Up Close And Personal With Lucid Air – Video


Aside from some highly publicized media ride events and the spotting while filming for a video spot, the Lucid Air from Lucid Motors hasn’t been seen out in public much until now.

Lucid Air

Bloomberg Technology’s Cory Johnson got a rare and rather in-depth look at the Lucid Air recently (out in the public).

Here’s the video description:

“What do you do after you creating the Tesla Model S? Well, for Tesla’s former lead engineer Peter Rawlinson, you start your own car company called Lucid Motors. The company‚Äôs first car is the Air. It’s all electric, with one-thousand horsepower and slated for full production in two years. Rawlinson brought the car to Bloomberg’s San Francisco office to give Cory Johnson a peek on “Bloomberg Technology.”

This is still an early prototype Air, so on the inside it’s a work in progress, but the exterior looks pretty much wrapped up to us.

Lucid says it hopes to launch the 1,000-plus HP Air in limited numbers in late 2018. Pricing is expected to be over $100,000, with range of up to 400 miles on the high-spec battery.

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..Lucid Air …..Hot Air ? This Guy strikes me as a Bit of a BS’er …the styling Again ? Time will tell the truth..Lets stay tuned .

Lucid Air Motors:

A Chinese Car Company …pretending to be an American Car Company…while copying Tesla’s playbook (sans supercharger network & sans Tesla energy).

Corey Johnson, inveterate Tesla hater.

Rival Tesla ???? In their dreams ! They Will Catch Up to Tesla on or by The 5th of Never…They shall count their Lucky stars if they were to Bring an EV to market that actually Sells ..

Yeah, the entire tone is rather ridiculous.
At one point Johnson decries the look of the Model S, saying it could use a refresh, while when the Lucid guy talks about design that will stand the test of time, he lets glide over that comment.

Anything in regards to Tesla coming from him
is not merely negative, it’s usually wrong. Any positive comments from him concerning Tesla, is like playing tennis with Stefi Graf.
A lot of them will be backhanded.

Another Faraday Future (FF91)?

I always wonder how many of the commentors on Tesla related articles also own Tesla stock and thus show obvious bias.