An Up Close Look At The Tesla Model 3 Road Trip Experience

Tesla Model 3


If you haven’t had a chance to partake in the Tesla Model 3 Road Trip, this gives you a good idea of what to expect.

As many of you are aware, You You Xue has been on his Tesla Model 3 Road Trip for several days. He started in California and made his way east to Florida, after which he headed up the coast and into bitterly cold Canada. The trip will continue through Michigan and into Chicago, as he works his way back to the Golden State.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Road Trip, Woodstock, Ontario.

You You has driven some of the route on his own, while at other times he has had a friend along to help. This last leg through Canada has been extremely cold, and he’s surely experienced some problems along the way.

Anyhow … what’s it like talking with You You? How does the actual experience pan out at each destination?

We’ll leave that for you to decide as you watch this up-close and personal look at the Tesla Model 3 Road Trip’s stop in Woodstock, Ontario.

Despite the frigid weather and snow, YouTuber Small Dog Studio did a superb job with the video and the sound. It’s as if you’re there with You You, although you get to experience it without being out in the elements.

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Let us know what you think about this whole Tesla Model 3 Road Trip concept. What do you think You You’s grand intentions are? Do you support his choice to charge a fee for test drives? If you attended an event, feel free to share your experience with us. If not, what are your observations from this video of the experience?

Video Description via Small Dog Studio on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Meetup 

Woodstock, ON, Canada

Braving the EXTREME COLD to meet up with You You Xue and his Tesla Model 3.

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It does underline the point that you could only undertake this trip in an ev if it’s a Tesla. Also in the dead of one of worst (coldest) Winters on record.

I think it’s fine to charge a fee. You get something for your time and efforts.

Well, certainly one could not travel so far so fast in any non-Tesla BEV, but I would think it’s probably an overstatement to say it’s only possible in a Tesla. Even if you have to travel thru an area where no public chargers show up on the PlugShare map, there is still a social network of EV owners who are willing to offer travelers a place to stop and charge up… and perhaps even, in some cases, sharing their home by offering the travelers a place to sleep overnight.

More info here: “Electric Car Charging Could Follow Airbnb Model”

This guy is pretty much the opposite of Bjorn Nyland….


Still a better brand ambassador than nothing.

You You comes off to me as a bit of a ass. Seems like he can’t really be bothered talking to people. Doesn’t want to answer questions. “It’s on the Facebook page” Why is he doing this then?

I wonder how many of us would be after 1000s of similar conversations and 1000s of miles traveled? Quite a feat no matter what and I’m sure his mood and enthusiasm changes through his travels.

I see what you are saying but then again driving through Canada in the dark and dreary winter probably has an effect on one’s attitude. Only people who know him can really say, right?

@Scott, overall he is okay. How many would spend as much time as he does to show the car that many like to see in person ?

Also, he is very young so give him a break.

Right. The guy mentioned it was the coldest he had ever been in his life. Plus a lot of stress, many asking the same things over and over again. I thought he handled it all pretty well.

This is not my impression of You. My wife and I both drove his Tesla Model 3 in Greenville SC . He was a gracious host. He answered all of our questions. He encouraged us to drive his car as we pleased. He is super nice, and very pleasant to talk with. He is going us a great favor and helping share the Tesla experience. Executing this trip is no small feat. He deserves a lot of praise.

He is extremely rude on the Tesla Owners facebook group and one of the reasons I left the group. He likes to ruin new owner’s experience by posting smart ass comments and berates people when they post questions. Could not be a worse brand ambassador for the car.

I think he did this tour because he craves the attention. He is the one that made the video removing an early model 3 owner’s aero covers without permission.

Most people are rude on that page, so fits right in.

He is definitely an ass. Would constantly start arguments with everyone on tesla Facebook page. Very much dislike the guy.

A Tesla owner that isn’t a fanboi Kool aid drinker. Refreshing!

Reference to You You. Not the guy above.

Just bring a candy bar with you when you met him.

“You turn into an ass when you’re hungry.” ?

Yep, good publicy but bad PR on this guys part. Would of been a much better experience if he was more personable. Felt kinda rushed but heck welcome to the Model 3’s life.

The guy is from California. He’s going through physical and emotional shock from all the white stuff.

I’m sure the thought of taking a plane back home goes through their mind, a million times.

We have had the coldest weather, here on the east coast, in years. I think he is totally fine. I am a heck of a lot grumpier than that on a nice day. 🙂

A neat car, and an amazing charging infrastructure, that puts all the OEMs to shame.

Any questions? Answer: It’s on my Facebook page. What a =D

I’m not on Facebook, and this video offered nothing new, so I guess I’ll have to wait for other reports.

I’m not on social media either, but his site is public. Anybody can check it out..without a retina scan. 🙂

If that’s your typical Tesla owner, hyper, not personable, not helpful, then I don’t want one. He could say, lm starving, gotta eat, or it’s freezing, hop inside and I’ll fill you in. Why does he have so many following his fb yet no one likes it? Hmmmmm. Maybe it’s not the car. Too bad, I was looking forward to the little review.

One of the test drive with a complete stranger went right in 2 enormous potholes in Michigan. Now how much do you think that costs? 2 mags were totaled. Unfair if he had to pay it all by himself. Those 10+$ pays for those damages at the very least.

The Tesla zealots will say GM placed those potholes there. Lol

This guy should be commended! Elon broke his FSD across the country promise, so You You’s trip could be seen as a replacement for Elon’s failed x-country drive. 😀

What a jerk. Doesn’t even let people finish their questions. Right hand side… What does that mean? Douche Bag of the year already

You You ,is he just a consumer,or Tesla employee? NOT on FB,so don’t know. The guy is sharing his M3 with many who will not take delivery ’til 2019,even later if not already in reservation lineup.

It’s odd he’s doing a road trip that invites socializing,yet becomes snarky when the curious have questions. The latter is going to get redundant, something that shouldn’t surprise You You. For those who make excuses for the bad behaviour, it’s inexcusable , no one told him to do this,or force him to meet strangers. Some of the folks who waited,waited in the cold at ,or later than 12a.m.,cheering him. As for being “hangry.”There’s the internet,and an APP to locate food in North America at ANY time.Fun part of a road trip, regional foods.Transport drivers have done what You You is doing for decades.

Tesla drivers have gained an infamous reputation for being an EVhole.Eg,parking at chargers for convenience,and not charging.So fellow owners,or non owners who wanted to see/drive You You’s M3 shouldn’t be surprised at his disposition.

I have enjoyed his road trip. Yup he is young and brash. Yet his own comments and analysis are refreshing as he is frank and seems not to be in blindness awe of Tesla per se but just wants a functioning car, all be it in some extreme weather conditions.

That said, I used to live for 8 years in extreme snow conditions in Massachusetts and New Hampshire and I am impressed that the car has done as well as it has for a brand new, first release model driven by a guy who had no previous weather driving experience.

And yes, car trips are a way to know different areas of the world first hand, though I think this is understood by You You as an Internet centered Trip more than a body in real landscape people to people trip.

It was awesome to meet him and get to drive the 1st Tesla model 3 ever in my home state of MISSOURI, U.S.A.

Southern Ontario is NOT bitterly cold. Maybe to a Californian but not Canada. And not the midwest of the USA or the northern states either. Take it for a trip where it’s -20C or -30C (around -27F). Those are very realistic temperatures across the northern USA and along the Canadian border during mid winter, from the Rockies along the 48th parallel to Quebec. THEN you can get a realistic idea of cold weather performance.