Closed CODA Store in LA to Become Tesla Motors Showroom


Struggling CODA Automotive seems to be just a stone’s throw away from extinction.   So, this latest bit of news moves that stone closer to the edge of the cliff of extinction.

Soon Tesla Motors Will Set Up Shop in LA

Soon Tesla Motors Will Set Up Shop at CODA’s Former Site in LA

According to LA Observed, CODA closed the doors to its Los Angeles, California store for the last time.

Bad news for CODA, but a positive for Tesla Motors.

LA Observed reports that Tesla Motors has assumed ownership of the closed CODA facility and will soon open a showroom of its own.  The site is located in the Westfield Century City shopping center, which LA Observed indicates is a high-traffic area.

Apparently, Tesla Motors already posted a sign on the shuttered CODA store, which says something along the lines of “future site of Tesla Motors.”  There’s no indication as to an exact timeframe for the opening of Tesla’s new LA showroom, but we’d imagine it won’t take too long to convert one electric vehicle showroom over to, well, another electric vehicle showroom.

via LA Observed and AutoblogGreen

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I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

Nice swap…..EV store for EV store.

I hope they bring public charging stations back to the Westfield Century City. Coda pulled them all out when they left.

I am sad to hear the CODA Experience store is gone. Hopefully Tesla will bring back some of the experienced CODA staff.