet on the inside. 6.6 Kw charger on level 2 gives a full charge in about 2-3 hours. Works fine for me and my driving style/schedule. That funky shelf is removeable, by the way. So far I’m lovin it.

I get mad buying stuff I can’t use. *shrugs*

The video guys it’ll recharge to 80% in under half an hour at 100 kW, as he’s plugging in a J handle. I’m not aware of any CHAdeMOs over 50kW in the US. Will Kia be installing 100 kW QC?

Are they gonna license the Blue’s Brothers cover of the song to sell the car?

Needs a Hamster wearing a TRON suit. πŸ˜‰

It’s how people focus on certain things concerning the presentation, ala Marshal McCluen, not sure if I spelled that right.
As an Aussie, the spokesperson, did a reasonable job. I found his pronunciation of kinetic to be of interest. He gave it a hard I. It sounds like kynetic, sort of relates to KIA, which is soft, at least as i have heard it pronounced. Oh well the Brits say Jag U ar, (hard U) but in almost every other pronunciation of that vowel umbrella, unnecessary, etc… it’s soft.

Base model KIA Soul lists at ~$14.5k. They sell tremendously due to this price. KIA needs to realize and position this vehicle against i-MiEV and Leaf pricewise. They can’t ignore their true competition. If Soul EV was cheap; they could sell 100,000+ a year. At $35k or $40k; not so much. ESPECIALLY not a 12 second 0-60mph car! Inexcusable for an electric. If they had a little hot rod vehicle on offer; the price would be more understanding(still not totally acceptable).

Soul EV and the e-Golf are the last of this bunch of sub 100mph range vehicles. Will be real interesting to see who is first to step up the range and by how much. I would guess either Mitsu or Nissan.

12 Sec 0-60? That is slower than the Smart ED at 11.5 sec! I think the rest is fine, but it needs to be better than the acceleration of the 2 litre engine gas model! All in the power electronics, I bet.